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‘Baki Hanma’ Season 2 Trailer Dropped: What To Expect

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The Netflix Anime series Baki Hanma is one of the most brutal of its kind and has Baki the Grappler returning for Season 2. The anime adaptation previously saw the son of Yujiro Hanma battling the mighty monster Mr. Unchained. Now, a new trailer has been released for the second season, continuing on from the cliffhanger of Season 1. In those previous episodes, fans saw a powerful caveman named Pickle frozen into a block of ice. As Pickle waits to be freed from his icy fate, what can fans expect from Season 2?

Season 2 of Netflix Anime series Baki Hanma

The most recent season of the Netflix Anime series was titled Baki Hanma. However, previous seasons were simply dubbed Baki. In that season, fans saw the brave young fighter and his friends battling against escaped inmates. Meanwhile, those said inmates were willing to do almost anything they could to win their battles.

Netflix Anime Baki Hanma Season 2
Baki Hanma [Image Netflix Asia/YouTube]
Prior to the anime series streaming on Netflix, a 48-episode series from Studio Group TAC covered the early days of Baki. In those episodes, he entered the world of fighting in an attempt to get his father’s respect. Meanwhile, Baki further wanted to avenge the death of his mother, who was killed by the Ogre. Regrettably, those early episodes haven’t yet made it to Netflix. However, it is hopeful that the entire franchise will eventually be made available on the streamer. You never know, it quite likely could happen.

New trailer featuring the caveman

Netflix Anime recently released a trailer for Season 2 both on Twitter and YouTube. The clip features the caveman in all his monstrous glory. In fact, it is clear that he has fangs and claws along with some truly serious muscle. Moreover, it is clear he will certainly be a huge challenge for Baki and his friends to battle.

Netflix Anime Baki Hanma Season 2
Baki Hanma [Image Netflix Asia/YouTube]
In the meantime, and in order to celebrate the 30th anniversary of the franchise, an exhibit has been erected in Japan. The exhibit stands alongside a real-life recreation of the Iron Dome, one of the biggest venues in the anime series.

As noted by Comicbook, creator Keisuke Itagake spoke at the event, plus the anime series even got its own liquor line – Baki Sake. That sort of rolls off the tongue, doesn’t it? It does certainly look like Baki Hanme’s story is set to carry on in both the anime and the manga for now.

The new trailer for Season 2 of Baki Hanme is included here. The caption to the video reveals that Baki has gotten himself thrown into Arizona State Prison, AKA the Black Pentagon. He is there so he can fight Oliva, but there are a number of other violent juggernauts waiting for Baki. In Season 2, fans will get to see what fierce fighters Baki will face in life or death battles behind bars.

Readers, are you excited about Season 2 of the Netflix Anime series, Baki Hanme? Drop us a comment to let us know. In the meantime, keep up with TV Shows Ace for the latest news on Netflix Anime.

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