‘Survivor’ 42: Swati Goel Delves Into The Chaos On The Beach

swati goel survivor 42
Nick Davis


Episode 4 is a fairly slow episode for a season that is teeming with chaos from day one. That’s not to say there isn’t plenty of interesting content, though. Mainly, Episode 4 feels like a buildup to an even more unruly future for Season 42. A big question that arises after this most recent episode is, how will Ika’s dysfunction affect the future of the game?

The sorry state of the Ika tribe is a highlight of Episode 4. Their loss of the challenge and lead-up to tribal council exposes how little all of them seem to gel together. In the aftermath of all of this, this week’s eliminated contestant Swati Goel has some things to say about Ika. She has an exit interview with Rob Has A Podcast out now. In the interview, she talks about the state of Ika, and where she thinks the malfunction comes from.

The Vibe Of The Ika Tribe

“The vibe was very, very chaotic. I don’t think I ate, like, more than maybe a single bite the first three days before the challenge… We got so caught up in the paranoia of the tribe. And that’s part of why we did so poorly in the challenge,” said Swati.

survivor 42 ika tribe
The Ika tribe

“The vibe of the tribe” is the phrase the podcast’s host Rob Cesternino brought up. It’s clearly palpable paranoia and discomfort running through the Ika tribe the entire episode. Swati confirms in the episode that the paranoia was very much real, and had many negative consequences on things the viewers didn’t even see.

Swati places the blame on said paranoia in a couple of places. The main person she brings up is Drea. She says Drea was a big reason many in the tribe were afraid to step away from each other for even a couple of moments. Swati also says everyone would stay up talking late into the night, afraid to be the first one to go to sleep and miss a conversation. It’s clearly a very toxic dynamic running through Ika. Will it only last as long as Drea lasts in the game? Or could those bad vibes be traced to more than just one person on the tribe?

Goodbye Swati

With Swati gone, there are only 13 contestants remaining. This means the merge is just around the corner, and once again we have a season without a swap. It’ll be interesting seeing all of these personalities clashing for the very first time with few prior engagements. How will Omar react to Chanelle screwing him out of a vote? How will Maryanne and Drea react to seeing each other, knowing they each have an extra vote? Sparks will fly, that’s for sure.

Survivor Season 42 airs new episodes every Wednesday.

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