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Whitney Way Thore Lands Modeling Gig, Watch Her Commercial

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MBFFL star Whitney Way Thore lands modeling gig. Watch the TLC star’s new commercial with a national retail brand. What do we know about her new gig?

MBFFL star leaving reality TV?

Whitney Way Thore has been headlining TLC’s My Big Fat Fabulous Life since 2015. Since that time, viewers have watched her struggle with her weight and a series of disastrous relationships.

Her engagement to Chase Severino played out on the show, as did their breakup after he revealed another woman was pregnant with his child.

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Whitney Way Thore/Credit: TLC YouTube

During Season 9, Whitney Way Thore fell for her online French tutor. He was supposed to come to the U.S. for vacation but the pandemic ruined those plans.

Thore did eventually make a trip to France, which she documented on her Instagram. Her suitor refuses to let TLC show his face on MBFFL.

The reality star hasn’t shared an update on their relationship in a while. Granted, she did disappear from social media for a time. Their relationship could be over – or she’s saving the goods for Season 10.

TLC has yet to confirm MBFFL will be back, but Whitney Way Thore said the show will end when she’s ready.

Whitney Way Thore commercial

Regular viewers of the show may have recognized the reality star in a new commercial. Apparently, Whitney Way Thore landed a starring role in a Walmart commercial promoting their Spring apparel.

Starcasm notes that the commercial features the reality star having an “impromptu bedroom runway show.”

The 30-second clip shows Thore modeling different outfits from the big box store.

Whitney Way Thore isn’t the only TLC star in a television commercial. OutDaughtered quint Riley Busby also just got her big break.

Ad reveals if she had weight loss surgery

MBFFL fans immediately took to Reddit to discuss the commercial featuring Whitney Way Thore. During Season 8 of the TLC show, she considered having weight loss surgery to help improve her life. However, one Reddit user doesn’t think Thore has lost any weight.

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Whitney Way Thore/Credit: Whitney Way Thore Instagram

“I saw it on TLC last night….. she looks a lot bigger. A Lot,” they wrote about the commercial. They further compared Whitney Way Thore’s current size to that of Season 1 of MBFFL.

Have you had a chance to see Whitney Way Thore’s new Walmart commercial onTV? Share your reaction in the comments below.

Stay tuned for updates on when MBFFL will return to TLC. So far, it isn’t on the upcoming Spring premieres, which includes Season 23 of Little People, Big World.

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  1. Oh good lord how can someone so young and active, even gain more weight, she’s got to be at Least 400, thought she was pre-diabetic, isn’t 🌹she pushing it- hey, I’m not little but I’m not 400, nor 36, I’m 195 at age 65! I just honestly don’t get out much, if I did her exercise program and danced I’d be a easy 130.,what in Gods name is she eating, well at least Walmart will give her money for that weight smh..

  2. She looks HUGE, shapeless and flabby. I don’t shop at Wal-Mart, but I can’t believe their typical customer for women’s fashions looks like Whitney Way Thore! It’s impossible to see what the clothing looks like over all those shaking rolls of fat.

    TLC may be rethinking the concept of MBFFL, so Whitney needed to find another gig. Other series on TLC about bigger people make it clear that being super-sized is not healthy. No excuses, no exceptions. Whitney’s message is very different, and actually harmful to anyone who follows her example. Of course, no one can force Whitney to lose weight, but TLC should stop giving her a platform to spread dangerous misinformation about the medical risks of obesity. Please, no Season 10 unless it involves Dr. Procter!

  3. Clearly most commenters haven’t seen the show 🙄
    She has severe PCOS, which left her nearly infertile. She had a small handful of eggs harvested. She’s said she has maybe 2 periods a year. She works out nearly daily with a trainer and does competitive weight lifting. She’s struggled with eating disorders, including refusing to eat in order to lose weight. Her friends discouraged weight loss surgery because they didn’t think it would benefit her because she already eats so little. Her hormone imbalance makes it nearly impossible for her to lose weight, so she has decided to embrace her body without shame.

  4. One of the things in love about Whitney is she shines a light on any fat shameing. Everyone should be ashamed at these hurtful comments . She owns her size and she looks good . Not all of us are size 2 or even 12 . The average size of women in America is 16. Please learn to be nice ride comments are just not like d . Why has the pandemic are it ok to bully people? treat others the way you want to be treated .Whitney is amazingly kind to fans and her friends and her family of all of us would be.like her we would be a better group I humas.

  5. Yes she’s fat. Until you have been fat , keep your comments to yourself. Not every health insurance pays for weight loss surgery. And just dieting doesn’t work for everyone, if it did there wouldn’t be any fat people. People who bully other’s do it for in that time they forget what a rot peace of crap they are. It’s pretty bad that they need to hurt others to feel better. Took me all long to know and learn that. But I did. I once was fat had surgery in 2001 loss it and kept it off 21 years it’s hard everyday. So quit smoking,drinking and mind your own business. 61 years old

  6. Yes I agree.Leave the weight issue alone.The girl has kept us all entertained for quite some time and I for one if her show does not return am going to miss MBFFL and alot of other people I would imagine as well.Keep up the good work looks like things are right where you want them to be.Love Walmart and will definatly be checking out their clothes line.Keep up the good work…and Hello from Saint John New Brunswick Canada

  7. I love her & her zest for life. I’m not overweight (much), but enjoy her personality & also like her parents/brother/friends.
    glad she’s doing well with the show and commercial

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