Real Reason Kody Brown Wouldn’t Knock Boots With Christine?

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Sister Wives fans know that Kody Brown really only has eyes for his fourth wife, Robyn. And that’s really driven a wedge between Kody and the other three wives.

Christine Brown even left the family recently for a number of reasons. But Kody’s favoritism towards Robyn definitely didn’t help things.

Even though Kody Brown shares children with all four of his wives, he hasn’t had an intimate relationship with all of them in quite some time.

But now, Reddit users think they may be onto something. Is there another reason that Kody Brown wasn’t interested in having a physical relationship with Christine any longer?

Sister Wives fans continue to drag Kody Brown on Reddit

The Sister Wives section of Reddit is always ablaze with theories about the family. Many don’t actually believe Kody Brown could take it if he actually read the threads. But a new thread tackles Kody Brown’s intimacy issues with Christine.

“Kody’s excuse of why he didn’t want to be intimate with Christine!” the original poster writes. “When he said that the reason was because he kept hearing from the other wives (Robyn) that Christine keeps saying she’s going to leave him, so he felt betrayed! So instead of going to Christine & asking her if she said that, or better yet say is there something I can do to fix things with us?!? No instead he tells her he doesn’t want to be intimate, no excuse or debate just let’s live a non intimate marriage! He’s just a piece of crap who has 1000’s of excuses!”

It’s clear the OP felt very passionate about their stance. Many other Reddit users echoed the sentiments.

Sister Wives/TLC

“He was looking for reasons and needed something legit and this is what he felt was the only thing that would fly,” said another user.

“Well, he keeps giving them every reason in the world to leave and they just won’t go!” another user chimed in. “He’s told them he’s not attracted to them, won’t go over, won’t have s*x, ignores their kids, trashes them and their kids to other wives, etc. He even told them polygamy was a failure and still nothing. These wives truly believed in sticking together until death and beyond. And then Christine left. I’m absolutely sure he was shocked. It’s exhausting.”

Do you agree with what the Reddit users have to say? Be sure to let us know in the comments.

Fans believe the family patriarch is just too negative and controlling

Sister Wives viewers love the show, but Kody Brown fans seem to be few and far apart. At the end of the day, many feel like he is just too negative and can be cruel to his wives.

How do you feel about Kody Brown and his relationship with his wives? We’re always interested in hearing what you have to say. Keep following us online for the latest Sister Wives news so you can stay up to date.

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  1. Cody isn’t worth even talking about. He’s a looser and hopefully his tv show doesn’t get extended as his mental abuse is not something that should be on tv

  2. One thing Kody mentioned in the one on one is that the MAN in the polygamous relationship isn’t allowed to leave, but the WOMEN can leave whenever. This could be one of his ways to make them go, otherwise he is “stuck” dealing with them.

  3. Kody seems to be trying to make his wives leave on purpose. with the exception of Robyn. the others are done
    having babies. He pressured Mari to divorce him so he could adopt Robyn’s kids. his religion doesn’t allow for
    him to leave his wives so it would be better to make them leave him so he can go out and find younger woman/women who will buy his “crap and have more kids. His older married kids are figuring out what a loser
    their dad really is. Trying to “rule” is not working. I hope Mari moves on with her life, she has been alone and
    emotionally “abused” long enough. catfishing is not a life long crime she needs to pay for. A smart Man, and I
    do mean Man NEVER asks his wife to choose between him and their kids. Listen up guys, you’ll always, always
    loose. just sayin.

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