Does Kody Brown Love Robyn More Than She Loves Him?

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Fans have often accused Kody Brown of being a narcissist. Yes, he is very into his cars and image despite maintaining the focus on finances. He is also into the idea that he can have four wives even without intimacy. They are just meant to accept that in order to get to heaven. That doesn’t work for all of them but the one he feels he can rely on most is his fourth wife Robyn. Is it possible he cares for her more than she for him?

The Kody Brown And Robyn Love Story

When Kody was starting to get antsy, his three wives knew exactly the cure. He needed to find a wife. In 1990, he married his first, legal wife Meri and they seemed very much in love. They always knew that they would take on additional wives as Meri had grown up in the lifestyle. This was actually a life Kody took on when he was in his late teens/early twenties along with his father. In 1993, he married Meri’s former sister-in-law, Janelle, and the following year, he wed Christine. Their family seemed very complete until something was off. In polygamy, when the husband gets restless, it may mean he needs another wife.

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At an event, Meri noticed Robyn and encouraged Kody to ask her to dance. From there, he began courting her, and eventually, they became engaged. She would go on to become his fourth wife and, down the line, his official legal wife. She maintained one of the biggest issues in her first marriage was that she always wanted sister wives. Robyn got three of them when she married Kody but the pandemic of 2020 was about to shift everything. Soon, the life she signed up for was not the life she was about to get.

Who Loves You?

Kody Brown decided during the pandemic that he would rotate homes for safety issues. The only home he would not really be going to was Meri’s as they had no relationship. However, he felt that both Christine and Janelle were not maintaining his safety protocols. Therefore he stayed with Robyn for a large majority of the time. At one point, she had a sit down with Janelle and Meri. She shared that this was not the life that she had signed up for. Additionally, she shared that she had many potential suitors prior to Kody. Unfortunately, they were only interested in monogamy and she already had that life.

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Kody was around just too much and it was exhausting for her. Meri, who was desperate for anything with Kody, joked that she would happily take him. Some fans wondered if Robyn really was not that upset about having Kody 24/7. Yet, if monogamy really was not what she wanted but Kody is giving her that life, what does it mean? He has already admitted he and Meri are no longer intimate. With Janelle, they are not in love, and he and Christine are divorced. So the only one he has a real relationship with is Robyn thus it seems he is giving her what she does not want. She doted on him so much, obeying all of his rules, and now, he could be more in love with what they have than she is.

Do you think Kody might love Robyn more than she loves him? Or do you think she would be happy without sister wives regardless of what she has said? Let us know in the comments.

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  1. Kody is so stuck on himself….a dictator ! His first 3 wives do not need him, and he hates it. He needs a reality check and a makeover !

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