Hallmark’s ‘An Unexpected Christmas’ Stars Dream Team Tyler Hynes, Bethany Joy Lenz

Hallmark Photo: Tyler Hynes, Bethany Joy Lenz Credit: ©2021 Crown Media United States LLC/Photographer: Allister Foster

Hynies and OTH fans, what can possibly be better than the Hallmark dream team matchup of Tyler Hynes (Sweet Carolina, It Was Always You), with Bethany Joy Lenz (Five Star Christmas, One Tree Hill)? How about acting in a Christmas movie written by the talented and hysterical Paul Campbell (Christmas By Starlight)?

An Unexpected Christmas may soon be your number one 2021 Christmas movie!

Here is what we know about this upcoming holiday movie that is airing during A Very Merry Thanksgiving weekend.

What Is Hallmark’s An Unexpected Christmas About?

According to the Hallmark synopsis, Jamie (Hynes) travels home a week before Christmas. However, he still hasn’t told his family he broke things off with his girlfriend Emily (Lenz), whom they adore. When Emily arrives in town unexpectedly for work, Jamie offers her a deal.

He’ll get the Governor to deliver the Christmas Day address for her marketing campaign. Therefore, in return, Emily will stay with his family for the week. She will be working under the pretense that she and Jamie are still together.

Subsequently, what follows is a week of awkward fumbling and near misses as Jamie and Emily try desperately to keep their true relationship status a secret. Eventually, their ruse begins to unravel. Just when it seems like Christmas has been ruined, Jamie pulls out all the stops to make things right, resulting in a very unexpected Christmas. 

Hallmark Photo: Bethany Joy Lenz, Tyler Hynes Credit: ©2021 Crown Media United States LLC/Photographer: Allister Foster
Hallmark Photo: Bethany Joy Lenz, Tyler Hynes Credit: ©2021 Crown Media United States LLC/Photographer: Allister Foster

When Can You Watch Hallmark’s An Unexpected Christmas?

Hallmark’s An Unexpected Christmas premieres on Friday, November 26, at 8 p.m., Eastern, as part of their A Very Merry Thanksgiving weekend. Currently, there is only one encore showing. This is on Saturday, November 27, at 3:59 p.m. Eastern.

In addition, on premiere night, Hallmark live tweets during the movie. Join the cast, and your Christmas movie-loving friends on Twitter and tweet along.

Enjoy A Very Merry Thanksgiving Weekend

This year, Hallmark is trying something different. They are doubling up on movies on Thanksgiving weekend. That means that there will be a brand new Christmas movie airing right before An Unexpected Christmas. That movie is Christmas CEO. This holiday movie stars Paul Greene (When Calls The Heart), and Marisol Nichols (Riverdale). Christmas CEO premieres on Friday, November 26, at 6 p.m. Eastern.

In this movie Christmas “Chris” Whitaker (Nichols) always believed she was destined to spread Christmas joy through her love of toy making. Even when she was ten,  she sold homemade toys at her neighborhood Christmas stand. And she always did it with her best friend, Joe Sullivan (Greene).

Chris and Joe fulfill their dream, however, Chris starts to care more about the bottom line, not about the joy of making these toys. Joey left the company. Now, she has an opportunity to realize some very big drams. But, Chris needs Joe’s signatures on her papers.

While Chris tries to get Joe to sign the papers, what Joe helps Chris rediscover just might change both their lives.

Don’t miss the premiere of An Unexpected Christmas, on Friday, November 26, at 6 p.m. Eastern, on the Hallmark Channel.

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  1. Tyler I am looking forward to your most recent Hallmark movie An Unexpected Christmas. I know I will enjoy your work as I have all your Hallmark movies and watch them all the time. I love your voice. I am looking forward to see you without a beard but I love it either way. Your haircut is great either way also. Please keep on making Hallmark movies and I hope you make a sequel with Erin Krakow in It Was Always You.

  2. Love this movie – it is so believable and one of my favorites!! I have taped it so I can watch it whenever I need my “Tyler” fix. keep up the good works!

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