Is Hilary Spivey Hooking Up With Jason Duggar?

Hilary Spivey Instagram

Might Hilary Spivey be hooking up with Jason Duggar? A new photo was posted online and prompted a discussion about the two of them possibly getting together. Stick around to see the wild new theory.

Duggar fans have questions about Hilary and Jason’s friendship.

In case you don’t know who she is, you should know that Hilary Spivey is the mother of Claire Duggar. Claire married Justin Duggar in 2021.

While Justin and Claire were courting, and since then, Jason and Hilary have been spending a lot of time together. The Duggars live in Arkansas, while the Spiveys are located in Texas. But from social media, it looks like Jason and Hilary are very close and spend time with each other despite the distance.

There were even rumors that Hilary was taking Jason under her wing because his own mom, Michelle Duggar, didn’t give him enough love and attention with 18 other kids under one roof.

Now, a wild new theory has emerged online, suggesting that Hilary Spivey and Jason Duggar might be more than just friends.

Hilary Spivey Instagram

Are Hilary Spivey and Jason Duggar hooking up?

On Reddit, Duggar Snarkers are discussing the possibility that Hilary and Jason are hooking up. Because the two are so close and have an odd relationship, critics are joking about them being more than just friends. At Claire and Justin Duggar’s wedding, Jason was a groomsman and Hilary was a bridesmaid, so they ended up walking down the aisle together.

Someone jokes that the picture is actually of Jason and Hilary eloping in Las Vegas.

One Duggar snarker says, “I’d bet money that there has been some canoodling. It’s creepy, but they appear to have some sort of chemistry.”

Someone else notices Hilary’s thumb getting closer to Jason’s chest and writes, “She’s trying to caress his nippy. They both look happy about it.”

When Mama Spivey & Jason elope to Vegas
by u/sleepyflannel in DuggarsSnark

Another Duggar snarker says, “They are the happiest couple in this entire family.”

Some even joke that they like this “couple” together. Others think that this will be the next Duggar scandal to break.

So, do you think that there’s a chance that Hilary Spivey and Jason Duggar are hooking up, or do you think that this is nothing more than a wild fan theory? Do you think it’s strange how much time Jason and Hilary spend together? Share your thoughts in the comments section below. For more news about the Duggar family, come back to TV Shows Ace.

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