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Whitney Way Thore Spills Secret ‘MBFFL’ Season 10 Spoilers

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My Big Fat Fabulous Life just wrapped Season 9 on Tuesday night, and already Whitney Way Thore is trying to spill the deets on what happened when the cameras stopped. Just a day after the finale aired, the celeb shared a post on her Instagram. She could not wait for fans to know the rest of the Season 9 story.

Read on to get the juicy details that weren’t included in this season’s episodes.

Warning: This article contains My Big Fat Fabulous Life Season 10 spoilers.

Big Fat Finale

On November 2nd, TLC aired the 12th and final episode of MBFFL Season 9. Over the course of this season, the hefty celeb has found what she believes is true love. Whitney was featured throughout this season’s episodes, talking with a Parisian man, whom she began dating online.

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During this latest episode, Whitney purchases a one-way ticket to Paris with the intent of finding and meeting her potential love interest. Consumed with her new relationship, Whitney begins to put her relationship on a pedestal, prioritizing it overwork and various other commitments. This causes some unsteadiness in other various personal relationships. It also leads her to wonder whether her loved ones support her budding relationship or whether they are just waiting for her to crash and burn.

Whitney Way Thore Spills Her Guts On Instagram

On Tuesday, Whitney Way Thore shared a post on Instagram that gave her fans a preview of what’s in store for the tenth season of the show. Obviously, even though the season finale just aired this week, filming for the show wrapped up several months ago.

Whitney’s fans who follow her on social media have been watching her posts, collecting hints about what Thore was up to over the summer. From mountain travels with her bestie, Tal, to posing in front of beautiful Parisian landmarks with her mystery man, followers have been equally enthralled and thoroughly confused by Whitney’s hot girl summer.

Whitney Way Thore/YouTube
Whitney Way Thore/YouTube

So, what does Whitney have to say about all this? Well, the day after the season finale, Whitney decided she wanted to clear up the haze and give her followers some insight into her wonderful summer. In her post, the celeb shared a short video montage. The video consisted mostly of photos of what she had been up to over the summer months.

After thanking her viewers for supporting and watching the show, she announces, ” I spent 6 weeks in Paris. I did fall in love. I am in a relationship and I’m incredibly happy.”

She goes on to reveal that the BS Active App has finally launched on major platforms and tells fans that she will see them “next time.”

So, What Does This Mean For Season 10

Well, Whitney casually telling her viewers that she will see them next time sets up the scene for a tenth season.  Whitney finally reveals that she spent six weeks over in Paris and that she is officially in a relationship, which gives the show a pretty big foothold to start from for the tenth season.

As of now, we know of her Parisian boyfriend but haven’t had the chance to see his face. Why? because he isn’t ready to expose himself to the world. In several posts over the summer, Whitney Way Thore shared photo posts of the two of them hanging out around in front of various tourist attractions. Whitney’s boyfriend’s face is blurred in the photos. According to Whitney, this was to protect his identity until he was ready to be in the public eye.

So, while we don’t know what shall become of these two romantically, for now, we know that she did spend 6 weeks getting to know him and she thinks she’s officially in love.

Credit: Whitney Way Thore/YouTube
Credit: Whitney Way Thore/YouTube

What do you think about Whitney’s latest post? Are you excited for her to find love during the pandemic? Tell us in the comments! As always, stay tuned to Tv Shows ace for all the latest on Whitney and the upcoming season of My Big Fat Fabulous Life. 

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  1. Whitney shows that she will fall in love with any guy who accepts her obesity. She is so extremely self centered. If she wasn’t so damn fat…maybe she could carry her own baby……she has a lot of nerve asking her best friend to carry her baby for her….WHAT!!!! I hate the way she dresses. Who the hell wants to see all her rolls, fat stomach and let’s not forget her behind..OMG! GO ON A DIET>>>GIRL……eat some salads and lose that ugly FAT!!

    1. It was Whitney fault that she lost Chase.
      He wanted her to move to Wilmington.

      And as far as Buddy I’m glad he finally had a life!

  2. So happy for Whitney and especially finding love again!! She deserves nothing less. I love her, her family, friends and can’t wait for Season 10!

  3. Girl u r so stupid so dum just got to have a man. Any man will do I really can’t believe just how dum u r. Meeting the man who did u rong I I can’t believe u . And I treat ur Firend really nasty. The French man mite b a fat girl killer. How do u fall in love with someone that u don’t know. Dummy

  4. I don’t believe in this mystery ‘Frenchman’. I think Whitney and TLC are duping the viewers into a totally scripted show. I also fail to see how any man that has much going for himself is going to fall in love with a morbidly obese woman. Especially if she’s as obnoxious as Whitney UNLESS he’s out for her money and fame.

  5. Just something I think Whitney would like to know and put into practice. I am a big hugger! Years ago, my wife & I were leaving a party. We both went to hug a nurse friend of ours. Both of us leaned in to hug her as we have been hugging everyone for our whole lives. Our friend stopped us and said that we were not giving positive hugs. Huh?? I know! We didnt get it either! She went on to explain that most often people hug toward the left of the person receiving the hug ( your head turns to the left and rests on the right shoulder of the person being hugged ). Apparently that creates a negative energy hug because you are now connecting liver to liver with that person. The liver is essentially a filtering organ and not associated with positive energy. The more positive way to hug is to turn your head to the left and lean in placing your head on the person’s left shoulder which connects the two of you in a heart to heart position and creates a positive energy! My wife and I have changed our hugs from that day forward!
    Why were we not taught this as children? Lol!
    Hope you found this tidbit interesting and will spread the word and the positive vibes with your friends and family!
    Stay safe!
    Sandy Penza

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