Real Reason Robyn Brown Sits On Throne As Kody’s Favorite Wife

Robyn Brown - YouTube

Sister Wives fans all agree that Robyn Brown sits on the throne as Kody Brown’s favorite wife. There are, however, some conflicting opinions among fans on how Robyn got to that position. A recent thread on the Sister Wives Reddit proposed an interesting theory. This theory claims that Robyn sitting in the hot seat as the favorite wife has nothing to do with her love for Kody. The fan went on to note it was just a smart and calculated move on Robyn’s part.

So, why does Robyn Brown sit on the throne as Kody’s favorite wife? How did she snag that position? Keep reading for all the details on this latest fan theory.

Robyn Brown - YouTube
Robyn Brown – YouTube

Why & How Did Robyn Brown Snag Favorite Wife Throne?

Noticeably, Robyn Brown is not a fan favorite. She catches a lot of hate and is the least liked of all Kody Brown’s wives (including his former wife Christine). One fan admits that while they know Robyn gets a lot of hate among fans, they have a soft spot for Robyn. In fact, this individual believes Robyn is more well-versed in polygamy than fans realize.

The individual explained: “She watched how this sh*t worked when she was growing up and learned what to do to become the favorite wife.”

I know that sounds like I’m coming at her, but I’m not. In a lot of polygamist communities, money is really tight. Being the favorite wife means your kids may be more likely to be fed or receive medical care. It’s a survival skill and she learned it well.”

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Was This Really Just A Survival Skill?

This Sister Wives fan points out that money is “really tight” in a family as large as the Brown family. So, becoming the “favorite wife” is the key to making sure you and your children get a cut of the pie before the pie is gone. Now, because this particular family landed on reality TV, they’ve been able to do pretty well for themselves financially. This, however, doesn’t change the fact that becoming the “favorite wife” in this lifestyle is about survival for a woman and her children.

Other fans chimed in to agree they don’t truly believe Robyn and Kody Brown are soul mates. Fans believe the attraction stemmed from her being younger and more visually appealing than the other wives to Kody. These fans believe lust was a pretty big driving factor in what landed Robyn in that position.

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Do you think this fan theory makes sense? Was becoming Kody’s favorite wife a calculated move to the benefit of her children? Let us know your thoughts in the comments. And, keep coming back for the latest on Kody Brown’s family.

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