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Could Kody Brown Even Handle Reddit Heat & Ridicule?

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Every Reddit user knows that the platform isn’t always a kind place. And people like Sister Wives star Kody Brown definitely get a lot of online hate.

Would Kody even be able to stand up to the comments? Check out one Reddit thread to see what viewers had to say.

Reddit users definitely don’t think Kody Brown can take what they dish out

The original poster in the Reddit thread misspelled Kody Brown’s name on purpose as “Kooty” in case he tried to search his own name. They also disguised Robyn’s name as “Sobyn.”

“I watched a video on youtube. Kooty found out that Paedon had worn a tee shirt that said What does the Nanny do?” the original poster reported. “He was not happy about it at all. He saw it posted on reddit. Kooty can’t stand it that his precious Sobyn is being criticized. EDIT: It was twitter, not reddit but I would not be surprised if he did read reddit.”

So it’s established that the original poster is mistaken, but they do suggest that Kody Brown probably reads Reddit anyway. What did other viewers have to say?

Kody Brown/TLC

“Well he better grow skin as thick as that brow line is if he’s gonna hang around here. We roast him like a turkey daily,” joked another Reddit user. The rest of the comments generally tend to echo this idea.

“😂I don’t think I’ve ever met a Kody fan in the 49 years this show has been on the air,” someone else joked. “You’d think he’d be used to getting made fun of by now. Robyn literally never stops crying so how can he even tell when she’s crying about social media or something else.”

What do you think? Would Kody Brown be able to handle the intensity of Reddit threads? Be sure to let us know what you’re thinking in the comments.

The Brown household is a very chaotic place to be

As we previously noted, many Sister Wives fans would even label Kody Brown as a narcissist. Some even argue that Robyn Brown’s ego is at the same level as Kody’s and that she wants him all to herself.

However, other fans argue that Robyn Brown is the reason Kody can’t leave Meri or Janelle. No matter which narrative you believe, it’s clear there is a lot of dysfunction in the Brown household.

“Theory: Robyn won’t let Kody officially leave the other women,” another Reddit thread begins. “Kody doesn’t care what ‘his church’ says about whether or not he can leave the other women. Does anyone actually believe that Kody is still a believer in this religion? He says the church won’t let him leave, but I actually think he doesn’t officially leave them all because Robyn won’t let him.”

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  1. It’s amazing to me how many people who watch Sister Wives have so much hate in their heart. Kody and Robyn are human beings who make mistakes they have emotions. If you don’t like these two individuals stop watching the show. When the rates go down the show will be cancelled which is all you want. Just stop watching the show.

  2. I love the show!! Meri is my favorite!! She gave up FIRST wife and all her rights for the sake of Robyn’s kids being adopted !!! So she gave up more than any of the others!!! Kody should kiss her feet!!! The most dedicated and the most dedicated of all of them!!! All the bull over her having an affair was so fake and allowed Kody to disown her???? She to me has been the most dedicated and also Janelle, the other two , I do not care for !! So my opinion!!!

  3. Robyn doesn’t want Kody to leave Janelle or Meri because he’d have to find another wife in order to stay in a plural marriage. If he does this, then she’d have to give up her status and he’d be more interested in the new blood. Robyn is not a stupid woman. She plays him like a fiddle.

  4. Sobyn doesn’t allow kody to leave , because who will support them? Without the others money she(Sobyn) cant have a Nanny and live in a Million Dollar Home!

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