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‘Sister Wives’: Is Robyn Brown Still ‘Baby Hungry’?

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When Robyn Brown joined the Sister Wives family, she came with three young children. This added on to the thirteen they already had. She was not done and it appears she might not be totally through just yet. Has Robyn pulled the plug on bringing more little ones into this world?

The Sister Wives Family Tree

In the premiere episode of Sister Wives, Kody and his wives introduced their large brood. His first wife, Meri had just one daughter, Mariah. Though she wanted more children, she struggled with fertility, a subject that would come up throughout the seasons. His second wife, Janelle had six children. She was actually the first wife to welcome a child into the family, their son Logan, Finally, wife number three Christine had six children. She was expecting her sixth, Truely when the show began in 2010 and was making room for their baby girl as they were running out of space. All the wives, Kody, and the kids lived under one roof so they had to make do with the space that they had.

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When Robyn joined the family, she had three children from her first marriage. Dayton, Aurora, and Breanna were quite young and ultimately were adopted by Kody. Meri divorced him so Robyn could marry him to allow for the adoption to take place. Together, he and his fourth wife welcomed Solomon and Ariella. Yet, in recent seasons, Robyn has shared she may not be done having kids. She even said she felt a spiritual presence as if there are more kids out there for her. Robyn did not know if that meant they would be biological or adopted but in her early forties, she is his last hope.

More Brown Babies?

The original Sister Wives just want grandchildren. Maddie has given them two and Mykelti welcomed baby Avalon over a year ago. Yet, if there is any hope for more Brown children, that lands on Robyn’s shoulders. She is in her early forties so she still has a shot and is still somewhat open to the idea. Prior to the pandemic, the wives always went on and on about what an amazing father Kody was. If Robyn wanted more kids, it made sense as he noted this was the one thing he was good at. Then she brought up the spiritual baby stuff and Reddit users began to think she was just a tad off. A thread was started about it and if having more babies really was the best idea. “The “sweet little spirit” is a contract negotiation to secure them another season,” one person noted.

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Another added: “That family is in debt up to their eyebrows and Robyn’s bright idea is to have another baby? Idiot!” This was followed up with: “I don’t know that she’s baby hungry so much as Kody hungry. She has always been able to manipulate more Kody time and attention because she has little kids at home.” In Season 16, she seemed to need a break from Kody so only time will tell if they will be expecting. They did take a few trips to Victoria’s Secret but not necessarily for “lingerie.”

Do you think Robyn should just be content with the kids she has? Let us know in the comments.

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