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Meri Brown Explains Why She Is Here On Earth

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Sister Wives fan-favorite Meri Brown is sharing her inspiration again. She’s known for sharing quotes and positive uplifting posts. She went to Instagram now to share why she thinks she is here on earth. Keep reading to find out more about this incredibly tough lady.

Meri Brown reveals why she’s here on earth

The first of the Sister Wives to marry Kody Brown has definitely had her fair share of ups and downs. Fans know her marriage to Kody is basically over. Kody has said he has no desire to ever be intimate with her again. It seems as if they rarely even see each other. However, she is intent on not leaving the family.

When Meri is feeling down or happy she goes to Instagram to share her thoughts with all her followers. This time she went to Instagram to share her life purpose and why she’s here on earth.

Meri posted a selfie of herself looking cozy by the fire in the background. She started her caption with, “I was called to love, not to hate. I was called to accept, not to condemn.” She continued saying, “I was called to be confident, not to fear. I was called to serve, not to neglect. I’m here to love, to learn, to serve, to impact others in a positive way.”

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She went on to say she is here to be open-minded, non-judgmental, to hold herself accountable and be a safe place for others. Meri also says she’s here to love and care about others.

She continued on in her post adding, “I am here to laugh, to enjoy life, and live it to it’s fullest. I fiercely love and protect those in my inner circle, and that circle is far reaching. My calling, my job here on this earth, is to live a life of passion, of confidence, of authenticity, true to who I am, and true to who God made me to be. I am unapologetically me.”

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Why does she stay?

Meri continues to remain part of the Sister Wives family even though her marriage to Kody is nonexistent. She has said before that this is her home and she loves her family. Meri is of course referring to the other kids belonging to Kody and his other wives.

So far, nothing seems to be able to budge Meri into changing her mind. Many think she should follow Christine Brown’s lead and leave Kody for good.

What do you think? What do you think about her latest Instagram post?

Stay tuned for more updates.


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