‘When Calls the Heart’ S9, E10: ‘Never Say Never’ Sneak Peek

Photo: Pascale Hutton, Kavan Smith Credit: ©2022 Crown Media United States LLC/Photographer: Eike Schroter

Hallmark has released the When Calls The Heart Season 9, Episode 10 Sneak Peek video.

What sorts of information does this give Hearties on the upcoming “Never Say Never” episode?

What Is When Calls The Heart ‘Never Say Never’ About?

According to the Hallmark synopsis, in WCTH S9, E10, there is some “unsettling” news about the coal mines. Moreover, Elizabeth (Erin Krakow) and Rosemary (Pascale Hutton) are not quite sure how they will share it.

Meanwhile, the oil company executives have come into town. Bill (Jack Wagner) is overseeing everything, while Fiona (Kayla Wallace), and Lucas (Chris McNally) interact with the other executive.

The coal mine news is looming over Rosemary’s head. However, some newer information is even more upsetting. It is downright “shocking”! How is Rosemary going to break this news?

Will Mayor Hickam (Ben Rosenbaum) give up his newly elected position? Does Bill say something to him to give him the courage to lead the people of Hope Valley? Could Fiona give him clues on how to handle this difficult and shocking situation?

Photo: Erin Krakow Credit: ©2022 Crown Media United States LLC/Photographer: Eike Schroter
Photo: Erin Krakow Credit: ©2022 Crown Media United States LLC/Photographer: Eike Schroter

What Happens In When Calls The Heart ‘Never Say Never’ Sneak Peek?

What happens in the When Calls The Heart Sneak Peek video for “Never Say Never”? At the beginning of the video, Elizabeth has dropped in on Rosemary. Rosemary is sitting on the couch with a blanket around her lower half, and not feeling so well. Elizabeth is sitting across from her friend. She has a wicker basket with her.

Elizabeth asks, “Are you sure you wouldn’t rather be at home, in bed?”

Rosemary smiles and responds, “I just need to sit still and let my stomach settle.” She swiftly changes the subject and asks, “How is Lucas?”

Elizabeth replies, “Oh. I actually haven’t been to the jail, yet. I was on my way there when I ran into Lee, and he told me what happened.”

Rosemary smiles her appreciation. “You’re a good friend. Thank you, but go and see him. I will be fine, and I don’t want you possibly catching anything and passing it along to him or to Little Jack.”

In comes Lee (Kavan Smith) with a saucer and teacup. He then begins to wax poetic. “Ah! There she is! I have brought you tea. The whisper of lemon and a kiss of honey, for my honey.” He puts the tea into Rosemary’s waiting hands.

Lee then turns to Elizabeth and says, “I’m sorry you had to hear that.” Elizabeth giggles.

She then decides to leave the Coulters alone. “All right. Well, now that Lee’s here, I think I will go.” Elizabeth acknowledges her friend. “You feel better.”

Rosemary responds, “Bye, Elizabeth.”

Could Lee & Rosemary Finally Be Having A Baby?

Before WCTH Season 9 premiered its first episode, Kavan Smith and Pascale Hutton hinted that the Coulters could be parents in the upcoming season.

Hearties, what do you think of that idea?

Don’t miss the premiere of When Calls The Heart “Never Say Never” on Sunday, May 8, at 8 p.m. Eastern, on the Hallmark Channel.

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