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‘My 600-Lb. Life’: Dr. Now Busted, Are His Zingers Fake?

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Some of the things patients say on My 600-Lb. Life is obviously scripted, but fans have begun raising questions about Dr. Now. Many people watch the show for the doctor’s zingers. Is it possible that they are all fake?

Is ‘My 600-Lb. Life’ Scripted?

There is no surprise that many reality TV shows like My 600-Lb. Life are scripted. Producers often provide cast members with lines to help create drama for the show. They also write lines to make certain people likable or not likable.

Dr. Now - YouTube/tlc uk

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My 600 Lb.-Life seems to be the real deal. After all, these people are transforming their lives and building healthier habits. However, lawsuits against the show’s production company, Megalomedia, have started to pile up.

David Bolton from Season 6 filed a lawsuit against the company. Part of the complaint stated that producers pressured his family into making certain situations appear to be more serious than they really were. Bolton said appearing on the show took a psychological toll on him.

Several other past participants on the show have filed complaints against the company as well. Some have even stated that they had to go to scripted therapy sessions. This has left fans wondering about the authenticity of the show.

Are The Zingers From Dr. Now Fake?

Fans of the show recently took to Reddit to discuss whether or not Dr. Now’s zingers were also scripted. People in the thread speculated that he’d even have the time to memorize lines for the show. “I don’t think he’d realistically have enough time to ‘get his lines down’ while saving our obese community,” one person said.

Others refused to believe that Dr. Now’s humorous comebacks are scripted. “He always asks about eating habits and who brings them food. So he obviously has bullet points but I refuse to believe the zingers are scripted. I can’t have all my pleasure balloon bubbles burst,” one Redditor said.

Another chimed in, “I don’t think he’s scripted, maybe the hallway interview segments? But otherwise I think it’s all him and his amazing way with words.” There is no doubt in anyone’s mind that when he gets fired up, that’s all him.

Dr. Now - YouTube/tlc uk

Credit: YouTube/tlc uk

It could be that the good doctor has condensed lines. However, many think he doesn’t have a script for the show. Most of the time, Dr. Now is reacting to what the patient is saying. Many people debating whether or not his lines are scripted believe that many of his reactions are real. He likely gets a list of things to discuss or ask, but most people don’t think he has strict lines to follow.

All of this is speculation though. What do you think? Is Dr. Now sticking to a script or are his zingers genuine?

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