Real Reason Robyn Brown Married Kody?

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Sister Wives fans believe they’ve finally nailed down the real reason why Robyn Brown decided to settle down and marry Kody. And, they don’t think it was for his charming personality or his breathtakingly good looks. If Robyn Brown’s reason for marrying into Kody’s family wasn’t because she was overwhelmed with attraction to him and wanted to jump his bones… Then, why did she marry into the family? According to Screen Rant, internet sleuths that follow the family on Reddit believe they’ve nailed down the real reason.


Real Reason Why Robyn Brown Married Kody

Sister Wives fans are convinced Robyn Brown married Kody because she was interested in his money. It is a known fact that Robyn Brown had a serious amount of credit card debt when she joined the Brown family. Was marrying Kody Brown a convenient solution to her financial woes?

Kody Brown Kisses Robyn Brown [Credit: YouTube]
[Credit: YouTube]
As fans of the TLC family know, Robyn Brown was in an exclusive marriage with David Jessop prior to her relationship with Kody. Some fans believe going from being married to a single man to being married to a man with three other wives might have been a bit traumatic for Robyn’s children from her first marriage.

Robyn admitted that her ex-husband was abusive. Fans also know she had terrible credit and mountains of debt when she tied the knot with Kody. Sister Wives fans suspect Robyn married into the family, popped out a few children with Kody, and enjoyed the money his more successful wives were bringing in.

Janelle Brown/Robyn Brown/YouTube
Janelle Brown/Robyn Brown/YouTube

Does she even have a job?

Sister Wives fans aren’t really sure what Robyn Brown does for a living besides being a reality TV star. There were rumors she penned a few books. There were also rumors she was involved in the production of a children’s cartoon. Both of these instances, however, just involved different women who were also named Robyn Brown.

Robyn is the only member of the Sister Wives family that isn’t verified on Instagram. She hasn’t posted on her profile in years. And, she doesn’t have a Cameo like the rest of the family. So, Sister Wives fans can only assume she continues to live off of the money of Kody and his other wives.

Do you think Robyn Brown was more interested in Kody Brown’s money than anything else? Did she marry him for his wallet? Share your thoughts with us in the comments. And, keep coming back for the latest Sister Wives news.

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