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Meri Brown Buckles Under Pressure, Realizes She Messed Up?

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Meri Brown appears to have buckled under the pressure after messing up big time. What did Meri do exactly? How has she buckled under the pressure exactly? Keep reading and we’ll explain.

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Green isn’t a good color

Meri Brown appeared to be green with envy during her Fridays with Friends live stream on Instagram. As we previously reported, Meri and her friend Jenn also streamed live on YouTube at the same time. During the stream, Meri tried to throw some shade at Christine’s new cooking show on TLC.

Sister Wives fans have been Team Christine since she made the decision to leave Kody. And, they weren’t exactly happy with Meri trying to take a dig at Christine. In fact, they were quick to call Meri on what it really was. Jealousy. Meri had a festering jealousy monster on her back. And, Sister Wives fans did not think green was a good color on Meri.

Meri Brown buckles under the pressure

The Sister Wives star appears to have buckled under the pressure as she has turned her Instagram comments off completely. On Reddit and Facebook, fans assume Meri became overwhelmed with the backlash and criticism she has received for her decision to take a dig at Christine’s cooking show. Fans think Meri should be more happy and supportive of her former sister wife. Fans, however, suspect the jealousy Meri feels runs a little deeper than a spin-off series.

Some fans wonder if Meri Brown is also jealous of Christine having the guts to walk away from Kody Brown. Christine admits that she didn’t bother going through the church to get an official spiritual divorce. During the Tell-All, she explained that she just didn’t feel like she needed to stand before a group of people that barely knew her and get their permission to get a divorce.

Sister Wives fans also speculate that Meri posted her recent happy selfie on Instagram to get support from her LuLaRoe community after upsetting the Sister Wives fans that follow her.

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One fan penned on Reddit: “Nah. She’s just needed validation from her minions after she got called out for being a petty biyatch.”

Do you think Meri Brown regrets taking that petty dig at Christine and her cooking show with TLC? Is the backlash why she turned off her Instagram comments? Share your thoughts with us in the comments. And, keep coming back for the latest on Meri and Christine Brown.

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  1. Meri is gutless. If you are going to post a nasty video, you should expect backlash. Well. Unless you remove the video, issue an apology, why turn off your comments? Don’t you stand by your video? First of all Meri didn’t do cooking that often. Meri is not the first person to do a cooking show. Did everyone who came before her shade her for doing a recipe on her Friday nights video? The whole thing is disgusting. She is jealous of Christine but should have just kept her mouth shut.

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