Janelle Brown Admits Kody Is Negative, Is She Done With It?

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Janelle Brown has slowly learned to find her zen. She has gone from a busy working mother to a gardening mama bear in a matter of twelve years. Sister Wives viewers have learned to embrace and adore the new Janelle. However, her husband of over twenty-five years is having a hard time with it all. Kody knew she was always assertive and strong but now she is using the same energy towards him. His absurd and over-the-top pandemic rules blew Janelle’s mind. Even her kids could not believe their father’s behavior. He became a completely different person, so negative about everything. This is now being addressed in part two of the tell-all with the host wondering if Janelle is done with Kody.

Janelle Brown Against Kody Brown

It was a really rough season. Kody had a lot of protocols that he had set forth for the family, some that were just too much for them to possibly follow. Christine became a huge target for disobeying Kody. Her reasoning was she had kids in different states. Therefore, she would not be able to stay away from them for as long as he wanted her to. However, both she and Janelle maintained that they always followed the CDC guidelines whenever they went out or traveled.

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Janelle’s biggest gripe with Kody was he wanted her two sons, still living at home, to completely stop their lives. Gabriel was in college and had a girlfriend. Garrison had moved home after completing his time in the National Guard. He was working very hard to save up for his own home so Janelle wanted to support this since the only thing they ever got him was a car. In Kody’s mind, the boys should be removed from the home as they posed a risk to the overall family.

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He deemed them too social and said if his name was on the home, he would have evicted them. Janelle thought this was absurd and said she would always pick her kids over her husband. The two really started to clash when Robyn got a nanny. Kody then handed the wives printouts of the rules the nanny and her husband needed to follow. It was next level with Janelle walking away from the whole conversation.

Kody and His Negative Behavior

Almost every interaction Kody had with Janelle Brown, his children, or Christine, for that matter, was negative. He was a Debbie Downer and this is addressed in part two of the tell-all. In a sneak preview, Janelle shares that Kody’s negativity is kind of making her crazy. There are not enough details just yet as to what aspects of his negativity she is referring to but he had many moments.

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At Christmas, everyone was able to gather after properly quarantining (and some testing after Janelle’s mother’s funeral). It was a big deal since the whole family had not been able to be together in such a way in a very long time. However, Kody kept saying he felt “blue.” He noted his troubles with his older children weighed heavily on him. The fact that they could not just sit down and abide by his rules really stung.

There are rumors Janelle is the next wife to leave but that is yet to be seen. Do you think Kody is too negative? Let us know and watch part two of Sister Wives: One on One this Sunday on TLC.

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  1. Kody is like a child that puts himself in competition with his siblings except he is doing it with his children and wives. He punishes the wives if they do not “obey” him by withholding affection and the children the same and also by throwing them to the wind! He is a man/child that is disrespectful to women, as seen by his reaction to the interviewer, and he makes up the rules as he sees them. He does not truly follow the religion as it should be and he is totally PW by his manipulative wife Robyn.

  2. He is definitely a dictator. Egotistical twerp. Robyn just wants to wear the pants. Not do the work kind of thing. Between the two chasing Christine and Janelle out. Meri staying because her belief of being first wife still religion base. Meri does know her own mind she will wake up. Robyn will after several more kids, just a breeder for a man with huge hair issue.

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