Temptation Island: Ash Speaks Loudly With Ice-Cold Message To Hania [Credit: USA Network/YouTube]

‘Temptation Island’: Ash Speaks Loudly With Ice-Cold Message To Hania

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Temptation Island fans were in for another shock. On Wednesday night’s episode, Ash Lamiroult made it clear that she’s done with Hania Stocker. She doesn’t believe that he genuinely wants her back in his life. She left him an ice-cold message, in which she let her actions do the talking for her.

Ash has moved on from Hania

Hania wanted Ash to join Temptation Island Season 4 because he wanted to pursue an open relationship. She was vehemently against the idea. During the past few weeks,  Hania realized that a monogamous relationship with Ash is what he really wants. He claims that he was fearful about pursuing something serious with her.

Meanwhile, Ash has already moved on. She has been pursuing things with Taylor Patrick. The two even cemented their relationship by consummating things in the bedroom. A tearful Hania watched their intimate encounter during the bonfire.

Temptation Island: Ash Connects With Taylor [Credit: USA Network/YouTube]
[Credit: USA Network/YouTube]
That’s when he realized that he still wants to be with Ash. He’s been trying hard to make things work with them. Yet, he doesn’t realize that Ash recognized that her boyfriend isn’t who she wants. She loves how different Taylor is from Hania, and she loves the passion between them.

Temptation Island Season 4, Episode 7

In last night’s episode of Temptation Island, the contestants had the opportunity to send their partner a video message. Most of them received a video message from their significant other. Of course, there was a catch, as there always is on the show.

If they don’t feel like sending a video message, they don’t have to. It’s optional. Ash was the one who wasn’t in the mood to send Hania a video message. She had nothing to say to him anymore.

“I don’t have s*** to say, or I’ll send one and say, ‘Hey, you up?'” she joked, alluding to the time when Hania would text other women behind her back.

One time Ash found a text from another woman on Hania’s phone. The woman was seeking a booty call. Ash realized that she never mattered to him. During her time on Temptation Island, she’s grown closer to Taylor and she can’t see herself going back.

Temptation Island: Hania Gets Emotional [Credit: USA Network/YouTube]
[Credit: USA Network/YouTube]

Hania gets emotional during the bonfire

During the bonfire, Hania witnessed Ash and Taylor kissing and making conversation. He expected to watch them under the sheets once again. He admits that he was relieved by what he saw.

“My heart’s pounding right now. This is what I wanted her to do,” Hania told Temptation Island host Mark L. Walberg. “We didn’t set any rules. I didn’t expect her to make such a connection.”

Hania admitted that he “feels like a fool, like an idiot.” Seeing his girlfriend move on with someone else is killing him inside.

Temptation Island airs infamous video messages

During their video message, Ash receives a canned response from Hania. He claims that he’s proud to see her connecting with someone else.

Ash called his message a “theatrical piece of s***.” She said his video didn’t have any emotion in it. As for Hania, he couldn’t wait to see what Ash had to say.

He opened up the box and to his surprise, there was no video message inside. Hania ended up in tears once again. Ash’s ice-cold message was loud and clear to him.

Temptation Island: Hania's Emotional Confessional [Credit: USA Network/YouTube]
[Credit: USA Network/YouTube]
“I think I’m getting a message despite there being no video,” Hania tearfully said. “This process has really shown me how much I do love her. How much I did love and didn’t know it. I haven’t felt this far away from her as I do now.”

He’s scared that he’s lost Ash forever. What are your thoughts on Ash and Hania’s relationship? Do you think they’re done for good? Sound off below in the comment section.

Temptation Island airs Wednesdays at 10 p.m. ET on USA Network.

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