’LPBW’ Fans BEG Amy Roloff To Take Classes On Cooking Etiquette

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LPBW fans beg Amy Roloff to take a class on cooking etiquette. What did she do to gross her followers out this time? Keep reading, and we’ll explain.

In addition to being a reality star, Amy Roloff loves to share her recipes with fans. She often shares video clips of her cooking tutorials. In fact, she has her own YouTube channel called Amy Roloff’s Little Kitchen.

The TLC star has published several cookbooks of her famous recipes. She also sells homemade fudge, though fans are balking at the prices.

Despite all these credentials, LPBW fans are begging Amy Roloff to take a cooking etiquette class. Why?

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Amy Roloff/Credit: Amy Roloff Instagram

Fans BEG Amy Roloff to take a cooking etiquette class

Over the weekend, the published author took to her Instagram to share her recipe for Pork Schnitzel with Lemon Rice. The 30-minute video shows Amy prepping the pork by pounding it and then cooking the various ingredients.

As usual, she taste-tests her food when she’s finished. Sometimes she tastes the ingredients as she goes, which often revolts her followers.

Fans don’t have a problem with Amy Roloff tasting her food. However, the problem arises when she continues to talk while chewing food, usually with her mouth open.

Her followers took to the comments to call out her unsightly behavior. One wrote, “Amy-don’t talk with yr [sic] mouth full of food, please!

Please close your mouth when eating,” another advised.

You do need a bit of etiquette! It’s fine to sample a bit, your bites are way to [sic] big and often over the food, and then you talk with food In your mouth. Definitely not a good look,” a third follower wrote.

Credit: Amy Roloff Instagram

However, Amy Roloff’s kitchen behavior wasn’t the only thing fans noticed. One follower wrote, “How about we focus on her still going under Roloff?? So tacky.”

Fans hotly debate whether Amy Roloff would – or should – keep Roloff as her last name after marrying Chris Marek. One fan explained, “This has been addressed many times- it’s for business purposes. She has a few charities under that name & very expensive to change. Legally, she is Marek.”

Will her cooking feature on Season 23 of LPBW?

TLC finally announced a return date for Little People, Big World. Season 23 will premiere on Tuesday, May 17.

Amy Roloff and her new husband, Chris Marek, will be on the new season. As will Matt Roloff and his girlfriend Caryn Chandler. Matt and Amy’s son Zach will appear, along with wife Tori and their two kids, Jackson and Lilah. Baby #3 is on the way and may also make their reality show debut.

However, the official press release from the network focuses more on the family drama surrounding the farm. So, it’s unlikely that Amy Roloff’s recipes will feature on the new season.

Do you agree that Amy Roloff needs to take cooking etiquette classes? Share your thoughts in the comments below.

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  1. Omg yes yes yes !!!! I’ve often thought “lady please stop licking your fingers while baking”. Not to mention her grande size bites. Now I learn she SELLS her goods. No thank you! I’d have visions of her licking the spoon and double dipping the fudge she was about to sell me. I love the show and big trying to be a hater. Just remember you ask if we had a problem with her lack of etiquette when she’s in the kitchen.

  2. Pricilla Presley used her divorced name her whole life, even calling herself his widow when she had been divorced for years. I see no reason Amy shouldn’t use Roloff. As for her chewing, LP and certain other medical issues cause chewing issues making it hard to close one’s mouth while eating.

  3. Her last name is her money maker. That doesnt bother me as much as they way she talks with food in her mouth and licking her fingers.

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