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‘Survivor’ 42 Has A Powerful Message About Acceptance

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Nick Davis


The most recent seasons of Survivor contain a lot of new policies with the goal of social change. Things like Jeff Probst dropping the word “Guys” from his well-known entrance phrase “Come on in, guys”. Things like CBS implementing a policy that mandates fifty percent of the cast be people of color.

These changes have made the most recent season of the long-running show the most diverse yet. And that diversity leads to a lot of insightful moments and interesting conversations.

Crossing Worlds

Mike Turner has quickly become a fan favorite this season. Where many older Survivor players tend to come across as jaded or set in their ways, Mike breaks the stereotypes. He maintains fierce loyalty while also being flexible and very understanding. Not many are predicting him to be a potential victor at this point, but he’s playing with a lot of heart. Part of that shows itself through his conversation with Omar in Episode 8.

omar zaheer survivor 42
Omar of ‘Survivor’ 42

Omar is a devout Muslim who observes the twice-a-day Muslim prayers for the entirety of his time on the show. In Episode 8, Mike sits in and observes Omar’s prayers and talks about his conversations with Omar to understand his beliefs on a deeper level. While it is partially a piece of Mike’s social game, it is also clear that Mike is approaching the situation with sincerity and curiosity that’s heartwarming. Being a firefighter from New Jersey, it could be an easier route for Mike to harbor negative feelings toward the Islamic community. It may even be more acceptable among many of his peers back home. But Mike opens himself to receiving new information and learning about cultures not familiar to his own.

Those kinds of dialogues are what Survivor opens itself up to with these diverse new casts. We can only hope to see more enlightening and encouraging conversations like this in the future. All of them work to break down walls and preconceived ideas about people different than ourselves.

Survivor 42 Breaking Boundaries

The jury is officially here in Survivor 42. We have our first member and it is just going to keep growing. At this point in the game, it’s still a toss-up. There are a lot of players with interesting strategies and talents and all of them still have a shot at the lead. The remaining ten are still incredibly diverse. It’s leading many to hold out hope that we may see the first black female winner since Vecepia in Season 4. Drea has a boat-load of advantages and no shortage of cunning to back it up. Only time will tell.

New episodes of Survivor Season 42 are airing every Wednesday.

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