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‘Survivor’ 42: Episode 5’s Elimination Talks About The Betrayal Of Trust

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Survivor Season 42, Episode 5 sees the downfall of a player who has been the talk of the fans since Jenny’s elimination. That would be Daniel Strunk. He is the guy whose alliance blew a 4-2 lead over Hai and Lydia. The infamous man began a negotiation by laying his cards for all to see. His actions caught up to him in last night’s episode and he became the latest elimination.

Now he’s gone on Rob Has A Podcast to do his exit interview. In his interview, he discusses most all of his mistakes throughout the season. He also talks about the feeling of betrayal that led to one of his bigger blunders.

survivor 42 episode 5 vati challenge
Vati at the challenge on ‘Survivor’ 42, Episode 5

Daniel Strunk On Survivor 42

“The ‘Lost Your Vote’ era of Survivor limits strategy, to a certain extent,” said Daniel.

Daniel owns up to his game in the interview. He doesn’t shy away from the various mistakes he made. He’s also fairly critical of the mistakes of Chanelle and Mike, although not to a harsh degree. He does mention that fans should stop being so critical of Chanelle’s game, which started picking up a lot of flack after she lost her vote in Episode 3.

daniel strunk survivor 42
Daniel Strunk

In Episode 5, Daniel’s elimination ultimately boils down to the rest of the Vati tribe feeling that Chanelle is more trustworthy. Whether or not that’s true remains to be seen. Both Daniel and Chanelle have proven themselves to be untrustworthy players far too early in the game. Picking which one is more trustworthy between them is a “lesser of two evils” kind of choice.

The Game Is Changing

The preview for next week’s episode reveals that the merge is, in fact, finally upon us. The 12 remaining castaways will become one tribe next week and begin the extremely tough portion of the game. The least amount of trust and craziest twists the show can think up will be next. Not to mention, the 3 idols that are now in play after being activated in Episode 5 will be there.

It’s also known that the “hourglass twist” will be in play, once again, in next week’s episode. The hourglass twist is one of the most notorious Survivor twists of all time. It holds resentment with fans and players alike. It’s unknown at this time whether or not there will be any changes to the twist to improve on its blatant flaws from Season 41. Most of the fans are hoping, fingers crossed, that is the case. It will certainly be heartbreaking if a good player hits the chopping block because of a twist that never should have been in play in the first place. Unlike Daniel’s elimination, that would not be deserved.

Survivor Season 42 is at the halfway point and still airing new episodes every Wednesday.

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