Lifetime’s ‘Caught In His Web’ Kicks Off Week Of LMN Fearless Females

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LMN is premiering a new week of Lifetime movies, called Fearless Females. They are kicking off with Caught In His Web. This movie is inspired by actual events.

This spine-tingling chiller stars Alison Thornton (Girlfriend’s Guide To DivorceDare Me), Malia Baker (The Baby-Sitters ClubAre You Afraid Of The Dark), Emma Tremblay (SupergirlPsych: The Movie), Burkely Duffield (BeyondWarcraft: The Beginning), Donovan Stinson (Fantastic FourCall Me Fitz), Sarah Strange (Garage Sale MysteriesSnowpiercer), Garcelle Beauvais (Coming 2 AmericaTell Me A Story), Morgan Taylor Campbell (The ImperfectsCruel Instruction), and Tom Pickett (An Unexpected ChristmasFive More Minutes.)

Emmy(R), Grammy(R), Tony(R), and Academy(R) Award-winner Whoopi Goldberg is the executive producer of Caught In His Web. Hannah Cheesman (Hey Victor, Star Trek: Discovery, ) directed this Lifetime movie. Danielle Iman (Swagger) wrote the script.

Ready for the latest LMN thriller?

What Is Lifetime’s Caught In His Web About?

According to the synopsis, this LMN movie, Caught in His Web, is about three young teens who are being cyberbullied by a man named “Blake.” While they do not know each other, they all are experiencing the same terrifying cyber attacks.

The bully “Blake” has hacked into both their cell phones and their computers. Add to that, he has forced them to send him nude photos. Moreover, he is tracking their every move. This is very frightening! The girls experience anxiety and depression, along with fear.

Emma (Thornton), Olivia (Baker), and Gabby (Tremblay) soon find each other. They all discover Blake is terrorizing each of them individually. Now, they have banded together. Along with the help of Detective Holland (Beauvais), they work together to trap this bully and end his reign of terror.

When Can You Watch The LMN Premiere Of Caught In His Web?

Watch Lifetime’s Caught In His Web on Monday, March 21, at 8 p.m., Eastern, on LMN.

The Wrong Cheer Captain, used with Lifetime permission.
The Wrong Cheer Captain, used with Lifetime permission.

Don’t Miss Lifetime’s The Wrong Cheer Captain

Immediately after Lifetime’s Caught In His Web, LMN is airing another thriller. This is The Wrong Cheer Captain. This hair-raising movie airs at 10 p.m., Eastern, on LMN.

Lifetime’s The Wrong Cheer Captain stars Vivica A. Fox (Keeping Up With The Joneses, The Wrong High School Sweetheart), Jackée Harry (Days Of Our Lives, Killer Design), Sofia Masson (The Wrong Blind Date, Before It Ends), Alexis Samone (Momma Bird, Killer Profile), and Claire Tablizo (Teenage Vampire, The Day You Found Me).

According to the Lifetime synopsis, Anna (Masson), is the new captain of the cheer squad. However, Kate (Samone) is suspicious of her. She thinks Anna is behind Emma’s (Tablizo) mysterious death. Kate starts to sleuth and find clues. However, she soon becomes Anna’s target. Kate may be right about her suspicions, but she may not live to see justice through.

Don’t miss Caught In His Web, on Monday, March 21, at 8 p.m., Eastern, on LMN.

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