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Robyn Brown Pretends First Marriage & Three Kids Never Happened?

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Robyn Brown has not always had a way with words. Though she attempts to come off as caring and loving, it tends to get lost in translation. Recently, a clip from the early seasons of Sister Wives resurfaced on Reddit. It further proved that she really needs to think a little harder before she speaks.

Robyn Brown Blends Her Family

Kody Brown already had three wives and twelve children when he started courting single mother Robyn. She had three children and lived five hours away. This was quite difficult for his other wives as it threw off their rotation. They were used to having him every third night but when he would travel to see Robyn, he was away longer. For Christine, she was pregnant with her sixth child so she had a lot of readjusting to do to prepare for baby Truely. Luckily, she had sister wives Meri and Janelle to help her with all of this. As for Kody, he would often bring one or two of the older kids when he would visit Robyn.

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He claimed it allowed for quality time but it also gave them built-in sitters for their dates. Either way, the kids all got along extremely well and his wives tried to be as welcoming as they could to Robyn. They knew it would not be easy as they had not courted someone in sixteen years. However, they smiled as much as they could, even attempting to help her pick out her wedding dress. Though that did not go as they had hoped, the three original wives still helped to bring the newly minted fourth wife in. With Robyn moving on, did she somehow try to pretend her past never happened?

First Marriage, Say What?

In one episode, Robyn Brown discussed her purity in front of her children. When Redditors reposted this clip, it garnered a lot of backlash. She kept talking about how she wished she had saved herself for Kody. Fans were enraged because, had she done that, she never would have had Dayton, Breanna, and Aurora. In a clip posted to Reddit, Robyn shares she cannot imagine having a husband all of the time, saying it would be “weird.” A thread was immediately started over this as fans believe by saying this, she is attempting to erase her first marriage. If she does that, she is also deleting her first three kids, as well.

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“She rewrote history and that marriage never occurred. Even though it lasted almost 9 yrs and produced 3 children. Not sure if she had already presented the insane picture she had done of her kids as babies w/Kody at this point. Either way, in her unstable mind she has been in this family since the very beginning,” one Redditor noted. The picture they are referencing is an old picture of Kody and Ysabel. Robyn then took it and superimposed her kids as babies into it and made it into a portrait.

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“It’s so messed up. I get that you want to move on from bad relationships, but you still have to acknowledge that they happened,” another added. Finally, someone commented: “Bless her heart. She forgets we know her three older kids are from her first marriage…the monogamist one.” Robyn complained to Janelle and Meri about always having Kody around during the pandemic yet it seemed this is what she really has wanted for a long time.

Should Robyn start thinking of others before she speaks? Let us know in the comments.

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