Janelle Brown Shares Her Secret Motivation

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Being a TLC star and sister wife requires a lot of time and energy. So how do the women of Sister Wives do it all? As for Janelle Brown, she has her own secret motivation.

Curious to see what keeps Janelle going through the hard times? Keep reading to find out more.

Janelle Brown dishes on what really motivates her to achieve success

Janelle Brown of Sister Wives fame is pretty active online. She loves sharing photos from her life on her Instagram channel and she promotes her health business there too.

And most recently, she revealed to fans a little more about her secret motivation.

Janelle Brown/Instagram

Family is very important to the Sister Wives clan. And without her family, Janelle would feel pretty lost.

“These two are why I am motivated to take care of myself,” Janelle captioned the recent Instagram post. The picture featured her hugging her grandchildren. “I love watching them grow up and being a part of their lives! Find your motivation and become the best version of yourself 👏❤️”

Janelle Brown/Instagram

In addition to being a happy grandmother, Janelle is trying hard to keep her health and fitness company going. In fact, some followers think she might be preparing to leave Kody Brown’s house and try living on her own.

Is the Brown household going to fracture even further?

As we previously noted, Janelle Brown received a loan which she used to purchase an RV. The Sun recently reported that the Sister Wives star has had enough of living under Kody Brown’s rules and wants to do things her own way now.

If you follow Janelle on Instagram, it’s clear she still has a bond with Christine Brown. Christine chose to leave the family after decades of marriage to Kody — a decision which many fans applauded. Many fans really had enough of Kody Brown’s negative attitude this season. It wasn’t hard to see why Christine finally had enough.

At the end of the day, Sister Wives viewers can clearly see that the family is breaking down. Some Reddit users even speculated that Kody and Robyn Brown want Janelle and Meri to leave the family. But they want it to be the women’s choice.

One Reddit user speculates that Robyn and Kody want Janelle and Meri to leave. However, they’re all spiritually united and their faith won’t allow it.

“So instead of leaving, Kody neglects and emotionally abuses the other women forcing them to leave him,” the user suggests. “Then he and Robyn can say, ‘They chose to leave. My conscious is clear.'”

Do you think Janelle Brown is looking for the motivation to finally leave Kody once and for all? She does have access to her new RV and is a strong businesswoman. Anything is possible.

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  1. Well Janelle’s weight loss pictures are just photos taken at different angles. No weight loss involved. And if she is willing to stick around and find their nanny, which is all she is there for them more power to her. Meri is just sad. Begging for Kody like some lovelorn teenager. It is pitiful and disgusting to watch. They only keep her around for her cash flow too.

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