LIfetime’s ‘Drowning In Secrets’ Concludes LMN’s Spring Breakdowns

Lifetime Drowning In Secrets used with permission

All good things come to an end, that includes LMN’s Spring Breakdowns. The final movie in this one-week series is Lifetime’s Drowning In Secrets.

This thriller stars Christina DeRosa (Gravesend, Blood Pageant), Alec Nevin (Damon’s Revenge, Voltage), D.C. Douglas (FriendZSpace, The Vampyre), Laura Poe (Dr. Death, The Junkyard Dogs), and Chelsea Vale (Damon’s Revenge, Blood Harvest).

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What Is Lifetime’s Drowning In Secrets About?

According to the Lifetime synopsis, a fun day out in the water takes a wrong turn. A  young woman goes missing under mysterious circumstances.

Determined to find her, the woman’s sister returns home in a desperate search for clues. She hopes she can find something that could lead to the truth of her sister’s disappearance.

Lifetime Drowning In Secrets used with permission
Lifetime Drowning In Secrets used with permission

When Can You Watch Drowning In Secrets?

Don’t miss Lifetime’s Drowning In Secrets on Friday, March 18, at 8 p.m., Eastern, on LMN.

Don’t Miss Lifetime’s Dirty Little Deeds

After Drowning In Secrets, stay put on LMN and watch Dirty Little Deeds, starting at 10 p.m., Eastern.

This thriller stars Nayirah Teshali (A Party Gone Wrong, Those People), Adam Hollick (NCIS, Cruel And Unusual Therapy Too), Ashley Doris (A Daughter’s Deceit, NCIS: Hawaii), Aleksandra Kaniak (Heather’s Appetite, Grimm), and Deb Foster (Bad Kiwis, Murdered By Morning). 

According to the Lifetime synopsis, when Jessica (Teshali) and her new husband, Simon (Hollick), learn his father has died, they return to Simon’s estate to help his family’s struggling winery.

Upon arriving, Simon’s family gives Jessica the cold shoulder as she’s confronted by the memory of his deceased former wife, Daphne (Foster). Moreover, matters only get worse when Jessica and her friend, Madison (Doris), find Daphne’s body on the estate.

Suspicious of her new husband, Jessica begins digging into the family’s past and uncovers a deadly web of lies. However, now Jessica must save herself and Simon from his corrupted family if she hopes to build a new life with her husband. 

What Is Lifetime’s Deadly Ex Next Door About?

Ready to start your Friday night early? Then start with the chiller Deadly Ex Next Door. This airs at 6 p.m., on LMN.

This mysterious thriller stars Tianna Nori (Letterkenny, My Roommate’s An Escort), Jack Grinhaus (Beware Of The Midwife, Moonshine), Jean-Paul Najm (Love Triangle Nightmare, Star Trek: Discovery), and Brendee Serena Green (Into Ether, Meet Cute).

According to the Lifetime synopsis, author Elise (Nori) and her husband Allan (Grinhaus) are thrilled to be new homeowners of a cabin overlooking a lake. That is, until Elise’s former friend, Geena (Green), and her husband, Lee (Najm), move in next door.

Years ago, Geena stole Lee from Elise, bringing their friendship to an end. However, now Geena wants to apologize for hurting Elise. Therefore, Elise reluctantly forgives her.

Yet, Elise begins to question Gene’s motives. This happens after a mysterious figure attacks her in the woods. Moreover, she is accused of having an affair with Lee.

Worst of all, the tension between the two couples culminates in Geena being murdered, seemingly at the hands of Allan.

It’s not long, though, before Elise realizes someone else is behind all the mysterious things happening to her. Now, Elise must fight for her life if she ever hopes to clear Allan’s name of a crime he didn’t commit. 

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