Exclusive: ‘Hoffman Family Gold’ Suffers Broken Down Fuel Truck, ‘It’s hard to win here’

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April Neale

A legend in the Gold Rush family, miner Todd Hoffman has not only continued the path of his dad Jack, but now he has his son Hunter squarely in the fold of the family business.

Like Tony Beets, family is king, and the new series Hoffman Family Gold underscores all of those values and more. Hoffman is in it to win it for his crew, for his legacy, and to secure his place in the series canon as a key player.

Except that in the coming episode, a vital piece of equipment fails, and the entire team is left scrambling. In TV Shows Ace exclusive clip below, we see the fuel truck engine has blown, which is bad news when your dozers and excavators need fueling.

Fans know that the mechanics are really tested as there is no store nearby for parts. So, on-the-fly welding, clever hacks, and usage of whatever they have around must work to get the wash plant back on schedule.

The fuel truck on Hoffman Family Gold is kaput.

Todd Hoffman is back in the Gold Rush fold. Pic credit: Discovery

Hoffman is a Sandy, Oregon resident working at the Alaska site, Mammoth Valley Mine.  Now he is back after a nearly four-year hiatus, and his gold mining game is back on Discovery on the show Hoffman Family Gold.

We ride with Hoffman, father Jack Hoffman, son Hunter Hoffman, Andy Spinks, and the core crew to find gold at a mine about 80 miles north of Nome, Alaska.

Previously, Todd appeared on Gold Rush for eight seasons, leaving in 2018.

Below you will find an exclusive clip from this week’s episode, which shows just when you think one thing is fixed, another thing breaks at this mine.

“It’s hard to win here”

Todd Hoffman opens the clip as he says the crew had been working for several days to get this plant running.

He said: “You can’t get any gold if none of your plants are running. So if we can’t get the Z plant running, we might pack up and go home right now.”

Andy Spinks tells the guys to fix the ripples, put new springs and new spray bars to get back in business.

However, a problem arises. Todd’s plan hits another snag as a broken-down fuel truck is mucking the schedule up. And without a way to transport fuel to the Z plant, there’s no way of getting it running.

In TV Shows Ace exclusive, Mechanic Randy Hubler says: “They informed me that the fuel truck blew the engine, so we do not have a fuel truck.”

Son Hunter Hoffman says, “This is a real issue. A lot of these machines, you can’t drive them up to a fuel tank. You have to take the fuel to them, so this is an actual big issue.”

Hoffman and Spinks explain that the engine’s flowing on it, so they will hook it up to this loader and tow it up and out of the way so that Randy can fix it.

Pragmatic and to the point, Hunter says: “You know if we don’t get this fuel truck running, we can’t feel any of the pumps,
we can’t feel the generator for the plant. We can’t feel the equipment, and then, we’ll be screwed.”

Foreman Andy Spinks underscores the value of this truck: “This fuel truck is really important. It’s a six-wheel-drive fuel truck you can drive anywhere on the mine and not get stuck, so it fuels all the plants, all the excavators out of the cuts and stuff. It’s just another obstacle in this mine. It’s hard to win here. It’s just hard to win.”

Hoffman Family Gold is now airing at its regular 8 PM time on Discovery.

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