Is ‘Garage Sale Mystery’ Canceled? Lori Loughlin’s Former Costar Speaks Out

Sarah Strange, Lori Loughlin-

Is Garage Sale Mystery canceled? Although Hallmark fired Lori Loughlin from all of her projects, Hallmark has made it clear that When Calls The Heart will be returning. Yet, what is the status of Lori’s Garage Sale Mystery?

Is Garage Sale Mystery Canceled?

On Friday, Garage Sale Mystery star Sarah Strange posted a #tbt photo of her and her daughter from the first Garage Sale Mystery. She revealed that the Hallmark Movies & Mysteries fan favorite show was indeed canceled. The show appears to be have been canceled just one day after Lori Loughlin was fired from all Hallmark productions. Sarah Strange revealed on Instagram that she was “bereft,” as she thanked the crew, cast and the fans of the now canceled show.

“#tbt to the very first Garage Sale Mystery.
Our show was canceled today and I am bereft. To the crew: you people are brilliant. I thank you for your grit and grace, your skill and good humour, your patience with us and with each other. I love you very much. To the cast: I love you awesome nerds! It was more fun than anything playing make believe with you. Thank you. And to our fans who follow me who are hurting and in shock, I am so, so sorry. Thank you for watching. Thank you for being so lovely. It was a pleasure to make these movies for you for the last 6 years. I’m holding you tight. 💔💔💔”

Strange did not mention her co-star, or the reason for the cancellation. The talented actress delightfully played the quirky Dani (Danielle), who co-owned Rags to Riches, along with her non-nonsense business partner, Jennifer Shannon (Lori Loughlin). Dani was always trying over-the-top healthy foods, new age trends and desperately trying to meet the man of her dreams. Most of the time, she wound up dating the killer! Of course, Dani was sleuthing along with Jennifer, as a lot of times the mysteries started out with products that Rags to Riches found at garage sales.

In the Middle Of Filming A New Season Of Garage Sale Mysteries

Perhaps one of the biggest shockers to Garage Sale Mystery fans is that they only had another week to complete filming Garage Sale Mystery: Three Little Murders. According to Straight, they began filming the latest mystery in Vancouver, on March 4, and were set to complete filming by March 21. Unlike Loughlin’s other series, When Calls The Heart, where Hallmark has pulled the series, but will not cancel, they just pulled the plug on this mystery, uncompleted. Fans are so upset that they have created a petition requesting that Hallmark keep the series.

In previous years, they filmed four episodes straight. Filming would end in June, then Hallmark made August Garage Sale Mystery month. This is a major blow to everyone involved in these entertaining mystery movies, including crew, actors and those who live in the Fort Langley area near Vancouver. Most likely, they lost several months of pay, and this will be hard to replace. Mostly locals worked on these movies and after 16 movies, they had a regular crew.

What Could Replace Garage Sale Mystery?

As of now, Hallmark did not choose to replace Lori Loughlin in Garage Sale Mystery. They chose to cancel the series altogether. What could replace this show on the channel? Allison Sweeney has started the Chronicle Mysteries, but her Murder She Baked series has been put on hold indefinitely. Perhaps Hallmark will consider reviving that series? Brook Shields and the Flower Shop Mysteries are fan favorites. Hallmark could win over a lot of fans by filming another trio of episodes.

The Gourmet Detective series starring Brooke Burns and Dylan Neal halted after four episodes. Neal explained it was in order for Hallmark to concentrate on their latest mysteries. Perhaps they will resurrect that wonderful series, as Burns and Neal had such great chemistry. Then again, Hallmark could certainly come up with a new series that could include Sarah Strange, and the other talented cast of Garage Sale Mystery. The ultimate show would be reuniting cast and crew. They did not deserve this outcome.

What do you think Hallmark should do to replace Garage Sale Mystery? What are your feelings about the cancelation Please share your opinions and thoughts in the comment fields below.

Georgia Makitalo


  1. I hope they continue with GSM but replace Lori Loughlin. They could either recast the character or kill her off. It would make a decent segue consider how involved she has been with the mysteries as a layman and would give Kevin O’Grady’s character a lot to deal with.

    1. have Hannah solve the murders. An idea, Maybe Jennifer is murdered and her daughter wont give up when the case goes cold. she inherited the store and her mothers power of finding antics or make a new series with Hannah. At least everyone can come back

      1. Now that’s an idea I didn’t entertain. I like it and that would be a smoother transition than hiring another actress. I love her family and how they deal with issues. Hannah is in her early 20’s and has her college education. She is smart and caring and I think she could carry on in her mother’s foot steps. I might want to take a pass on having Jennifer killed off though. How about she just vanishes and Hannah will not give up trying to find her. People go missing in the real world and families never stop looking. Hannah could get involved with sleuthing because she is looking for mom. In the mean time she helps Dani at the store and other mysteries just pop up. She could work on those while still searching for Jen. This would keep the family circle still in the thick of things. Logan might consider majoring in something where he ends up in law enforcement and joins in the world of justice. You could do so many stories with this. At some point when this all comes to an end they find Jen who may or may not look like Lori. At that time no one will notice.

        1. My Sister said Jennifer could be called by the FBI or CIA to do work on the other side of the country. Thats why she disappeared and Hannah takes over and starts investigate murders

        2. That’s a very good idea, the rest of the cast shouldn’t have to suffer for something Lori did.🤔

          1. Bring back the cast! We fell in love with all of them and their back stories. Recast Jen. We will all know why.

        3. I like that idea! Keep “Jen” Lori Loughlin disappeared and story lines plot around where she could be. Voice editing could make it that we hear her (but not see her face) in the clutches of a madman as family and friends continue to search for her while other mysteries come up.

      2. I am so sad about Lori Loughlin. I think Hallmark should just replace her and keep the Garage Sale Mysteries series going with the rest of the original cast.

        1. I agree! While I loved LL on the show, I also loved her husband, son, daughter and her friend/Dt. And most especially, Dani!!! If LL isn’t conibg back – simply replace her! We all get it – the show is fictional we know you can’t replace real people!! The concept is just too cute – do what the soaps do, accident reconstructive surgery!!

          1. Garage Sale Mysteries is my favorite!!! Soooo unique, we can relate to having a shop like that and going to garage sales. Family relationship right on. Please continue the same storylines and we will gladly accept the changes necessary!!! Please Bring Back!!!

        2. I agree with that. I miss the other characters, especially Sarah Strange. Just replace her or have her get kidnapped. Her daughter would be a great replacement. I love all the mystery series with Allison, Candace, Brooke Burns, Kelli, and the new ones with Allison and Lacey. Great movies that keep the Hallmark tradition growing. And when it comes to movies, I’d like to see more of Autumn Reeser. She is just great. I loved A Country Wedding.

      1. Don’t care for Brooke Burns – she’s too fake and a terrible actress. And we keep seeing the same faces over and over in the Christmas movies – most of which the females are terrible actresses. I like Kellie Martin, but hate the new show with that dumb blond lawyer – Nancy Grace, I believe! Anyway Kellie should be in something with a little light-hearted comedy script!

        1. Totally agree. NO Brooke Burns. GSM had no problem replacing Rick Ravanello the original Jason with Steve Bacic, why not just write Loughlin out and replace her with someone that looks like her, or let that Eva Bourne who plays the daughter carry on the torch.

          1. I thoroughly agree with all the comments and suggestions. Garage sale mysteries is too good to cancel. Just replace Lori Loughlin. As stated, we would all get it and we could continue with the rest of the cast and the show in all its glory.
            Don’t cancel the show! Please please please!

      2. Brooke Burns works fine with the cop image. She might have a classy look, but she brings to the table a tough inner core. Jen Shannon is smart and clever, but retains an innocent curious countenance that I don’t see in the other actress. As stated earlier Vanessa Marcil would make a nice Jen replacement if that is the direction HM wants to go. Then again that might not be the best avenue of approach. Every member of the Shannon family has been replaced. That’s getting a bit old. They (HM) should consider a totally different character such as an aunt, mother, sister. An aunt or mother could move into that big home the Shannon’s have. A sister with a kid or two should have her own space. Hey a new house that could contain a mystery. That could work.

      3. I love Brooke Burns in Gourmet detective though. Make more of those movies please!!
        Just replace laurie Laughlin and keep series going. The other actors are so good it would still be a hit. You’ve replaced the son, daughter and even husband and cop, so why not her!! Its a great show. I personally would not miss her. Just love the cast on show.

      4. Please revive Garage Sale Mysteries with a new lead actress. You change her husband successfully. You can do the same with the Lori Loughlin role. The rest of the actresses and actors are terrific.

        1. I think that this is the answer. Just replace Lori Loughlin with someone else. I would love that.


    2. I hope GSM does continue. There has to be a way to do so. I thought the writing on these movies was so much better than some of the newer mystery movies. I am so disappointed that the decision was made to just shut down production.

      1. I am so disappointed that GSM was cancelled…this is a very unusual situation and the story lines and actors are so good and I want them to live on in a new way. I think an actress replacement like Lea Thompson would be great…

    3. I think they should replace Lori….They have replace the husband, son and people continue to watch it…I love that show…It’s not the other cast members fault Lori messed up why should they be punished?

      1. I agree that GSM should continue. The did replace the father and son after the first couple of episodes. I know people would accept someone else taking the place of Lorie Loughlin. The show is so cute and my favorite. I love Danielle in it and the rest of the crew should still keep working. Don’t cancel it. And, you know Holllywod, after some time, they would probably forgive her and bring her back. That’s crazy Hollywood for you!

    4. Why change anything? Garage Sales Mysteries is my favorite! Lori Loughlin plays the role like nobody else can. Just let it blow over and bring her back. The scandal will die down. There are many celebrities that have done worse, and kept their jobs.

      1. I have always enjoyed LL in the roles she played. I am so sorry she felt she had to go this dangerous distance to get her girls where she herself never went. Most parents do want better for their off-spring, but this was not the best avenue of approach.

        After looking at all the information out there I doubt she could return to and of the 3 shows she was on and be comfortable with it. She not only payed half a million dollars to secure a place for both of her girls, she also entered into a major lie with the person she gave the money to in-order to cover this up. That I think compounds the problem. Her connection with Hallmark is over with.

        The problem I see here is Hallmark not rising to the moral high-ground and casting another competent actress in the role. I am sure they know that two wrongs to not make a right. LL has lost her credibility, but Hallmark should not be working so hard to cut off their nose to spit anyone.

      2. This one is not going to “blow over” as you suggested it might. She’s going to jail for 2 – 5 years, particularly with the new money laundering charges. They need to recast the role or revamp the story line. Cancelling is a mistake. However, since Hallmark doesn’t own the series, an independent studio does, it is unlikely they will keep it.

        1. You are so on target. Hallmark or whom ever is giving GSM a funeral. This is wrong as it is not nice to bury so many people that are still breathing. I think Crown Media is in control so they are the undertakers. We have decided to cancel the package deal that includes Hallmarks Movies and Mysteries. I admit that I will miss some of the shows, but not enough to keep supporting the powers that be.

    5. GSM is a great show don’t cancel the show replace Lori Loughlin’s character with Jill Wagner!!!!!

      1. How about Faith Ford replacing LL? Garage Sale Mystery Movies have too great a following and cast to just abandon.

    6. I say kill off the character and have Sarah Strange take over or the daughter, she likes to be in on everything.
      Keep Sarah as the character she plays…she is so fun to watch.

    7. They should find a replacement for Lori and keep the movies going. It’s a great show…really like a lot!!!!

    8. I agree that either of these alternatives are acceptable. I actually prefer they recast the role of given the choice.

      This was my favorite of all the mystery series. I watched the premier of the very first one and was hooked.

      And I’m sorry if this sounds insensitive, but as soon as the news broke about Lori Laughlin, I knew these movies were in trouble. What a disappoint to her co-stars, to all the people depending upon the series for employment and to the fans, just so her unqualified daughter could go to a big name school. Selfish.

      1. I agree they shouldn’t have cancelled GSM I really love watching it so sad about what happened to Lori she did wrong but, why should the rest pay by for her mistake please bring back the show viewers are going to miss this show as I will too

      1. Bring back GSM. I was a big fan of Lori, unfortunately she selfishly did wrong at so many levels and her role should be recast. Her former co-stars and everyone involved in the show and the fans should not be punished for her stupidity!

        1. I think Sasha Alexander would be a perfect replacement for Lori Loughlin. She has a similar personality to Lori. I hope they reconsider. It was one of the few Hallmark shows that I watched.

    9. I think that that should replace Lori Laughlin with another actress and continue Garage Sale Mysteries!!!

    10. I think they should keep GSM just replace lori loughlin. Actors and actresses get replaced all the time. It was a really good show. My son and I liked trying to figure it out before she did.

    11. They should replace Lori. It was her ordeal and not the rest of the cast and crew. It is great story line. One of the reasons I started and got addicted to Hallmark. Am a huge fan as they have great/happy endings. My neighbors in Malibu would have Hallmark night. Very enjoyable for everyone.

    12. Recast Lori Laughlin and give us moreGarage Sale mysteries!!

      And please give us more of the Bake Shop mysteries with Alison Sweeney!!

    13. I will so miss garage sale mysteries!! Would love for hallmark to replace Lori with someone else and continue such a gray favorite! The cast was wonderful very unfair for them.

    14. Please come back Garage Sale Mysteries. I am disappointed with Hallmark cancelling this series. We love Sarah Strange.
      Can’t u just replace Lori Loughlin with another actress! Come on Hallmark!

    15. Would love GSM to return in the near future but I really liked Mystery Woman with K Martin. Bring that one back.

    16. Just found this page. They NEVER should have cancelled the series in the first place. Lori Loughlin should NOT be replaced on anything!

      Enjoy the movies but they took it too far. A much more temperate remedy should have been to just gone on a temp hiatus.

    17. Why replace her at all? She didn’t murder anyone and they are re-airing all her previous episodes. Just continue to make more GSMs and bring back everyone. She made a mistake and paid for it.

  2. Replace Loughlin- why stop a great series?
    Also Murder she baked left us HANGING- where’s the wedding- Sweeny & Matthison were great together

    1. Give the woman a break. She made a mistake (twice) but was doing what she thought was best for her spoiled children. I’m sure it has been going on for a hundred years. Just one of the perks of being in the 1%.

      1. And who spoiled her children??? No, she will not get a break, because we wouldn’t get a break. And I just love your argument…because breaking the law has been going on for “a hundred years” — which will all know — that means it’s okay. ????

        1. Maybe if she raised her children the way she did in her series they would not have been so spoiled and obnoxious.

        2. You are right … it’s not okay. (No one) involved in this should get a free pass, but they will. The FBI got wind of this from a Morrie Tobin who has a kid at Yale. I doubt I have all the facts on this but it seems he was being investigated for securities fraud. So he dropped a dime on the bigger fish to get some good boy points regarding his crime. We are all focusing on (LL), but in the end she could be small potatoes. Huffman is a joke. The 15,000 she is guilty of breaks down to 72.00 dollars a week over the course of a 4 year education. What is that, lunch money? I don’t know why she bothered.

      2. I disagree. She showed her lack or morality and was a poor example for her spoiled children (twice!). No excuses. Hallmark has always been good and wholesome. She is not a spokesperson. Yes, we have all made errors, but this was over the top.

    2. I agree on both accounts. Loughlin did well in the fantasy world and we all loved her for it, but in the real world she made a dangerous misstep. If she had been on a different network she might have skated, but Hallmark is a clean as the driven snow station. Which if they don’t find a way to continue, and end up putting so many people out of work …. well now there is a major ugly slap in many faces. Hypocrite come to mind.

      As for “Murder She Baked”, thank you for bringing that up. I loved the show so much I started reading the books. I was so into this. For those of you who have not ventured to you local library to check out this series I suggest that you do.They are nicely written and entertaining. They also include many of the recipes she uses on the show. I have tried them and love them. Alison is a comfortable actress to bring into your home. I do like The Chronicle Mysteries and will continue to watch, but if she has the time and energy I would love more of Murder She Baked.

  3. I started the series, and I don’t know why it’s showing in Spanish, but regardless, Spanish or English, we want this series to continue!

  4. Replace Lori Loughlin and keep the series going. The rest of the cast is terrific, the show has a great following, and replacing an actor isn’t unheard of in a series.

        1. I agree. Keep the show and replace Lori Loughlin. Keep same cast and crew. It was a great show. Please consider

    1. Replace Lori and continue the show. We at our household love it. Please continue it. Thanks

  5. Garage Sale Mysteries is a great concept… I enjoyed every episode. I particularly liked the character that Lori Loughlin developed. Jennifer had great chemistry with Danni and everyone else. I can accpet a new actress in the role… but I think cancelling the series is a mistake and a waste of already developed talent and resources. We are mature viewers. We understand that this can happen to an actress or actor today. But I will continue to watch athe series without Lori. The concept of the show will prevail over the loss of the acteress, just as it did with Dick York yielding his “Darrin” character to Dick Sargeant in “Bewitcheded.” That series never missed a beat, and was maybe improved. Find an actress with similar qualities… they are out there and that is why you pay casting companies to find them. Lori can be written out in some low profile and harmless way. But why trach all the other characters when you have a strong show? Maybe her character’s “sister” or a new shop buyer/partner with Danni can be written in to explain Lori’s exit. But the show should not be canceled, and the Hallmark Channel should not shoot its own foot just because ofthis issue.

    1. I believe you can replace Lori Loughlin. Don’t cancel the series. The storyline is great. Lori Loughlin did not make the story. The story made the story.

      1. Want to add some more to my comment. You are punishing all the people who were working on the series with Lori Loughlin. This doesn’t seem right. Please continue Garage Sale Mysteries!!

    2. Love GSM. Replace her with someone else. They replaced her hubby. The show is one of the best on Hallmark Channel.

    3. Continue the series, maybe the character could be written out….due to an accident or something…..her daughter in the show could take over working at the store…this could be a whole season of transition. I know “Jennifer” made the show, but the other actors we’re do good! Somehow, this show needs to continue…good, clean family show….exciting, lighthearted…please continue.

  6. I agree with most of the above comments. I love the show and Lori was very good in it, but I can understand why Hallmark let her go. Now if this was on the FOX station she would most likely be back at work. You know like Kiefer Sutherland, another of my go to actors. Every member of Lori’s family has been recast. Yes I know she is the focal point but this is doable. Too many fans want this show and way too many cast and crew members are now out of work. This makes what Lori and her husband did even more destructive, but this time at the hands of super righteous Hallmark. In fact I see that as the bigger deal than the half million they gave to a school that I don’t care about and really didn’t need the money. Hallmark claims to stand for home, hearth and integrity. Well if you cancel the show the powers that be are demonstrating more of a cruel streak than Loughlin and husband. They might have been using their cash flow to educate their indulged off-spring, but Hallmark is now hurting a lot more people. Shame on you.

  7. A competent replacement for Lori Loughlin could be another Hallmark actress, Vanessa Marcil. She is the right age, has the look and I believe temperament. It might take a story or two for all involved to warm to this, but if the cast and crew want to continue this might be the ticket. The chatter from fans is that they want the show and hiring another actress doesn’t seem to be an issue.

  8. My Sister said Jennifer could be called by the FBI or CIA to do work on the other side of the country. Thats why she disappeared and Hannah takes over and starts investigate murders

  9. That’s a clever idea that has merit, but that still keeps her too much in the loop. It makes her alive and well and with the close family ties there would be contact. If she is missing that follows with the idea of the show. It’s a mystery.

  10. I knew Murder She Baked was over (I think once she chose Mike, a major story line was gone and having a student’s father threaten to commit suicide in the school? Ug. They got away from the Hallmark vibe there.) but I didn’t know Gourmet Detective was on hold! Where do we go to find these things out? 🙂

    I’m glad this article mentions the Flower Shop Mysteries. Is Brooke Shields doing other shows that she doesn’t want to do them? Anyway, I think her character from When Calls the Heart could move back to help raise her grandson and so “replace” Abigail. She could also come in as some other character on Garage Sale Mysteries to help Dani with the store. And get Dani more involved in the sleuthing!

    My guess is that Brooke Shields isn’t interested or she’d still be doing Flower Shop Mysteries…but whatever happens, I just hope they eventually will play the Garage Sale Mystery reruns – I don’t want to never see them again!

  11. Do not make Hannah the mystery solver. She is not the right character. If her mother is murdered or missing, the show would be depressing and sad, and that is not in keeping with GSM’s effect on viewers. I think it would be great to replace Lori Loughlin with someone comparable, and viewers will soon love her too. It’s heartbreaking to see Garage Sale Mysteries go because of one person’s wrong doing. It is not fair to viewers and not fair cast, and crew.

    People will soon forget someone who has ruined a brilliant show and most of all ruined the lives of many people who have brought so much joy to viewers and who have now lost their jobs because of that person.

    Please bring Garage Sale Mysteries back to us.

    Thank you,

    1. They should just find a new actress because I am sad I won’t know what the 4 new episodes were supposed to be.

  12. There was no reason to cancel GSM…..just replace that character and move on. They do it in soaps all the time. It’s the entire cast that audiences love, not just Lori L’s.

  13. Please bring Garage Sale Mysteries back! It’s one of my favorite mystery series, and it really isn’t fair to the rest of the cast and crew. We will all miss Sarah and her quirky character. I vote for simply replacing Lori with another actress, or bringing in another similar character. We would soon love her, too.

  14. I don’t think the daughter is strong enough as a character or actress, but I would definitely want to see the family as well as the detective, the coroner and Sarah Strange’s character.

  15. I am glad that Hallmark channel fired Loir Loughlin, she did this to herself,she wasn’t trying to just help her daughters, get into collage , she bought their way into USC . Her own daughter, posted video, stating she didn’t want to go to collage, except to party, and her parents who had the dream for their daughters to go to collage , not hers. As far as the show, it’s unfair that those actors, and all the other people are out of jobs. I enjoy the Dani character, I don’t want to see Hanna replace her mother. The writers can come up with a reason that Lori Loughlin character and her family moves away. Rags to Riches, got a new partner , Dani and her new partner
    Run the shop and solve mysteries, develop the Dani character, stop making her such a victim, after reading other comments, I think a lot of viewers want to see garage sale mysteries continue, Lori Loughlin’s character moves on to a new life somewhere with her family. Don’t punish the actors and all the other people who lost their jobs. Problem solved.

    1. I totally agree that the cast and crew should not be punished for the actions of another. Replacing LL would not only be a wise move but a moral one to, especially since we are speaking of Hallmark which insist it stands on proper values. I don’t think they need to wipe out the entire family to fix this as that would be punishing three other innocent people. Have (LL) go missing and maybe bring in a younger sister who is a widow with a couple of kids. Some younger blood could add to the show. Hallmark needs to address this or everyone else working on the show becomes collateral damage. When someone is having major issues in their life that are totally unrelated to you but for some insane reason they are taking it out on you. You are now collateral damage in a fight that they should be having with someone else. Have I made myself totally clear …. Hallmark?

      Of interest …. how is it that they rushed to repair When Calls The Heart and tell everyone not to worry on that front, but Garage Sale Mystery is being flushed down the toilet. Is there some other issue here the public is not allowed to know?

      1. I wouldn’t even mind if Hallmark kept LL’s character, but replaced her with another actress. It’s not even necessary to write her off the show. We’d get used to the new actress quickly.

      2. The other issue is that Hallmark wholly owns When Calls the Heart but not GSM which is owned by an independent studio. Hallmark’s only choice is to air the show or not, it has no creative control such as casting.

    2. She can’t move away with her family because they are the ones who shouldn’t lose their jobs because of her. Just replace her.

  16. Yes, I agree with so many of the comments. Excellent ideas!! I love Garage Sale Mysteries! My favorite of all! I would love to see the new already filmed versions and the reruns too. Love watching the reruns of this show. Already watched many many times over again. Shame on Hallmark to pull the plug on the great actors on this series .Great supporting cast love them all !! If we can’t have Lori who I loved then find another actress to step into the role . I never understood stopping Murder She Baked or The Gourmet Detective either?? What gives??

  17. Please keep this mystery series! It is my favorite! Great concept and throughly entertaining. Replace Lori and keep Jennifer Shannon. It’s too good of a show to let go. There’s a great cast and chemistry…it’d be a shame. This show is awesome!


  19. I gather they were attempting to save their shinning image, but in the process they have tarnished it by causing so many to loose their paychecks. If they are going to say it’s all (LL’s) fault than why did they tell everyone that “When Calls The Heart” is safe? In the end Hallmark is as dirty as the next major power. I like many of the shows that Hallmark brings into my home, but I now have to wonder if by continuing to view am I supporting a network that is no longer a secret hypocrite.

    William J Abbott is the President and CEO of Hallmark since 2000. His almamater is The College of the Holy Cross. He was at one time connected with Martha Steward.

    Edward Georger is the VP of advertising sales and digital media for Crown Media Family. He joined the happy family in 2000.

    Erin Mcilvain is VP of Distribution and Content Strategy Crown Media Family. She plays a key role in the ongoing expansion of the distribution footprints for Hallmark Movies & Mysteries and Hallmark Drama. She holds a law degree.

    Kristin Roberts is Executive Vice President, Pricing, Planning & Revenue Management Crown Media Family Networks

    Andrew Rooke is EVP, Operations & Chief Financial Officer Crown Media Holdings, Inc.
    View Executive Profile

    Deanne Stedem is Executive Vice President, Business and Legal Affairs and General Counsel Crown Media Family Networks

    Now for those who are annoyed with Hallmark try contacting some of the above. Tell them that it’s very nice of them to protect “When Calls The Heart” but question why they threw everyone connected to GSM under the bus. Did the devil make them do it?

    I will not buy Hallmark greeting cards anymore.

  20. I am a HUGE fan of the Garage Sale Mysteries and if they feel they cannot keep Lori on then why don’t they simply replace her? Just because fans may be angry at what she did, that is no reason to cancel the movies. I think those who watched and enjoyed the movies would continue to watch them. Lori was not the ONLY reason I liked Garage Sale Mysteries. I liked all the characters & if they replaced her with another actress, I would most certainly continue to watch the movies. I see no reason why they should make the rest of the cast also PAY for Lori’s mistake by scrapping their movies & hurting their livelihood. THEY did nothing wrong! It’s also not fair to the loyal fans of the movies who have been watching them for years. If they feel they simply cannot continue to work with Lori…then fine. Let her go but bring in another actress & KEEP the Garage Sale Movies going…for the rest of the cast & for the FANS who truly loved them. AND…it’s certainly NOT fair that they’ll be “retooling” When Calls the Heart but ditching Garage Sale Mysteries. They should “retool” BOTH…or NEITHER! Why should “When Calls the Heart” cast get to keep their jobs when Garage Sale Mysteries cast does not? So not fair! And how about a little consideration for ALL the fans who have made Garage Sale Mysteries such a success all these years! Don’t we deserve that…at least?? I think we DO!

    1. I totally agree with you. They replaced the son, father and detective earlier. Just replace her, kellie Martin, Vanessa Marcel, Leah Thompson, Danica McKellar, Autumn Reeser, Alicia Witt, Rachel Boston just to name a few great actresses any of who would fit in nicely. Don’t let the cast suffer for one persons mistake. Retooling When Calls the Heart isn’t fair to let all the actresses get unemployed. Replace her, even though I loved LL, I would rather replace than bury the whole show.please keep the GSM going for years to com!

  21. Cheers to Kim Carr for her comment. I have been saying this, but I think she did a better job. It makes no sense that powerful God, Family and Home Hallmark would protect one show and the people involved, but pull a Pontius Pilate with GSM. Gee I hope the Hallmark family and the CEO who went to Holy Cross is not too surprised that many viewers of the network read the Bible too. I’m sorry but are you just preaching and not choosing to teach by example? Sounds like a Led Zepplin song to me ….. and they are buying the stairway to heaven.

  22. Our family and friends are so upset that Garage Sale Mysteries have been canceled due to the actions of one person. The actors and crew did not deserve to be treated in this way. They are so talented and with only a slight change, the series could go on. Please reconsider bring this excellent series back in the future. All the best to everyone!

  23. Replace the character with another actress. It’s a TV show not real life. It’s crazy to cancel the show.

  24. Yes crazy to cancel the show love the show. Please restore it bring in LeaThompson or Vanessa Marcel or just work with the existing actors and then expand the cast but please bring the show back. It’s not fair to punish the entire cast for one persons stupidity
    Unless Lori Laughlin owns the rights to the show or something the show should not be canceled

  25. I would love to see gourmet detectives back on. That was the best show out of all the other detective shows.

  26. Pls. get Jennifer Aniston. She’s quirky and interesting, about same age as Lori. I know she’s an A-List but she needs to be back on TV!

  27. I feel to not punish the crew and cast that didn’t do anything wrong. The show can continue without Lori. Finish the movie with her either disappeared or her interfering in police business have her character murdered. The daughter becomes the amateur sleuth along with business partner from the shop. I feel the show was not dependent on her but the cast ensemble was made the show and the writers need to be acknowledged as well. Don’t punish viewers or the cast and crew because of one person’s indiscretions. Hallmark is not thinking of others. They are keeping love call the heart without her? But they have no problems hurting the rest of the cast and crew of GSM. This is not being good Christians and I feel if the punish everyone and not the individual who hasn’t even had her day in court yet? I will encourage other to boycott hallmark products with me.

  28. I am very disappointed the show has been canceled. I would hope that Lori would be replaced with an actress that would be loved just as much as Lori. Leave everything else the same. Thanks

  29. Personality, I have never liked Lori Loughlin as Jennifer, I always thought she was fake , just replace her, I vote Lea Thompson, or someone like her, I still think ship all of her family off somewhere , replaced by Lea Thompson, or someone like her, how about someone who’s black, or Hispanic, this would be a good time to start including someone , non white , people , it’s seems a lot of hallmark is mostly white actors, yes, I know they do have a couple of black actors staring in the mysteries series, whomever you pick, l enjoy the Dani character, but I’d like to see her character develop, not poor Dani , can’t find a decent man, just my opinion, don’t start hating on me because I’d like to mix it up and see some more non white actors involved, lol

  30. PLEASE don’t cancel GSM…it is a favorite of so MANY!!! Replacing Lori just can’t be that difficult. It might even breathe new life into an already great series!

  31. It has only just occurred to me that Ms. Loughlin just might not want to return to the series even if offered the opportunity. Putting myself in her shoes I would feel very embarrassed by all of this and might find it hard to jump back into character. I would gather that the cast and crew being professionals and desiring to keep their jobs would find a way to deal with it, but the town itself could look at this differently. She would most likely be hounded by reporters and fans be they pro or con, and that could create an even bigger mess for the community.

    If Hallmark had been smart they should have suspended her not fired. By releasing her the way they did this Christian channel played both judge and jury without all the facts. By not at least making a statement stating they are working to resolve the problem (as they did with “When Calls The Heart”) they carelessly put dozens of people out of work. If I were a member of the town council I would be looking into filing a class action suit against the network. Ms. Loughlin didn’t intentionally set out to destroy lives, but Hallmark chose to forgo wisdom, knowledge and understanding by acting first and maybe thinking later. It sounds to me like Mr. William J. Abbott CEO of Hallmark is lacking in Biblical principals and needs to take a refresher course at the College of the Holy Cross.

    Lea Thompson sounds like a perfect choice. She has been married to Howard Deutch for 30 years and two daughters that are 24 and 27 and both seem to be leading productive lives.

  32. Please continue the show. There are several possible scenarios. Dani’s sister could come back and buy into the shop. As I recall she had a knack for antiques. Jennifer’s daughter could step up and help in the shop and crime solve. Or the friend that married the dentist and sold her shop’s inventory to Jennifer and Dani could return and buy into the shop. It was a great show and the wonderful actors should not lose their job due to Lori Laughlin’s stupidity and deceit.

  33. Please bring Garage Sale Mysteries back and put Dani (Sarah Strange) in charge. I loved this show, loved Dani, and loved the family. So sorry these actors and crew have all lost their jobs through no fault of their own. It’s a good show. No reason to ditch it just because . . . . . . . Also love Allison Sweeney and Candace Cameron Bure and Marilu Henner and Kellie Martin. They are more believable actresses and have more personality than the rest of the female leads at Hallmark. Is anyone at Hallmark really reading these posts???

  34. Well, I guess I wasn’t done yet. Re Garage Sale Mysteries, put Dani in charge, and make Jason her brother and the kids her niece and nephew with really good computer skills. Then let Dani hire a black woman at Rags to help in the store but who could also help with the Mysteries. She could be a former cop who is burned out with police work who also knows about antiques and is looking for a career change. Come on Hallmark, do not scrap this show over one character. You don’t have to give a reason why Jennifer is no longer there. The whole world knows why. Bring these actors back, throw some meat on the table, and let them run with it. It’s a good show and we miss it!!! Hallmark, are you listening?????

  35. Whatever happened to the original women of mysteries? Great stories and actors w/ Brooke Shields, Beau Bridges; Alison Sweeney, etc.. then they just disappear w/ no information on what happened. Why is it so difficult to find out what exactly is the plan for future Hallmark projects?. Love SSD and can’t find anything on this series- Hallmark channel communication is poor- whatever happened to “The Note” w/ Genie Francis? That story was so warm and had potential to grow…just fell off- too many loose ends Hallmark, keep the viewers informed!!

  36. I don’t know why Hallmark won’t recast the role of Jennifer Shannon. They have, in the past, recast the roles of the husband and son – so why the hesitation now???

  37. We loved GSM series AND everyone on the cast. Cannot believe there is no way to continue this intelligent, well written and classy show. I hate to see so much good talent wasted on simply being “cancelled”. Obviously there is a market for this show, even without Lori L.

  38. Please find a replacement for Lori & keep the other actors on Garage Sales Mysteries! This is my favorite of all the great Hallmark movies. Sincerely, Kaye Ponton

  39. Garage Sale Mysteries is my all time favorite show! Please bring it back. Easiest way replace Jennifer with another actor. Its done all the time. I love the rest of the cast. Nothing needs to change but one person. Not only is Hallmark punishing the rest of the cast, they are punishing the fans who love this show by canceling it. I grew up in Kansas City area always loving Hallmark- I worked for them. I am very disappointed on how this this tragic situation has been handled. I always considered Hallmark a positive- we will overcome this- rather than we will get rid of this at our employees expense. Oh, that was the old Hallmark. Sad.

  40. Why throw out the baby with the bath water? It’s a great show and I’m sure they can find a replacement for Lori L.
    The changed out her husband and son. So why not her??
    Feel so bad for all the other cast members.

  41. I’m from Kansas City too. I say replace Lori, as people have been saying, it’s done all the time and no one else should pay for Lori’s stupidity. I too want to see more of the mystery with Brooke Burns and the others you’ve put on hold. I love them all!!!

    I can’t believe how really stupid people can be thinking just because they have all the money in the world that it’s ok to cheat others out of their chance to go to college.

    REALLY BAD MOVE LORI !!!!!! College graduate that took out loans like most.

  42. I get the feeling that Hallmark is running scared from something. If you are going to dump an actress from both productions but only work to keep one up and running, something is askew here. I have to wonder if (LL) is the main focal point. Perhaps they wanted to get rid of GSM for some reason we will never know. Maybe contracts were coming up for renewal and cast and crew wanted more money then they were willing to pay. Or perhaps there were other people they desired to dispose of but couldn’t do it gracefully. This then would have opened to door.

  43. Just replace Lori Loughlin and leave the show as it is. I am sure there are plenty of actresses out there that could have a great chemistry with the other cast members. It is too good a series to just cancel and there is no need to kill her off, just replace her. Shows do it all the time. People will adjust. Look at the soaps. There are cast changes every few years and the fanbase stays loyal to the show.

    1. I agree – just replace Lori Loughlin and leave the show with its characters as is! Previously they did replace a few actors in this show and no harm done! Why the stalemate now? The “show must go on!”.

      1. I forgot to mention – YES – Lea Thompson would be perfect for the role of Jennifer Shannon and also continue her Jane Doe! Continue with Murder She Baked and Aurora Teagarten! You have great mystery series – why spoil everything?

  44. I don’t want Hallmark to cancel GSM. I would rather they recast the Jennifer Shannon character with another wholesome actress….Someone like Erin Krakow from the ‘When calls the Heart’ series. She would fit right in with the rest of the cast. I really hate that Lori messed up….I would also like the network to bring back The Murder She Baked series. They owe us a wedding and Hannah’s decision to choose Mike and let Norman down easy….he knew it but it never showed any of the process in getting to them being engaged in the last series.

    1. Just let Lori loughlin continue to do GSM. There are people who have done far worse than her and they have continued in their careers and movies. I like her in GSM and would like to see her return to it and finish out the GSM series for August. Then after that cancel it. Just give some closure. Also I watch all the other murder mysteries shows none are as good as GSM. Only teagarden, hailey dean, murder she baked comes close to GSM.

  45. Hire another actress to play Loughlin’s role. The other cast members shouldn’t lose their jobs because of her. Love the show.

  46. Keep Garage Sale Mysteries going-would NOT want to lose Sarah Strange-she’s wonderful, along with all the cast, every one.

  47. I feel that Loughlin should be replace. Her previous shows should be aired but Loughlin should not receive royalties. The rest of the actors should not be penalized.

  48. Keep the show, love all of the characters – I really don’t even care if LL is replaced with a different actress. Please Please Please don’t replace this show with Flower Shop (terrible acting and show) or with Murder she Baked – I even quit reading the books stories just got too dumb. Love every other series you have. I feel really bad for everyone else involved with Garage Sale – actors and everyone behind the curtain…

  49. Sad to say but LL is one of my favorites and I will miss her. LL brought something to the GSM character I don’t believe anyone else can. I believe the change that took place with the other characters early in the series was a good change because the chemistry of the present characters were so much better. I wish the series could remain in-tact but I know it will not. As stated by an earlier post, the idea of her daughter stepping in as the sleuth is an intriguing idea.

  50. I wonder if Hallmark is aware of these comments regarding Garage Sale Mysteries and will pay heed to what we are all saying. They have a hit whether Lori Loughlin is the lead or another comparable actress. And there are many that can fill this role easily!

  51. yes, please keep the series and replace Lori Loughlin. Maybe Alicia Witt? Or Hannah character can take over shop.

  52. How about Autumn Reeser to replace LL. She is one of my favorite hallmark actresses. I look forward to every movie she is in also Alicia Witt another favorite.

  53. Keep the show. I believe Lori’s character can be replaced or written out with a new co-owner of the shop. Not sure which actress it should be but I’m sure several would be up to the challenge. Don’t punish the cast/crew and the audience over L.L’s actions

  54. I enjoy all of the Hallmark Murder Mystery shows, including GSM. It’s a bad situation for all involved in that show to end up with no jobs because of the college scandal. But I wish Hallmark would have kept Lori Loughlin somehow and I would like to see GSM continue somehow.

  55. I’d like to see this series continue even if they have to recast. I thought they should have waited for the outcome of the case first though. I also really like Kellie Martin. I loved her Mystery Woman series. It’s just a shame to immediately shelve the series and put so many people out of work.

  56. Keep the GSM series. The whole cast is great. I am sad and disappointed in LL but life goes on. Don’t allow the rest of the fine actors in this series to be punished by this serious lack of ethics and criminal activity.

  57. I hope those reading all of these post are now looking at a possible tragic ending to this that I would like to believe no one wants, this includes all of the Hallmark Christian big shots.

    I am not condoning Ms. Loughlin’s actions. She committed a crime for personal family gain. She was being a mother first and a moral up-standing adult way past second. She has also compounded the issue with private conversations that are less then stellar. That said … lets take a look at what she had lost in the process of advancing her daughter’s lives.

    Her career is more than likely over with. The fall-out could also damage her husband’s earning power. Their home is on the chopping block and any major holdings along with that. Her daughter’s are out of her school of choice and are not speaking to her. It seems many of her friends have walked away. Jail or no jail, I see this marriage crumbling and bankruptcy just around the corner.

    Many people have committed suicide over a lot less. They feel there is nothing left. They are mostly unknown to us. This is worse. Everyone knows her.

    I hope the powerful Hallmark is thinking about this. I hope it doesn’t come to this, but if it does the other moral majority might be as unforgiving as they have been and Hallmark will vanish like the 8 track, (B & W) television and vinyl records. They too can be replaced regardless if they too can quote chapters from Luke.

    I hope Ms. Loughlin gets some counselling to help her through this. All of you should pray for that too.

    1. I agree with all Sam Carson has said – yet I still wonder if the Hallmark “Execs” have seen and read all these comments and are digesting what has been said. After all even Sherlock Holmes has had many actors portraying him!

      1. Thank you Carole for the supportive comment. It was only after I saw some recent photos of her and her husband that my heart noticed how broken she appeared. Yes she made a major mistake, yet the biggest one might be that she wasn’t in-tune with her daughters. Parents are suppose to encourage their off-spring to find their own path in life, not attempt to live vicariously through them. My mother made me take piano lessons for years (because that was HER HEARTS DESIRE). Today I can’t play a note. Sadly she did not cultivate my figure skating.

        Neither of her girls seemed that interested in college. Olivia looks like she could have had a bright future in fashion, you know …. like her father. Now the girls have pulled away from her and they are old enough to do that. My thought now is that the entire family should get counselling in order to heal.

        As for Halllmark, I suspect that they have employees that are reading the fans comments. If they are not then how did they find out about how unhappy the WCTH viewers were about that show possibly being cancelled? What I can’t understand is why keep one and dump the other? Are they selective on what fans they want to make happy?

        Hallmark has been annoying me for a while now. I am becoming sick of Christmas. They start those movies before Halloween and cram them down our throats until January. Then we have to put up with yet more of them in July. Now it seems we have to have one day out of every week devoted to a holiday that used to be special. I hope I am not the only one who is wondering why Hallmark is turning Christmas into a peanut butter and jelly sandwich.

        I no longer care how they handle this. I’m switching back to the History, Science and Animal stations. At least with those I come away with some knowledge.

        1. Sam – I agree with your choices of the knowledge stations and I’m sick of Christmas too! Besides a few good mysteries left on Hallmark, I’ll just keep up with the mysteries on PBS and Ovation. Hallmark Mysteries are not on Demand and although PBS does not have their mysteries on demand, with their airing on several PBS stations, you can catch up more often.

          1. Carole, PBS is wonderful. We support the station and plan our viewing around it. I also enjoy Ovation and Nova. With all the wonderful channels out there it’s easy to push Hallmark off the plate. I find I am watching less and less. Loughlin doesn’t really have that much to do with it. The Christmas deluge is the major turning point.

            One might also pay more attention to the other Hallmark station and what they are bringing fourth. Now I find “The Golden Girls” and “Frasier” amusing, but considering Hallmark is playing the moral code card here I now have to wonder why they push those reruns. On “Frasier” we have Roz Doyal, and with “The Golden Girls” it’s Blanche Devereaux. We laugh as we call them the two most immoral characters on television. Seems they will sleep with anything that has the correct equipment. Now that’s amusing.

  58. I think that should simply replace Lori. I don’t think that killing her character is good idea. Why? Because “Jennifer” is the glue on these movies. She is the one, along with the help of “Dani”, who solves the murders. Also, killing her off will leave a hole for her husband, Jason. He gets very upset every time she gets involved with helping to solve the murders. But he’s madly in love with her, so he fearfully tolerates her actions.

    And besides, the show would be strange without “Jennifer”. And what about everything else that is already in place, like the Antique Shop, and her children. To me it would be a little strange to have “Hannah” to solve the murders because she is into other things like, College, worthy causes, and dating. Having her to get involved with solving murders would be almost like turning her into “Nancy Drew”, which would detract from what her character is basically about.

    I think that replacing her is a much better idea. There have got to be tons of good actresses out there who can easily slip right into the role of “Jennifer Shannon”. After all, they replaced the first “Jason”, and it worked out just fine. It’s a shame that the folks who worked on the “Garage Sales Mysteries” Movies lost their work and pay. It’s true that when trouble rolls down hill it hits everything in it’s path.

  59. The tv channels have to much power they ditch popular shows without blinking an eye. In the case of garage sale mysteries why burn the whole cast for one star. Has the ceo of hallmark thought about how he would feel in the actors place. The fans love the show replace Lori and make your viewers happy. Is that not your job?

    1. Sam – have you watched “Gone” on WGN? It has Chris Noth who along with others, (right now I forget their names), search for children and adults who have been abducted. It’s a good one, maybe a little dark, but worth checking into. I had watched all the episodes of “Stitchers” and then Freeform canceled it – so there you go. Just when you get into something the networks decide to cancel and yes, we have no say or control.

      1. Carole, I thought about watching “Gone”. One of my older brothers was an undercover cop and the family knows horror stories that are not fit to print. I was interested, but my head is so filled with nightmares that I decided to take a pass. That is one of the reasons I got involved with the Hallmark stations in the first place. The strange point of interest is I was looking for a nice mix of morals and integrity. I thought I had found my safe place, but it seems I was wrong yet again. I don’t have an issue with watching something hard hitting from a station that takes no prisoners, but I will not tolerate moral inconsistencies. In short Hallmark needs to practice what they are preaching. I don’t know what “Stitchers” is, but if it’s been cancelled I guess I never will. You are so totally correct. Just when you think you have found your nitch … it’s Gone!

        1. Sam, you can catch all of the Stitchers episodes from the first up to the last (which became the end due to cancellation) all 40+ episodes on Demand. Stitchers is about a college student Kirsten Clark, who was recruited to join a top-secret government program where people are “stitched” into the memories of the recently deceased to solve unsolved murders and other crimes. It goes from Seasons 1 through 3. As for Hallmark, I’m still having difficulty getting into their newer mysteries. The characters and/or the plots do not do it for me. Like I initially said glad for PBS and Ovation!

  60. I’m sorry, it’s time for this show to end. I have figured out the murderer in the last few episodes faster and faster. It has ended its run, and I am sick of seeing the character time and time again walk into a dangerous confrontation withing minutes of saying she would be careful. The show has become stagnant, PLUS how many people are left to kill in that small town?

  61. Bring it back. Why do networks feel the need to cancel series that are an ensemble and can easily go on without the person they fired. Makes no sense to unemploy so many people because of the bad acts of one.

    Be creative and continue the series.

  62. Keep Sarah strange and have the actress who played Dani’s sister replace Jennifer. Let Dani be the #1 in the show. Not Brooke Burns. I don’t care for her.

  63. Hallmark is definitely NOT practicing what they preach about taking the “high moral ground”! They are punishing the rest of the cast and crew because Ms. Laughlin took the low road trying to bribe USC into accepting her daughters. Hallmark needs to punish the guilty, but not the innocent. The existing cast and crew deserve better.

    Also, I don’t feel ramming Christmas down our throats every Thursday is a good solution either. Springtime is waaaay too early! Enough already!

  64. Hallmark should keep the series. It is very entertaining. They can replace Lori just like the boy who plays her son and the husband and daughter who were replaced after the first movie. Also, I think Hallmark is over-reacting. Look at Martha Stewart. She went to jail for insider trading but came out and is still popular.

  65. Get another Canadian Actress to take over the roll. Like Emmanuelle Vaugier think she would great. Most of cast are Canadian anyway and she is from Vancouver.

    1. GSM is my favorite series on Hallmark. Lori Loughlin should be replaced and the show can go on. Soap Operas do it all the time.

  66. There were so many fine actors in the series and success should not be based on one actor. The series was well done and could continue to be successful with many story lines. The cinematography was interesting, as well as the morphing of plot line and characters. GSM was my favorite of the Hallmark Mystery series. I certainly hope that it will be revived!!!

  67. Please recreate the show. I have to say Hallmark M&M channel is just not the same without it. Figure out another way to keep all the characters and replace Loughlin. We will miss her but we have to move on.

  68. I was considering who among the Actresses that I’m familiar with who Hallmark had used, whomay be a good replacement for Lori Loughlin. I came up with Taylor Cole? I have enjoyed her in all that I’ve ever seen her in. She recently did the Mystery Movie: “Ruby Herring”, and she’s known for appearing in other Hallmark Movies, like “Christmas In Homestead” and “Appetite For Love”. I think she could be a very good replacement as good “Jennifer”. Somehow though I got the feeling that Hallmark is done with the “Garage Sales Mysteries”. We are probably requesting in vain for the “Garage Sales Mysteries” to not end. But time will tell. I hope that I’m wrong!

    1. You’re right – all our requests for this series are in vain. There has been o positive feedback from Hallmark. My impression is that Hallmark does not care and frankly I’m done with this channel.

  69. i am a big fan of the Garage Sale Mysteries. I say they could put another actress in the role. If they did not want to do that, then I wish they would make another Gourmet Detective. Love that series. Also Murder She Baked. At least do the Wedding Cake Mystery!!!!! Or they could do something new, maybe with animals, like a pet shop or a shelter. That would be interesting.

  70. i agree, GSM is/was an excellent show but there are so many good cozy mysteries on the market to choose from: The flower shop series by Kate Collins which they have already optioned and also the fixer upper series by Kate Carlisle,but there are tons of others. How about something for the animal lovers? There are the Nick and Nora series and the Cat Rescue series by TC Lotempio, the Cat in the Stacks series by Miranda James, the black cat bookshop series to name just a few. Also they could revive the Gourmet Detective (another favorite of mine – and everyone loves food mysteries) or bring back Murder She Baked – we want to see Hannah marry Mike! (llike she should have done in the books)

  71. The cancellation of the GSM is a big loss for Hallmark but I agree, there are a lot of cozy series out there they could pick from. I’ve read the Cat Rescues by TC Lotempio and they are a good series, also the black cat bookshop. I personally would like another Gourmet Detective!

  72. I don’t understand why Hallmark won’t replace Lori Loughlin in the Garage Dale Mystery movies. They have replaced her entire family at some point. So just replace her. If not, bring back the Murder She Baked & Flower Shop Mystery movies. They are my favorites!

  73. Here is a thought … why not change the name of the show to something like “Antiques, With a Touch of Murder” or “Antiquing Can Be Dangerous”. Move the time line ahead by a couple of years. Keep the cast and crew and not mention Jennifer until the end of the first new production. Her absence could be explained by a sudden illness that caused her death. Don’t both to replace her and see how the viewers feel about the revamp.

  74. I agree with most of the comments. The show has an excellent remaining cast that can continue to tell the story. I really liked Lori, but understand the sentiment that she has to go. There are lots of good actors out there that can replace her. I’m for expanding the role of some of the other primary characters, like Dani. I totally agree that the other cast members should not be punished because of Lori’s bad behavior. This is a good show and should not be cancelled.

  75. I agree with most of the comments. The show has an excellent remaining cast that can continue to tell the story. I really liked Lori, but understand the sentiment that she has to go. There are lots of good actors out there that can replace her. I’m for expanding the role of some of the other primary characters, like Dani. I totally agree that the other cast members should not be punished because of Lori’s bad behavior. This is a good show and should not be cancelled.

    1. I agree with most of the comments. The show has an excellent remaining cast that can continue to tell the story. I really liked Lori, but understand the sentiment that she has to go. There are lots of good actors out there that can replace her. I’m for expanding the role of some of the other primary characters, like Dani. I totally agree that the other cast members should not be punished because of Lori’s bad behavior. This is a good show and should not be cancelled.

      1. Keep GSM. Replace Lori Laughlin. She broke the law and isn’t going to be available to work any time soon. Also, we only watch Christmas at Christmas time. It shouldn’t be overdone.

  76. I loved the show and am disappointed in so many ways. Just write Lori out and keep it going with the rest of the cast. She messed up and look what happens. Everyone suffers including the viewers. You are the writers and can figure a way to hold the show together.

  77. Okay folks here is the deal as I see it. For those that want LL to return to anything Hallmark, I suspect you can forget it. More then likely she is going to do some jail time and she can’t perform from a cell. Next, when she gets out she will be listed as a felon and Canada might not let her back into the country. Retooling the show appears to be the only option. Now they can replace her with a sister or cousin, or keep the cast and crew in-place, change the title to something else and just leave her as dead or vanished.

    Since Hallmark is owned or controlled by Crown Media they should be contacted directly by fans instead of hoping they are reading any of this. Their address is CROWN MEDIA, 12700 VENTURA BLVD., #200, IN STUDIO CITY, CA. 91604. The CEO is William J. Abbott and Deanne Stedem is head of the legal department. They might be the ones to contact.

    A good jumping off point here would be to question why they are willing to retool WCTH and permit the cast and crew to keep their jobs, but don’t mind destroying the lives of all involved with GSM. If there is some strange legal reason why they can’t adjust GSM they should be moral coded enough to inform views of the problem. I have to wonder why they can just turn their backs on loyal fans and think they will all be fine with being treated so shabbily.

    We are cancelling the “Movies and Mystery” channel for a number of reasons. For starters many of the shows we watched are now gone. We are tired of Christmas that they have turned into more of a pagan holiday then it already is. They are mass producing movies like cookies and the quality is failing. I’m an old goat and remember sparkling productions like “Lisa, Bright and Dark”, “Caroline?”, “My Name is Bill W.” just to name of few. Oh how I would love to see those again.

    If someone wants to start a petition send it to the above address. If you really mean business cancel their stations and tell you carrier why you are doing so. If you plan to write Crown go ahead and do a cut and paste job with my comment and then add your own.

    1. You make some excellent points, particularly about hoping anyone at Crown Media is reading an online thread! It was my understanding that GSM is owned by an independent studio, unlike WCTH which is owned by Crown Media and that is why Crown Media can’t make casting decisions about it. Their only choice is to air the series or not but they have no creative control. Also, it is not as lucrative for them as series which are wholly owned.

      1. Here is part of an article from International Business Times from March 23 about the situation.
        ““We are saddened by the recent news surrounding the college admissions allegations,” Crown Media Family Networks, which owns Hallmark Channel and Hallmark Movies & Mysteries, said in a statement last week. “We are no longer working with Lori Loughlin and have stopped development of all productions that air on the Crown Media Family Network channels involving Lori Loughlin including Garage Sale Mysteries, an independent third party production.”

        The network has made a clear decision about continuing on with “WCTH,” but there has been no word on if “Garage Sale Mystery” is officially canceled after 15 movies or if the franchise will continue on without Loughlin.

        International Business Times has reached out to Hallmark for an update on the fate of “Garage Sale Mysteries” but has not yet received a response.”

        1. Thank you Mitzi for posting that. The last statement was total news to me. With all the research I have done I have been unable to find a major separation between the two shows. I did notice that it is mentioned that GSM has a third party involved but I can’t discover whom that is. I hope IBT continues to look into this.

  78. You’re welcome, Sam. I couldn’t find out who produces GSM either, although I’m sure Crown Media has some influence with whatever production company does. It’s just that they can’t make unilateral decisions regarding the series.

  79. Sam – I have tried without any success to find the email addresses of William J. Abbott and Deanne Stedem in order to start a petition that will get their attention. Are you able to find this info? As far as pulling the plug on the Hallmark Channel – this comes with my cable package so my choice is simply not to watch any longer. I can find other avenues of mysteries and action via local channels, PBS and other cable networks like Ovation. But as far as Hallmark’s Murders & Mysteries – a strong petition as per your suggestion needs to be sent.

  80. Hello Carole, I have been searching and all I have found so far is the phone # for the address I gave you which is 818-755-2400. There is also a fax # of 818-755-2564. I would think a petition could be sent that way. I will keep looking. One of the questions I would like answered is why they are not moving forward for this show. If it’s a legal thing why not just tell the public. Do they have something to hide?

  81. If you can save one, why can’t you save the other, a little creativity a little inginuity. Get the cast together, brainstorm.

  82. They have changed Lori’s husband, daughter and son, so why can’t Lori be replaced the same way?

  83. Please bring back “The Gourmet Detective series starring Brooke Burns and Dylan Nea, this is simply on of the best shows I’ve seen lately and Murder She Bakes is also a very great shows. We do need these great quality shows and Hall Mark you guys are the greatest in providing good quality entertainment so get back to it an I can’t wait for the Christmas season show they are mine and my wife’s favorites.

    Please don’t just put this in a file draw somewhere we truly need to have some quality on TV now days God knows we get enough crap from all of the news shows. Please continue to lift us up. Also remember Lori made a mistake but in this world who hasn’t she’s getting enough crap from her own daughter. Whom she was trying to support…God knows that kid could use a good kick in the rear.

  84. I feel like Hallmark jumped the gun with canceling GSM movie series. They could have waited and recast the part. It’s really sad they haven’t listened to fans.

  85. Hallmark what are you doing here canceling the show just because of one character committing a criminal offense???
    You got rid of the criminal but why take things out on the rest of the cast? The show is great, the storyline was awesome and the rest of the characters we’re doing a splendid job on the show.
    Man up Hallmark and do the right thing and get the show back going and show our lead actress that it doesn’t pay to be a cheat but don’t punish the rest for her activities.

  86. Please keep the series! Get a replacement for Lori. Soap operas do it all the time. Too many people love the show!

  87. I love Flower Shop Mysteries. You would make this fan very happy if you brought it back. Honestly, I don’t care for the actors in the “Picture Perfect” series. I religiously watch the Hallmark movies, however when Alexa and Carlos are in anything sad to say I seriously do not care for them and do not watch. Not trying to be mean, they just don’t have what it takes to be part of the Hallmark family.

    Peter Deluise who directs Garage Sale Mysteries is also an actor and grew up in a family involved in the entertainment industry. He knows all about recasting! They have recast Shannon’s husband, daughter and son and we survived just fine. Hallmark can find an appealing actress to fill Laughlin’s shoes. There are plenty of woman who have the charisma to carry off the character of Jennifer Shannon. They can even find someone more appealing than Loughlin who has great chemistry with the other actors!
    The stories are solid and the premise has got “MAJOR” appeal!
    Besides if HALLMARK is the family brand they claim to be they will not allow the other actors and crew to suffer lost work and wages just because of one alleged bad egg!
    Come on HALLMARK!
    Show the kind of character you claim to have! Recast and start shooting again! You will be surprised by the ratings boost you would get not to mention the press build up. When an actor is sick or has to leave a stage role they have an understudy. No one actor is so great that they can’t be replaced. Remember recently an entire film that reshot and replaced all the scenes with an actor even after it was completed because of what the actor was accused of?! The actor that reshot all the scenes and replaced the nixed actor was nominated for an Academy Award!
    Have faith in the fans, your writers, actors, crew, writer/creator Sherry Harris and of course your own brand to know that Garage Sale Mysteres are much bigger than any one individual!
    Start Production Again!!! Don’t let one person ruin an entire brand! COME ON!!!

  89. Replace Lori’s character and bring GSM back!! I can’t believe that you pulled the plug on the latest movie with only one week of filming left. Unbelieveable!

    1. Please keep GSM.
      Replace LL.
      The storyline was fabulous.
      Don’t punish the wonderful cast, crew and writers as well as faithful viewer. That show was not a one actor/ actress led show as seen by previous replacements. Loved Dani and her character and wardrobe was fun to anticipate. The writers kept you engaged until the end.
      Bring back please!

  90. GSM was my favorite of all the Hallmark movies , I think they need to find a replacement for Lori. The cast and crew deserves that the show continues they were all wonderful . I am sure that Hallmark can find a replacement . I would like to see Traylor Howard have the part.

  91. I would love to see the series continue! There are so many great actors on the show! Recast and Continue please! Love from California!!

  92. Just want to say how proud i am of Hallmark for removing LL – often ethics in life are downplayed. This move by Hallmark makes we even more loyal to them and what they are all about! i love the Hallmark mysteries…all of them! Seems like all of the fans have no problem with you replacing LL in this series. As many of them have said, we would know why.

  93. Loved garage sale mysteries! Bring it back with lori laughlin in it but she does it free for a year or so. Martha Stewart went to jail and has been back on tv for along time. We all make mistakes!

  94. Time to bring back Lori Loughlin and revive garage sale mysteries. This show is too good to give up and Lori and Sarah were perfect together in it. This whole show is perfection. Bring her back!

  95. Jan 8, 2023, first time I’ve seen garage sale mysteries. like the story lines so far. sorry about Lori though. the show is really good. just like the other mysteries.

  96. The show is really entertaining but Laughlin needs to go. Either replace her with someone else or continue the show with the current actors who do a great job.

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