The ‘Survivor’ Twists That Have Fans Furious

Nick Davis

Survivor is a show all about twists. Every new season strives to throw new changes into the game to catch players and fans off-guard. Sometimes these twists are well-received and become staples in the game for years to come. The hidden immunity idol, the tribe swap, and 3 tribes started as twists that are now regular parts of the game.

But some twists are not so well received. Some become so hated that fans beg the show not to bring it back. Sometimes the show brings the twists back anyways, which really irks the fanbase. Sometimes the twists are so bad that even the players are soured on the show as a result. The most recent season, Season 41, has a couple of twists that fans are outspokenly furious about.

The Hourglass Twist

Season 41’s hourglass twist may be one of the most universally disliked twists in the show’s history. It made fans unhappy, and it made players really unhappy. The twist allowed the eventual winner of the show, Erika, to reverse the results of an immunity challenge. Meaning the group that would still go to tribal council. Despite winning the immunity challenge. This resulted in Sydney going home at the first tribal council after the merge. This made many fans and players extremely unhappy with how unfair it came across. One of Sydney’s closest allies, Danny, even went so far as to say he lost his competitive spirit as a result.

Medallion Of Power

One of the few times a twist was introduced and immediately deemed so useless that it was retired only a few episodes in. The medallion of power was introduced in Survivor: Nicaragua. It was an advantage held by an entire tribe that could be used to gain an advantage at a challenge. The drawback being when it is used the medallion then transfers over to the other tribe, who can then use it at a future challenge.

It’s an interesting concept but ultimately was only put into play in 2 challenges. Both of which, most fans agree, would have been won by the tribe that played the medallion even if they hadn’t played it. Not much of an advantage at all. It’s unlikely the medallion of power will ever be seen again.

survivor nicaragua medallion of power
Brenda with the medallion of power

Fire-Making At Four

In contrast to the medallion of power, this is a twist that refuses to go away despite massive fan outcry to get rid of it. The fire-making at four twist is exactly what it sounds like. It foregoes a vote in the final four in favor of two players competing in a fire-making challenge. The loser takes fourth place. It was introduced in Heroes vs. Healers vs. Hustlers.

Superfans are in consensus that it was introduced solely to get Ben Driebergen through to the final tribal council. Ben’s victory in that season is the most blatant case of producer interference in the show’s history. The twist has stuck around since that season in a way that seems more like the producers are saying “This was always the plan, not something we stuck in to help Ben”. Fans hope the show will finally be rid of it soon.

Which Survivor twist do you hope the show gets rid of for future seasons?

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