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‘My 600-Lb. Life’ Fans Want Dr. Now To Answer Burning Question

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My 600-Lb. Life fans noticed it is daytime when patients enter his office and nighttime when they leave. Are the days in Houston, Texas really short? Do Dr. Now’s appointments eat up the duration of the day? Are patients undergoing an extensive amount of labs and testing while they are in his office?

My 600-Lb. Life fans dove into this weird detail in almost all episodes of the series on Reddit recently. The OP of the thread asked fans if they had any ideas on why Dr. Now’s appointments seem to eat up a patient’s entire day.

Digging into the Reddit thread, here’s what fans think is the reasoning for this strange occurrence. Likewise, we’ve done some digging into what various cast members have had to say about this.

Margaret Johnson my 600 lb life

Fans share their theories and ideas on this

One My 600-Lb. Life fan pointed out that Dr. Now has a real practice with regular patients that aren’t on television. The individual went on to speculate that the production team has to work around regular patients so they don’t disrupt the operation of his practice. Likewise, the individual also pointed out that views see just a few minutes of the appointment. But, they have no idea how much time the patient actually spends with Dr. Now or what is really discussed.

It takes a looooooong time to film all of the scenes they want for the show… and yes an initial consult of this kind can go well over an hour. We don’t see him going through all the blood tests they do, going over the diet (at length) that we’ve heard from actual patients happens, etc. We see the minute or three of useable talk which is very different from an actual appointment.”

Margaret Johnson my 600 lb life
Margaret Johnson my 600 lb life


Another fan added they thought it was “common sense” that this was a reality TV show. The individual proceeded to explain the production likely films hours and hours of footage that they trim down into a single episode.

There were some disagreements in the chatter as many fans noted there is no way a consult with Dr. Now took much longer than an hour. So, where does the rest of the time go?

My 600-Lb. Life: Filming is NOT easy on the cast

Multiple My 600-Lb. Life cast members have spoken out since their time on the show. Likewise, we’ve had a few cast members reach out to us privately via email. Cast members have confirmed filming the show is much more work than people realize. Something as simple as walking into the office and sitting down may happen several times so the cameras can catch it from every angle. Even something as simple as pulling into Dr. Now’s parking lot may need to be filmed multiple times so the cameras can be both inside and outside of the vehicle.

My 600 lb Life Pauline Potter - Dr Now - Youtube
My 600 lb Life Pauline Potter – Dr Now – Youtube

Fans have often wondered how much of the show is real and how much of the show is staged. So, there are some questions regarding if patients are given lines to read or questions to ask during the appointment with Dr. Now. If there is some sort of script, this would also explain why the appointments take so long to complete.

In chatter on Reddit, fans debate over whether Dr. Now closes his practice on days they film or if they film around his regular patients. Most speculate they likely make My 600-Lb. Life patients his last appointments of the day.

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