Temptation Island: Edgar's Confessional Shocks Fans [Credit: YouTube]

‘Temptation Island’: Edgar’s Confession SHOCKS Fans

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Temptation Island threw in a plot twist during the bonfire. Fans did not expect to see a confession from Edgar De Santiago. For the first time in the show’s history, the producers showed a partner’s reaction rather that a scene from the villa. The bonfire normally gives the couples an idea of what the other has been doing on the other side of the island.

Sometimes they’ll see them confessing their feelings to someone else, or jumping into bed with them. Confessionals aren’t normally shared during the bonfire. Over the past weeks, fans got to see Gillian Lieberman’s relationship with Edgar fall apart. It was obvious that she went to the island with the intention of ending their three-year relationship.

Does Gillian want to be single?

Temptation Island fans had a feeling that Gillian wanted to be single from the start. Yet, she had different feelings at the beginning of the show. She was afraid that he would fall for someone else. However, Gillian is the one who’s ready to end things between them.

Her relationship with Tomm Soltis has progressed over the weeks. On Wednesday’s episode, things took a turn when they went to bed together. Edgar got to see it unfold during the bonfire. He grew to resent Gillian and he’s become more emotional with each passing bonfire.

Temptation Island: Edgar And Gillian [Credit: YouTube]
[Credit: YouTube]
Both Edgar and Gillian said they needed to strengthen their relationship. But Gillian wanted to explore being single in her twenties. She felt that Edgar held her back from much of their relationship. Temptation Island fans blamed her for making Edgar so emotional during his bonfires.

During Wednesday’s episode, Edgar got to see his girlfriend move on. As usual, he was heartbroken. Edgar wanted to share his reaction with Gillian. In a surprising twist, the producers let him.

Temptation Island twist at the bonfire

Edgar was emotional in his shocking confessional that was shared at the bonfire. He told Gillian to let him go. The young man also had some choice words for her.

“Gillian, what the f***. If you’re not in this, why the f*** did you drag me all this way? I love you,” Edgar confessed. “But, if you don’t love me, then leave me alone. Leave me the f*** alone.”

The Temptation Island contestant didn’t bat an eye after she watched Edgar’s confessional. Instead, Gillian made a revelation about their relationship. She finally admitted that she hasn’t been honest about her feelings for Edgar.

“I feel like I’m a bad person and I feel like I’ve been dishonest with myself and in turn dishonest with Edgar,” Gillian told Temptation Island host, Mark Walberg.

Temptation Island: Edgar Gets Emotional [Credit: YouTube]
[Credit: YouTube]
He asked her what lie she’s been telling. “That I… want a future with Edgar,” she admitted. Gillian has had her eye on Tommy since her time on Temptation Island. Their relationship got steamy and ended up in the bedroom in last night’s episode.

Gillian also admitted that she feels “guilty” for seeing Edgar “in so much pain.” She can tell that he’s “hurting.” However, fans aren’t convinced that Gillian feels that guilty. She will continue to pursue things with Tommy next week.

Temptation Island airs Wednesdays at 10 p.m. ET on USA Network.

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