Jason Duggar Invites Fans Into His New Home

Jason Duggar Instagram

Former Counting On star Jason Duggar is giving fans an inside look at his new home. He took his social media followers on a little tour and showed off his bachelor pad. Scroll down to take a peek at his house and to get all of the details.

In case you can’t keep track of all of Jim Bob and Michelle Duggar’s kids, here’s a quick reminder of who Jason is. He’s the 12th of Michelle and Jim Bob’s 19 kids. He is 21 years old and will turn 22 on April 21, 2022.

Per his Instagram bio, it looks like Jason is a contractor and owns his own business, Buildmaster Construction.

Jason Duggar, YouTube

Jason Duggar invites fans into his home.

In a new Instagram post on Friday, April 15, Jason walked through his bachelor pad with fans. He filmed a short video, showing off his small treehouse-style home.

It looks like he has a living area, a desk, and a coffee bar on the main level. Then, when he goes up the ladder to the next level, you can see his bed and closet.

Jason Duggar Instagram
Jason Duggar Instagram

You can check out the video Jason Duggar shared on Instagram here.

Most of the Duggar kids have lived with their parents until they get married and find a place to live with their new spouse. But Jason seems to be doing things differently.

However, he might still be living on his parents’ property and just has his own space.

You might recall Jeremiah and Jedidiah Duggar getting their own bachelor pad together, which was featured on Counting On. 

Counting On fans have many questions about the bachelor pad.

While many fans are loving the layout and look of Jason Duggar’s new bachelor pad, others are asking questions about it. Some are confused about the plumbing and electricity setup.

One fan asks, “Where’s the bathroom and kitchen?”

Another one adds, “Wait. There is no bathroom or shower…”

It does look like Jason has several items plugged in, so there must be electricity there. However, it’s unclear what the plumbing situation is. There doesn’t appear to be a bathroom or full kitchen in the bachelor pad.

Fans think that Jana Duggar might have helped with the decorating.

Maybe, Jason Duggar will give fans a more detailed tour soon. In the meantime, he seems to be enjoying this cool space.

So, what do you think of Jason Duggar’s bachelor pad? Do you have questions about it, too, like other fans have expressed in the comments of his post? Let us know what you think in the comments section. For more Duggar family news, come back to TV Shows Ace.

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