Temptation Island: Lascelles' Unexpected Admission Confuses Ashley [Credit: YouTube]

‘Temptation Island’: Lascelles’ Unexpected Admission Confuses Ashley

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Temptation Island fans have been waiting for this moment forever. Lascelles Lagares admitted that he’s in love with one of the singles. He decided to try out the show with his girlfriend Ashley Rodriguez. The two have been together for seven years, but they never made their relationship official. Lascelles was afraid to take to the next step.

Ashley wants him to get serious with her or she’ll leave him. It’s likely that she’ll move on since she witnessed his unexpected admission during Wednesday’s episode. Lascelles told single Trace Winnigham that he’s in love with her. Ashley shared her thoughts during the bonfire.

Lascelles Lagares falls in love with another woman

Lascelles and Ashley were originally on Temptation Island to work on their relationship. Little did Ashley know that he would fall in love with someone else. On the other side of the island, Trace told Lascelles that she didn’t trust him and his “Playboy ways.”

That revelation got the Temptation Island contestant all choked up. He sat down with her to tell her his true feelings. Lascelles got all teary-eyed when he revealed that he was falling in love with her. That’s the real reason why he wanted Trace to do nothing with him.

Trace assumed that it meant he wanted to explore the other singles in the villa. However, Lascelles caught feelings in the short time they got to know each other. When he heard that Trace was upset with his feelings, he harkened back to his previous relationship.

Temptation Island: Ashley And Lascelles [Credit: Temptation Island/YouTube]
[Credit: Temptation Island/YouTube]
Lascelles said it was his way of being a “safe person, and it’s not.” He admitted that he says the wrong things and often disappoints people. Lascelles got word of Trace’s feelings and decided to let his feelings be known.

“I’m done with that (Protecting Ashley). Forget that, she’s in the past,” he said to Trace. “I need you as a future girlfriend and wife. I love you. I care about you so much.”

Temptation Island shocker — Bye-bye Ashley?

Of course, Ashley found out about Lascelles’ feelings for another woman during the bonfire. Temptation Island continues to deliver when it comes to the drama. Most of the couples have been falling apart this season because of their apparent issues. Host Mark L. Walberg asked Ashley how she felt after she watched Lascelles’ admission.

“I’m a bit confused,” she said as she broke down crying.

Next week, Temptation Island fans will see Ashley embrace her newfound freedom. She reveals that she has to focus on herself and her happiness. She’s seen dancing with the single men in the villa. Ashley might take it a step further with one of them.

What are your thoughts on Lascelles falling in love with someone else? Did his admission shock you? Do you think he’ll go back to Ashley? Sound off below in the comment section.

Temptation Island airs Wednesdays at 10 p.m. ET on the USA Network.

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