Fans Tell Amy Roloff Her Habit Is Disgusting?

Little People, Big World star Amy Roloff’s disgusting habit has been noticed by fans in a recent video. Now, in the comments section of her post, she’s being called out by fans.

If you follow Amy on social media, she often posts cooking videos. Most recently, she showed fans how she prepares s’mores cookies. In the comments section of her post, many fans are talking about how great the recipe sounds and how they will be trying it soon.

Amy Roloff Instagram
Amy Roloff Instagram

Something Amy Roloff does in her new video is getting her a lot of negative attention, though. Fans think it’s absolutely disgusting and wish that she would stop.

You can check out Amy’s video here to see what fans are talking about. You can find the s’mores cookies recipe here.

Amy Roloff Instagram
Amy Roloff Instagram

Amy Roloff’s followers are disgusted by her habit.

Fans noticed that Amy is talking while she has food in her mouth. She does this in her most recent video, but she’s done it many other times, too.

There are many comments about Amy Roloff talking with her mouth full. And fans appear to feel pretty strongly about it. One fan says, “Amy, please stop talking with a mouthful of food.”

Others are curious to know if Amy ever reads the comments on her cooking videos. One fan says, “wonder if she reads the comments? and still eats that way.”

Plenty of similar comments are filling Amy’s post. It looks like many of her followers feel the same way.

Amy Roloff Instagram
Amy Roloff Instagram

One Little People, Big World fan thinks Amy may have a good reason for talking while eating. They write, “I can’t believe she hasn’t stopped doing this. Either skip the tasting on camera or take much smaller bites. In her defense, she may have structural problems with her mouth. She does have an extreme overbite.”

No matter why Amy Roloff is talking with food in her mouth, fans are grossed out by it. They hope she will read the comments so she can realize what she’s doing and stop. She may not even know she’s doing this if she has done it for long enough.

So, do you agree with LPBW fans that this is a disgusting habit? Or do you think it’s not really a big deal after all? Share your thoughts in the comments section below. And for more news about Amy Roloff and the rest of the family, come back to TV Shows Ace.

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    1. I agree a million times over! She looks dirty most of the time. Chris only married her for the money!!

    2. So is everyone here going to mock Amy on this and that, you don’t know her I don’t her everyone just needs to get a life. SMFH

    3. Yes she is digusting. Food all mushed up between her ugly teeth. she slways looks dirty to me.

    1. I love Matt and his new girlfriend there so classy but Amy she’s disgusting dirty looking and disgusting all they after is money and that that’s why her husband her new husband likes her because she’s got money I’m so glad that Matt didn’t sell that property to his son because they are dirty lazy and all they would do is run down the place all they wamail.comnted somebody to work for them clean the place up Matt got smart

      1. Oh my goodness! How rude are you? This is not the time or place to make comments like what you made. If you don’t like them then quit watching them. I had an ex
        like Amy and I feel for her.

        1. don’t you just love when she handles raw chicken or fish and doesn’t wash your hands and go straight to tossing the salad? I also love when she handles raw fish it doesn’t wash your hands and puts her little fingers in the salt container

  2. No it not disgusting it beening human and people need to get over it she is real not like most of you out there that ast like your p. P don’t stink eill it does and so does everyone’s does to

    1. Oh then since your so relaxed about kitchen hygiene.I wonder how you would feel if a waiter burped over your food

      1. well people do it all the time and they probably do not wash there hands after using the bathroom either. You can only assume they do but I have worked in a restaurant before and you would be amazed what people will do including sneezing and sweating over your food. Remember that everytime you go out. Meanwhile people have better things to do then worry about every germ that will not kill you. Did you see anyone get food poison in her family? Probably because what is filmed in not real even if it says reality TV. 90% of it is fake and redone shots over and over again. But you go judge someone from a stupid show. Really shows how low self esteem Americans are to be so critical because she has money qnd you do not. That is what this all about.

    2. don’t you think it’s so precious when Amy handles raw chicken or fish, does not wash your hands then go straight to tossing a salad? or better yet don’t you think it’s so cute but she licks her fingers off or pokes her nose and then go straight to make a cheese ball? isn’t that just precious

    3. You cannot even spell or make a sentence. You cannot even make a proper opinion. You are just as bad.

  3. Yes absolutely agree that she needs to stop eating with food in her mouth. Basic manners Amy. I noticed it on the show many times and thought ewwwww! Another bothersome thing I’ve noticed on her cooking show is her hair hanging down in her face. Could she not think to put it up and get it out of her face when working around food?

    1. How does one stop eating with food in her mouth! You people are ridiculous! Nobody’s perfect like you all think you are so STHU! Leave her alone!

      1. I remember being 4 years old, and my mother taught me not to eat my food with my mouth open. I am soooo glad that she did that. I would die a 1000 deaths if someone reminded me to NOT SHOW MY FOOD WHILE CHEWING.

      2. I’ve noticed it years ago but just overlooked it. I personally don’t myself and if I have to talk and I am eating, I cover my mouth with hand or napkin. Some bad habits are hard to break.

    2. I do believe she should get help with her hair. A style that ‘looks’ a little in style and for her age. And clean looking.

    1. How about people let people just let others be themselves ? If u don’t like the stuff happening then change the channel ……

    1. She’s so nasty and dirty looking all the time, needs to wash her smelly looking hair and she needs to stop tasting while she’s mixing and cooking and please chew with your mouth closed, just not a favorite of mine!

      1. Yes she needs to tied her hair back and chewing with your mouth full of food .An she her friend Lisa on with long blonde hair hanging .yes the cooks on food network show do eat but no with their full and talk they chew it then talk to taste a good cook taste there food but with class

  4. All she will respond with is absolutely nothing. I adore Amy….she can do no wrong as far as I’m concerned.
    How bout THAT ??c

    1. OhhhhhI guess youre as nasty as her…Do you wash your hands after the potty??? like your cook at the cafe wash their hands after using the bath room…What if a waitress burped on your hamburger.

  5. I agree, if something bothers u change the channel. She had alot to overcome. People r nasty in general. Leave the lady alone.

  6. In a kitchen where other people outside of your family, I would worry about some of the complaints about sanitary conditions. In your own home I don’t see why she should even worry about those things. None of the people complaining will ever physically eat any of the food they are worried about. I agree that if it bothers someone about the talking with food in her mouth or licking her fingers, it may not be the cooking show they should be watching. I’m not a huge Amy fan but it’s just human decency to be kind.

  7. If you don’t like what she does then don’t watch. You are some very judgemental people. I guess you were not thought the phrase. If you don’t have anything nice to say then say nothing. And how do know how her hair smell’s you people need to get a life.

    1. OhhhhhI guess youre as nasty as her…Do you wash your hands after the potty??? like your cook at the cafe wash their hands after using the bath room…What if a waitress burped on your hamburger.

  8. When Amy and Zack eat they look like a bunch of hogs they really make me sick to watch them eat and when they do I turn it off.

  9. I AGREE LEAVE THEM ALONE.. People out there are never happy so have to complain about people who are happy..

  10. Chewing and swallowing food should be done with the mouth closed. No talking with food in your mouth…it’s just good table manners

  11. Amy is so resentful of Matt and Karen who are so nice to them and very inclusive of them. I don’t think she is a nice person. She needs to get over it and stop with the”my ex….my ex…. Go to a therapist and get rid of your issues. Definitely needs to go to a hairdresser and put on some makeup.

  12. I don’t know if Amy has bad table manners, but her ex clearly cheated with the farm manager HO Caryn, and I doubt most people would be too nice after that. The kids don’t like her even though she pushes herself into everyone’s business. Zack was even upset that she was involving herself in the possible farm sale. Tori – who is a sweetheart- hates Caryn. Clue in people! You want to pick at someone, pick at fat, ugly, homewrecker Caryn and money grubbing Matt (who no doubt had the farm handed to him by his family, but can’t give his children a good price? Scum.. both Matt and Caryn (who seems behind it all).

  13. Karen is a loser home wrecker who puts her nose In everyone’s business. They are not married so she shouldn’t have been on the farm sale. She’s in it for the money and “fame” of being on TV. CANT STAND HER!

    Matt you say you’re getting too old for the farm so let Jeremy and Zack have it!! Compensate the other two in your will. I HOPE KAREN is NOT. In your will!

  14. A LOT OF THE HATE HERE IS DIRECTED AT AMY AND ZACH BECAUSE OF THEIR BEING LITTLE PEOPLE…and l understand how hard it is to step out of OUR OWN PREDJUDICES. I AM NATIVE AMERICAN I KNOW THIS. But to use words such as disgusting. Dirty. Stringy hair. Eating like pigs. Is just plain hurtful and Amy has struggled…she is pushy maybe trying to be a full stature. So stop..just imagine life if YOU were HER

  15. I agree, I’ve been watching the show since the very first pilot, and both Amy and Zack have this terrible habit. However, I like them both, I’m not sure if they don’t really care or they don’t know really what they look like when they have food in their mouth and speaking. Perhaps, it has something to do with dwarfism, where they can’t close their mouth and chew and breathe through the nose at the same time. And I’m not saying this to be mean I’m just questioning if that’s an issue.
    Years ago, when I got a job that I would be speaking with people at luncheons, I wanted to make sure that the conversations I had with people while they and myself for eating lunch was appropriate. So one Saturday afternoon I made myself a lunch something that I would order out, and I sat there with the mirror in front of my face and watched myself eat. When your mouth is open, chewing food, it looks terrible, so I have been very cautious of that throughout my life.

  16. I don’t think that Karen has the right to say anything , she’s not part of the family so she has no right! As for Amy , she’s a really nice lady, I like her, it could be worse people, what has she ever done to you.

  17. Matt ask what am I to do with the land is to split it up between all the kids. 27.25 to all of them and that be that. It is the right thing to do. Keep it in the family. Yes Matt it was given to you so do the same for your kids.

  18. I remember when she stopped Molly and told her not to talk with food in her mouth. LOL Yes it’s disgusting.

  19. [email protected]
    You people with all the negative, disgusting comments are the ones who don’t have a life. if Amy and Zach are so disgusting, why do you watch the show??
    There are differences in the way Little People are structured. Ever consider that the way Zac & Amy eat may have something to do with being a little person that has problems chewing? if you don’t have something positive to say, keep it to yourself. Treat others as you would like to be treated.

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