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‘Bachelor’ Queen Victoria Larson Slams Producers

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Victoria Larson made a name for herself on The Bachelor. She quickly became known as the villain after she claimed to be a queen and then a goddess on Bachelor in Paradise. She was definitely not a fan favorite nor did she really bond with many of the ladies. Now that she’s over the show, Victoria is not holding back exactly what she thinks about the producers.

Victoria Larson slams Bachelor producers

US Weekly shared what Victoria Larson had to say about Bachelor producers. Now that it seems she is done with the franchise Victoria is not holding back how she really feels.

Victoria went to Instagram to share her experience while filming the show. She said, “Doing the show was probably the worst experience of my life and I hate the producers truly.”

She went on to address the haters as well. Victoria said, “However, I try and look with greater perspective. There are way more significant issues in the world and mine are minuscule in comparison. Focus on my blessings always. … One of my favorite things is when people recognize me and are purposefully rude to me [because] they think I’m an awful person. It’s almost as great as the online trolls.”

Victoria Larson via Insta

One fan pointed out that Victoria literally took a crown off of another girl’s head. Victoria replied, “Yea and I’m sureeee that was my IDEA.” Of course, her comments allude to the fact that producers probably set her up to do that.

She went on to say, “It was so fun being called queen onset and then after [it] had such negative connotations.” Victoria continued, “But f—k it, who doesn’t love being called queen?”

Victoria after the show

In January 2021, Victoria appeared on a talk show and noted that she’s really not a bad person. She said she was 100 percent shocked that Bachelor Nation perceived her this way. She ended up receiving hate mail and even death threats.

Victoria went on to apologize to anyone her actions may have hurt while on the show. She said she does have a huge heart. Victoria says viewers didn’t get a chance to see that side of her.

When it came time to head to the beach, she renounced her crown and called herself a goddess. Unfortunately, Victoria didn’t find love in Paradise either.

According to the report, they reached out to the producers of the show and have not received a response. Fans have heard multiple contestants say the show tries to stir up drama when it presents itself.

Victoria was seemingly one of the biggest villains in the franchise. Then, Shanae made her debut on Clayton Echard’s season and stole the title for sure.

What do you think about Victoria’s latest comments?


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