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Kody Brown Update, Has He Accepted Divorce & Moved On?

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Kody Brown is now back where he started when Sister Wives began in 2010. He is down to just three wives yet it appears he hasn’t accepted the truth. There is one direct sign that he has yet to move on and it is out for the world to see.

Kody Brown And His Four Wives

When viewers initially met Kody, he had three main wives, Meri, Janelle, and Christine. Though his situation was unique to those new to polygamy, it was perfectly normal to him and his family. For his twelve kids, that was all they knew. He had married his third wife, Christine shortly before Janelle gave birth to the first Brown child. Thus everyone grew up together as one cohesive unit. It did not hurt that they were all living under one roof and attempting to work together, balancing each other out. Janelle worked full-time which was where she thrived. When she was at work, she knew Christine was there to ensure her kids were well taken care of. Plus, dinner was on the table and if she wanted to go to a movie or have a night to herself, a sister wife could help.

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Robyn joined the family in 2010 as wife number four along with her three kids from a previous marriage. She came in knowing there were rules they all needed to follow. They have carried that to the bitter end. Unfortunately, all was not perfect within the plural family. Kody struggled with Meri which amplified over time. The two have had nothing more than a friendship for about a decade now. With Janelle, he admits they are just good friends but not in love with each other. Christine had threatened to leave for a while as she was not being heard and was often mocked. That exploded at the end of Season 16 when she finally declared she was done.

In Denial About 3 Wives?

Prior to Season 16 premiering, third wife Christine put out a statement that she had left Kody Brown and the family. By the end of the season, viewers further understood where it all went wrong. At the tell-all, Christine shared she and Kody were divorced. However, his fourth wife Robyn claimed they were not really divorced as they had been married in the church. Therefore, they had to get a proper dissolution of marriage through them. Until that happened, there was no divorce.

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For Christine, she had not been a part of the church for years so she did not subscribe to that belief at all. For Kody, he seemed indifferent to it all. Yet he has yet to accept that he is back to where he was when the series began. He is down to three wives but his Instagram tells a whole other story. It still says he is a husband to four. Keep in mind that he is not overly active on social media with his last posting on November 2nd when he announced his separation from Christine.

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Despite his inactivity, he has quite a presence on Cameo. If he can make time for that, one of his eighteen children or even Robyn could take the time to change his profile. Maybe he got so used to his identity of being a husband to four that it is hard to switch that off. Perhaps he will make the alteration prior to Season 17 if there is one.

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