‘My Hero Academia’ Creator Teases Future Plans As Series Concludes

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My Hero Academia is a relatively new manga. It made its debut in 2014 and has quickly become one of the best-selling manga of all time. The anime has seen equal levels of success both in Japan and abroad. But all good things must come to an end. Weekly Shonen Jump, the Japanese magazine that publishes the individual chapters of My Hero Academia, recently did an interview with Kohei Horikoshi. Horikoshi is the writer and creator of the manga.

In the interview, he speaks about both the future of the series and his own future afterward. There’s information in there that is both exciting and devastating for fans of the popular title.

The End Of  ‘My Hero Academia’

Kohei Horikoshi says that there are about a year worth of stories left before My Hero Academia finishes for good. After nearly 10 years, it will be heart-breaking for many fans to say goodbye to the manga. It also means the ending is in sight for the anime, as well. At the moment, they’re getting through about 5 volumes of the manga every season. That would give the anime about another 3 seasons’ worth of content, since the manga will likely end around volumes 37-40 with Horikoshi’s current timeline.

When asked what Kohei plans to do after My Hero Academia, he gave an interesting answer. He said he wants to try his hand at a horror manga. Presumably, if the genre interests him then he already has an idea in mind for a story. So it may not be very long after My Hero Academia ends that we see his spooky new project.

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Horror & Manga

Horror isn’t the most common or popular genre in manga. But there are still titles that many consider some of the greatest in the history of modern Japanese literature. Junji Ito is thought of as a kind of de-facto “Stephen King of the East”. His terrifying stories like Remina and Uzumaki are some of the most popular manga stories ever told.

Attack On Titan is another manga and anime that can rightfully be thought of as horror. It blends many other genres as well, such as drama and mystery. But, overall, a story about “uncanny valley” giant humanoid monsters that eat humans alive is surely a horror story.

Kohei’s writing style doesn’t seem particularly geared towards the horror genre. My Hero Academia has its bleak moments, but overall always settles on a brighter tone. Maybe this is Kohei’s attempt to distance himself from the story that thus far defines him.

The My Hero Academia manga is still getting new chapters regularly. The anime currently has Season 6 in production, which should be premiering soon.

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