Amy Roloff Making A Big Mistake With Her Fudge?

Amy Roloff - YouTube/tlc uk

Amy Roloff has an entrepreneurial spirit, but people are criticizing her latest sales pitch for Amy’s Little Kitchen on Instagram. Is she making a big mistake with her fudge debut? Keep reading to see what fans are saying.

Amy’s Little Kitchen Under Fire For A Number of Reasons

In the past, fans have criticized Amy for her product releases. Many of the items are seemingly overpriced. If you take a look at the online shop, simple earrings cost $37.99. A printed apron, which most people can grab for $15 at the local Walmart, will run you $29.99 from Roloff’s site.

Amy Roloff - Youtube/tlc uk

Credit: YouTube/tlc uk

On top of her prices being high, Amy neglects to answer questions when she posts about a new product. She normally posts the pitch to Instagram and then goes missing in action. Comments are made about the pricing and people ask questions about the products. However, Amy never responds.

It is a bit bad for business. Now, with her latest product debut, she seems to be making the same mistakes.

Is Amy Roloff Making A Mistake With Her Fudge Debut?

Amy posted to Instagram about the new fudge available in the shop. “The fudge in my shop makes a perfect Mother’s Day gift! 🌸,” she said. It is available in lemon, cookies and cream, chocolate walnut, and salted caramel.

She provided a few more details in the post saying, “You order a 4-pack of fudge, or 1 piece of Cookies and Cream and 1 piece of Salted Caramel fudge in combo with a bag of my custom coffee blend.☕ It’s all in my shop!” She posed for a photo with a plate full of the delicious treats, but followers aren’t buying it.

Amy Roloff - Instagram/Amy Roloff

Credit: Instagram/Amy Roloff

Fans and people interested in the latest product took to the comment section fairly quickly. Some folks asked about different flavor combinations available. Others scoffed at the price of a four-pack of fudge. On the site, Amy is charging $32.95 for the four-pack described above. That’s a little more than $8 apiece. If you are interested in the custom coffee blend and two-pack of fudge, you’ll spend $4 more.

People have called her out in the past for pricing her items far above what they have deemed fair. They have also frequently expressed annoyance at the fact that she can’t even be bothered to reply to their questions about the items she is selling.

It seems like she is making the same mistake with the marketing of her fudge. While Amy Roloff is seemingly doing fine for herself, she may need to make a few changes for her business to remain successful. What do you think? Are her followers right? Is $32.95 too much for a few pieces of homemade fudge?

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