Robyn Brown Was A Freeloader Janelle Financially Supported?

Sister Wives Robyn grateful for Janelle

Robyn Brown entered into an already established family. Janelle was always one who preferred a life of working over staying at home. She was very lucky in the sense that her sister wife Christine was an amazing homemaker. The two tag-teamed one another to keep the house running both like a well-oiled machine. Then fourth wife Robyn entered the family and it appeared she brought very little to the table. Yes, she offered to be Meri’s surrogate at one point but at what cost? Was Robyn really just getting a free ride while Janelle took care of everyone monetarily?

Janelle: The Businesswoman, Robyn: The Drain

There was never a time in Sister Wives history when Janelle did not have a legitimate job or her hand in the pot. When the series began in 2010, she was up at the crack of dawn to get ready to head out to her job. Logan was responsible for cooking breakfast for his five siblings while Janelle would check in throughout the day via cellphones. Luckily, third wife Christine was the stay-at-home mother who cooked, cleaned, and, taught the younger children. This is something Janelle’s son Gabriel made very clear to his father, Kody during the pandemic. He expressed how Christine basically helped raise them so it was very hard on her to be away from the family.

Sister Wives Robyn Brown Youtube
Robyn and Janelle – Sister Wives

Janelle’s kids were hers and vice versa. They had become very much attached with Janelle and Christine even attending real estate school in Las Vegas together. Both passed the class though Janelle was the only one to pursue it. She went on to start her own health business while joining an MLM with her daughter and Christine. However, Robyn came into the family with three kids but never did much. She had the family invest in My SisterWife’s Closet, which is now defunct. Ultimately, everyone else worked very hard in some capacity but her. Is she just there to be taken care of? Reddit thinks so.

Robyn The Freeloader

At this point, everyone in the family pulls their own weight. No one is really sure what Kody does but the wives have viable careers. Janelle owns Strive with Janelle and works with Maddie to promote Plexus as does Christine and her daughter Mykelti. Former third wife, Christine also sells LuLaRoe while starring in her own cooking show, Cooking With Just Christine. Finally, Meri sells LuLaRoe as well as owns her own bed and breakfast, Lizzie’s Heritage Inn. So, what does Robyn Brown do? She does need a nanny and has for years so that must mean something right?

Did Robyn Brown Always Know Kody Would Value Her Above All? [Credit: YouTube]
[Credit: YouTube]
One Redditor commented how Robyn was reluctant to hand over her bills when she joined the family. Now, she has the nicest home out of all the other wives while Janelle lived in an RV over the summer. Another added they felt it was very unfair she joined the family with a lot of debt but never managed to get a job to help out. It was even pointed out she could have promoted items on her Instagram but can’t even do this.

Now with Christine gone, will more responsibility fall on Robyn? Let us know in the comments if you think she’s just feeding off the family.

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  1. Yes sobbing Robyn is a free loader! She brought nothing but kids and debt into the family. Then she ends up destroying the whole family. Hope you are happy miss Thang

    1. I watched her crying on the tell all and felt like she was showboating oh please feel sorry for me well guess what she has never done anything that I’ve seen to help any of them even didn’t want Mary to make the Thanksgiving Turkey come on ladies met her and Kody go…

      1. She always been lazy now what is she going to do now she can’t depends on the other wife’s i wonder what wife was paying for her Nanny.

        1. As a former victim advocate, my observations of so many of Robyn’s scenes, her commentary, and her actions throughout the years of watching Sister Wives gives me chills at how manipulative she is. I have no doubt that joining the series was part of her plan. Her victim mentality has evolved to such a state that she has no conscious. Robyn’s air- time only feeds her mental illness and relevancy.

          1. I agree 100%. She appears to be a total narcissist. Watching how her kids react to her emotions and playing victim, especially the oldest daughter, is the saddest!

        2. The Nanny works for free. just like mckelty who they pulled out of school at age 13 to live at robins and watch her kids.

    2. Well Robyn should probably brush up on her job search skills. She will need to find a job to support herself because to this day I haven’t figured out what Kody’s job is…….. never saw him leave the house saying “I gotta go to work. Those three women no longer want to support your lazy ass….and no one wants to watch a show about you and Kootie.

    3. I absolutely believe that Robyn is a freeloader. I’ve watched the show since the beginning and I have always felt bad vibes from her.

    4. I’m just hoping that they cancel the show just for the simple fact that Janelle and Meri already have JOBS and Kody and Robin don’t!!!! I quit watching the show a long time ago when Meri wanted to have another child and Kody was just so adamant about no they didn’t need anymore kids etc etc and then Robin popped up OMG 😱 I’M PREGNANT and it was just all peachy etc etc and HE has already said that he isn’t attracted to either one of them anymore just like he did with Christine and I would’ve left him too besides I have NEVER thought that he was nice looking etc etc 🤢🤮

    5. There is NEVER a time when Robyn talks she doesn’t do her boooo. Whoooo crying she cries over Everything!! NO JOB NO INCOME SHE IS kids favorite wife everyone knows it.So please tell me what she needs a nanny for she is lazy entitled and a fake cry baby.

    1. Robyn has wrecked this family and Kody allowed her to do this. Meri was amazing when she divorced Kody. Christine was the smartest for leaving. What does Kody do for a living? Janelle won’t say but I don’t think she and Kody are having sex. I think Kody has become monogamous to Robyn.

  2. Of course Robyn is a freeloader, that’s why she was trying to convince Kody to have another baby. She needs an excuse Not to work but Still have a Nanny.

    1. Helen Keller could see that Kody slowly made Robyn his favorite wife. The fact he wouldn’t go with his daughter major surgery spoke self – centered volumes. Dysfunction at its best. Robyn is completely codependent. . Poor other children. Dad is an ultimate narcissist.

      1. As a former victim advocate, my observations of so many of Robyn’s scenes, her commentary, and her actions throughout the years of watching Sister Wives gives me chills at how manipulative she is. I have no doubt that joining the series was part of her plan. Her victim mentality has evolved to such a state that she has no conscious. Robyn’s air- time only feeds her mental illness and relevancy.

    2. Definitely has been freeloading, everyone seems to work hard *except* her and Kody. Never been a fan of Robyn, but the nanny pushed me over the edge. While all of America is killing themselves homeschooling their own children during a pandemic and keeping their regular jobs from home, for many as well…Robyn is home with Kody, herself, three adult children and still needed paid outside help for Sol and Ari. Useless.

  3. Robyn acts privileged. And she feels that way because Kody favors her. She knows that all too well and takes advantage of it.

  4. Ohhh yesss…it’s very obvious that Robyn is a MOOCH….it’s very clear she is as FAKE AS FAKE CAN BE….the only thing she is barely good at is ACTING….. people can see right through that fake personality

    1. This woman is a horrible person. She fell for Kody & that’s all that matters. She never want Sister Wives, she only wanted Kody. Then there was no emergency that warranted Kody divorce Mary as his legal wife, that was made up for ratings. This woman is Satan in disguise & has single handed ruined what was a good family. Kody is worthless, he never supported that family, Mary, Janelle & Christine did. Watch Robyne & Kody fall down the rabbit hole without the REAL WIVES!

    2. Totally agree.. she comes across as a martyr…. and the Nanny getting covid,,, how ironic. She is a 24 carat phoney.

      1. Feel differently somewhat. They all earn their portion from the show which is 25-40 k an episode (total). Who knows where kody puts his money but likely with her. While I agree she should work, I don’t see her as responsible for the families demise. Kody is primarily responsible and each of the wives share some responsibility only because of their skewed mindset and passive aggressive behavior due to their cult indoctrination. As soon as it became obvious kody was blatantly favoring Robyn they should have all demanded he uphold his responsibility to treat them all equally and fairly. They let it go on, whined about it and now it’s too late for m, c, j. He couldn’t care any less about them

  5. She got the fanciest wedding.
    She got the longest honeymoon.
    When they moved to Vegas she got the first rental.
    She got the only nanny.
    She has the biggest home.
    She ended up with the legal marriage.
    She has the only full fellowship marriage.

    In reality this is no longer about how plural marriages work.
    This is a step by step instructional video on how to have illegitimate kids from a bunch of baby mommas and get paid to do it.

    Kody’s Mom even explained years ago that plural marriage is about equality among the wives.

    1. Your right. From day one it was clear she is Kodys favorite. She knows, her kids from previous marriage also knows. Im so happy Christine got out.

  6. I’ve not seen her do anything but cry, with no tears. An expert at dabbing around her eyes with tissue…….

  7. They all seemed happy until Robyn came into the picture. She enjoys controlling everything! She probably lived on Welfare before coming into the family. She is lazy and very whiny!!! Fake tears!!!!! I hope Meri and Janelle wake up and get out on their own like Christine ( only smart one in the bunch) Cody makes me sick. He thinks he is handsome but….. no way!!!!!!

    1. Sure she is a freeloader she never has any tears she is a piece of shi – they all need to leave and let her and Kody work for awhile of course she would be on welfare

  8. I cannot stand Robyn on sisters
    wife’s she has Destroyed that family she’s a free loader for sure the only wife Kody loves.The other wife’s deserves so much better.Robyn makes me sick cries about everything while she does nothing except keep Idiot kody to herself

  9. Yep…this skank Robin is one crybaby ..manipulative witch!! Kudos to Meri and Christine for getting out of that sorry ass mess! If I were them…I would have punched her lazy ass while exiting…can’t stand her! That piece of crap..Kody…no balls!

    1. I agree with you on everything you said. In the begining of Kody’s marriages with Meri, Janelle & Christine they lived off food stamps & other welfare programs until they were caught. Let Robyn feed her kids & Kody with food stamps & whatever else government benefits there is. Oh but wait she lives in a expensive home & is on every property deed as an owner!! Cancel the show & make Robyn & Kody work regular jobs!! The other 3 women already work to take care of themselves & their children so they’ll do fine without the money from the show because truth be known Robyn & Kody were the only ones who ever saw all or most of the money from the show!!!

  10. Things drastically changed in the dianamics of the family when Kody began dating Robin.
    As Meri, Janelle and Christine carried all the weight of the family, Robin only focused on herself and her children.
    When Meri made the ultimate sacrifice for Robin and her children by granting Kody a divorce so he could adopt Robin’s children, Robin quickly became the Queen Bee placing herself first in Kody’s life without any direct contribution to the family or other Sister wives.

    Kody’s very nature as the head of the household changed from being a leader without concern about his entire family, except for Robin and her children.
    He stopped having church, curses and even shows a lack of respect for the religion the family was formed and created under.
    He is angry, self centered and lacks any respect for his first 3 wives feelings and hurt they are going through.
    The center of his world is Robin as his family is falling apart without noticing it. His older children are suffering, as his full attention is given to Robin and her children, which by no means can escape the viewers attention.
    Why does Robin need a Nanny?
    She has older children than can watch the younger ones if necessary and doesn’t work, nor ever has outside of the house.
    During Kody’s explosive performance against his other wives and children about following the safety guidelines, there was a Nanny coming to Robin’s house. Why?
    Robin was staying at home so what did or does the Nanny do, which is Robin’s sister? Collect money from the family when Robin or Kody are unemployed!

    I can’t see Sister wives continuing.
    There’s nothing left for the viewers to see except the life of Kody and Robin, which we are over!!

  11. I’m not a fan of Robyn and I do think she has caused a lot of the issues in the family but I think she has written a few books so she does contribute a little. Kody should be working full time since he adopted her 3 children and had 2 more with her. I really wish Janelle would leave. She’s done it before in the past.

    1. Even if she leaves she is still stuck being Kody’s step sister. As much as they were talking about the fact that they were married before their parents were married and saying that they didn’t see each other as siblings it has been ingrained into them from a young age that this is how it is. Kody can’t afford for her to leave because even though he is said to have a business selling firearms and ammunition I don’t think that he is making a bunch of money doing that. It’s the same reason why he won’t just tell Mary to beat feet. She owns property that makes money and he thinks that it will be his someday. I think that we will be learning that Kody plans on getting at least new wife and soon because he still wants more babies and lets face it Robin is getting older and he wants a new toy. Then Robin will be the crusty dry pork chop in the back of the fridge that no one wants.

  12. I saw Robyn for what she is from get go. She’s a manipulator. Kody is a weak man who acts more feminine than his wives do. Either he’s going through a mid life crisis or he has mental issues because something isn’t right with him. I’m proud of Christine and I hope that Janelle leaves him as well. I don’t know if Meri ever will though.

  13. Meri was fooled into a divorce, so Kody could marry Robyn, all a set up I believe. He is phony as they come. Him and Robyn are using the others. They should all leave, Christine is the smart one.

  14. I agree. Robyn got what she wanted. She has Cody all to herself. That one on one show all she did was cry and bitch. I don’t understand either why Robyn has a Nanny she dont have a job so why does she need a Nanny for. I really don’t like Cody he thinks he is all that.

  15. I totally dislike Kody Brown I feel like he has done all the wives dirty except his precious Robyn he has protected her from the start…when he wouldn’t leave Robyn long enough to go to his own daughters very serious surgery I felt like he was just Tracy. Robyn has done nothing but cry and pretend to be a victim while in all honesty she is the only one Kody cares about he’s a user as well…Mary should have left him when he said he wanted nothing to do with her wake up ladies dump him and Robyn as well tell the kids exactly what he’s done poor Truly will never get to know him like Robyn’s kids have…terrible terrible man totally dislike him

  16. Robyn is a user, Robyn knew was she was doing once she became a sister wive. Robyn had it all planned out before she even married Kody. I dislike Robyn, Robyn don’t care about no one but herself. GET A JOB ROBYN AND STOP DEPENDING ON OTHERS, CRY BABY.

    1. Totally agree, Robyn is such a fake “caring “ person. She won’t even care for her own minor kids.
      She probably needs a nanny so she can pamper herself, take “care” of Kody and practice dabbing away her fake tears. By the way, if the nanny was doing a good job, the youngest child would not be as bratty as she is. At one point in time, before Robyn took control, the show did have some interesting episodes.

  17. Christina is now the crybaby she has done nothing but bring drama can’t stand that lady now she wants to make it all about her and the Sorrows of her life she stayed there she is disgusting and should move on why she still going to be on the show 💯

    1. Christine is under contract with TLC whether you like it or not. She’s the only interesting storyline they have now because she had the courage to leave a shitty husband.

  18. Use to love the show,but I’ve seen Kody mental abuse towards the family.
    Kody takes no responsibility at all in this he points fingers And is as much a cry baby as Robyn.
    The show longer holds my interest as I’m sure alot of people feel the same way.

  19. Lol
    This is what you get when you share a husband it’s all on you
    I would not blame everything on Robin Christine just wants to bring out all the drama now cuz she finally real life is Cody doesn’t want her skanky ass she is a joke move on Bitch lol

      1. I was thinking that its robyn too, Belle, I can’t wait until she realizes that she totally f#@%*d up and now that she is getting over the hill and her baby factory is shutting down Kody is going to want a new shinny toy who is younger and prettier than herself and by him adopting her daughter he can’t marry her sooo. Let’s see how much she supposedly wants to be a good sister wife when she is left in the cold only getting leftovers. Lmao

        1. The only reason I would ever watch the show again would be to see Robyn when Kody tells her he wants another wife. I bet the “tears” will really roll them…lol. Since Christina is “divorced” I wonder if she is getting child support. I don’t remember if Janelle has any kids under 18, but if so, I would love to see her start keeping all of her money and they get child support too! It would be great to see Robyn and Kody get jobs to pay for their own bills as well as child support for all of his kids…AND her nanny.

    1. I wondered that my self. She wasn’t leaving the house. Plus she has 3 older kids; in the house; that could watch the 2 little one!

  20. Robin sheds fake tears, knows what to say to seem innocent and what does she need a nanny for? She has 3 adult children!!!!! ROBYN BROKE THIS FAMILY TOTAL LOSER!

  21. She is a loser just like kody. Doesn’t work thinks she deserves everything handed to her because she can cry on the spot. I would love to see Meri & Janelle walk away & leave her(sobin robin) & kody to there own demise.

  22. Let’s be honest folks, who is the freeloader?
    I would venture to say it is Kody!
    And let’s be clear, these people, each and every one of them on camera exploit one another all the way to the bank!
    No pity for any of them. They’re all grown adults.
    However the children are an entirely different subject. And it seems to me that not a one of their adult children are interested in a polygamy lifestyle for themselves. Hmm…

  23. I feel like Robin is a fake. These other women have figured Koty out and Robin knows she back stabbing them by kissing Koty butt. He is depart to have someone tell him it’s fair the way he is treating the rest of the women and as long as Robin backs him she the favorite. She is ALWAYS fake crying on the show. She’s a real number. As far as Koty, well from what I’ve seen it’s his way or the highway. Agree with him or you are on the outs. Very unfair situation, for a group of people who act like they are so so determined to make sure all the sister wife’s are treated equal. Koty needs to sweep around his own doorstep before he starts condoning Mary Janeal and Christine. He needs to check up on fairness, jealousy, grudge holding, unforgiving, etc.

    ROBIN “DOES” KODY; “🤣🤭

    1. I agree with but even if Kody brings in more wives it’s because he needs the money they can bring but he will stay with her because he has been caught on camera with her with no mask he and almost making out he was holding her hand not doing all those thing he told everyone else that they had to do to come to his and Robin house and if I was Meri
      I would leave like Christine did

  25. Kody is an awful person, definitely a narcissist. He only likes his children when they are too young to question him. Once they are older and no longer idolize him, he’s done with them. I read from some credible source that the show was slated to be canceled by the network but kody freaked out and agreed to a huge pay-cut to keep it going. I would think he’d have to pay the network to keep it on any longer 🤣. Uht-oh … time for kody and tears to get real jobs and support themselves! They’ll be the ones living in RV’s.

  26. LLL listen up listen up they all knew what they were getting into don’t feel sorry for nobody but the Cody has a special place in hell for him and Robyn you are right behind him with gasoline draws on

  27. She did make a remark how she’s the youngest wife….it seems when the other wives got older he lost interest in them. The nanny thing bothered me too. She’s a stay at home mom why do u need a nanny? I’m with Christine on that one. U want covid safety but allow a nanny to come over? Oh that’s right the nanny and her husband are following kodys rules. Yeah right! Fake tears and I do believe janells boys when they said Robyn made the rules.

  28. You guys are commenting are way to funny. You don’t even actually know the whole story. You know the way the producer’s want you to know it.
    😆 How small of all of you to completely demonize a stranger because you watched a show on TV. 😆 Turn off your TV and go get a life. Those who live in glass houses should not throw stones.

    1. Oh, yeah. Right!! **EDITING** Puhlease! They edit Robyn so much that the majority of commenters are saying similar stuff?? Gimme a break! I don’t live in a glass house! They put their glass house on tv for the world to see! If you, I mean they don’t want other people sharing their opinions, they shouldn’t share their lives on tv! I don’t! And I don’t go on social media or tv crying and whining about my husband and kids either! If you are worried about your glass house getting shattered, don’t put mountains of stones beside it!!

  29. Cody and Robyn both need jobs. Lazy looks bad. All the kids and wives have no need for Robyn. She has 3 grown children that need to help with chores. She and her kids found their free ride. It is easy to see.
    The children and other wives have experienced abuse mentally from Cody. He needs mental help himself as her has all these children resenting him and not wanting his idea of polygamy. Started great and kids see happy. Robyn changed the finances for the worst and the family crumbled. The nanny is a joke. JOB…LIKE THE REST OF AMERICA Robyn. I feel for the children that have suffered in this relationship. I can not imagine what Robyn sees in Cody…oh ya. Money and life of leisure

    1. First time Robyn appeared on Sister Wives I felt she was problems and trouble for the family. First issue was Meri having to divorce Cody so that her could legally married Robyn and adopt Robyn’s other children. (I believe Robyn’s kids will have issues later in life with the whole thing). So Meri after 20 plus years gave up everything. I feel Robyn brought nothing to the family accept kids from a previous marriage, trouble and problems. Although Cody treats her like a princess. I’m glad that the other wives are and have left Cody. He’s a joke as a man and a terrible father that has done nothing to support his wives and kids. Cody couldn’t even support his daughter that had spinal surgery. He used Covid as his excuse. He should have been there for her. He’s always there for Robyn’s kids. If it was not for the wives of his children who knows what the older kids would be like. The Mom’s showed the kids true work ethics, true family values and love. I glad to see that none of the kids want a marriage like their Mom’s had. Only thing Cody is good for is pointing out the flaws in his so called wives and his kids. Cody’s not a man I would want around my family or as a friend.
      As the saying goes Karma’s a witch. He and Robyn deserve what karma will bring to them.
      As for Meri, Christine, and Janelle they will be better off without Cody or Robyn. Keep up the great job Meri, Christine and Janelle. Be proud of what you ladies made Sister Wives.

  30. Robin has destroyd This family from Day one.she is an cry baby.
    Kody only cares about her. She is so fake. Crying too get what she wants.
    The other wifes sound lave him too
    Kode is an ass.

  31. Robyn is the absolute worst. I hate when she talks about the “family culture” she was never a part of it, she destroyed it when she didn’t correct Kodys favoritism. The thing she cries and claims to want so badly she helped destroy. She knows playing the wounded bird in front of Kody whenever any of the wives do any minor thing makes his relationship with the other wives worse and that’s why I bet she does it. She gets offended over everything because she is a fire starter and his other 3 wives he’s abandoned are saints compared to the two of them. I hope Meri and Janelle can break free from his fake love and find happiness too.

  32. Kody was a mid life crisis fool when he got with Sobbin Robyn and Sobbin played him like a fiddle and still does – originally she had to borrow money for gas to go meet the family and now she’s legally married to Kody and has the grandest home and a nanny???? Totally manipulative only for her and her now spoiled kids who clearly have mental health issues…. Sad!! Christine got away!!! So happy for her and her kids!!! Wish the others would follow suit! Money is the root of all evil and Robyn had her sights to this very outcome “way to look out for your sister wives as much as you would like them to look out for you Robyn”!!! …… Bitch!!

  33. I totally agree with the comments on Robin. From day one i knew she was a fake. She is wicked bad, she pretends Meri, pushes her under the bus secretly. Pretends she is with her, never takes up for her. She is the one that made the covid rules and pretend it was Cody. She us the looser who breaks up the family. Fake tears. Also when Janelle mom died, she didn’t even want cody to go. Fake, stupid girl. I wish they all would leave her and Cody.
    Kodos to Christine for leaving. Kodos to Meri on buying the air b and b. Robin was not on her side. For a person to give up marriage for you. You never pushed to help her. You suck Robin. Selfish last. God is going to get you and cody. God dont like ugly. Get a job you are like Hitler in that family. Discustingly discusting.

  34. Robin is a big fake and cry baby she crys over everything and just wants someone to feel sorry for her. Her and kode belong together they are both fakes. I like the show but I can’t stand her.

    1. Fully agree with most of the comments regarding the wives.
      Cody is a whimp and says ” no one will follow my ORDERS but robyn”.poor little guy curling his thinning hair only makes it worse and must be sucking water out of his brain. I hope Janelle moves on with her life as christine is doing because they both deserve better.also if he felt at one time christine was over weight what did he think of Janelle .janelle is so smart,pretty and has a huge heart and treats her poorly.merry i cannot believe she would stay and help cody and princess pay all the bills on that huge house and feed all those in princess is blind and guess those staying are.NOW a follow up on christine and Janelle would be worth watching.MERRY GET OUT you are a good woman and deserve true love as the others do.

  35. I can’t stand Christine She has been all drama all these years.. She has always been a whiny aby..she accused Mari of thinking she felt like she wasn’t part of the family and nobody cared for her.. then she turned around and says the SAME EXACT THING, HERSELF, ACCUSING THE FAMILY OF NOÞ CARING AND SHE WAS ALWAYS A BASEMENT WIFE, AND HER CHILDREN CAME LAST TOO! AS FAR AS ROBYN, I DON’T TRUST HER, AND KO KODY QUIT BEING THE HUSBAND AND FATHER, AND BECAME AN SELFISH BUTT!

  36. Never cared for Robyn. I’ve been watching sister wives from the beginning.
    Meri has always been my fav, but honestly, COVID made me love Christine. She’s not worried about corona, cough cough and lives life, tells it like it is! Corona made her way more outspoken. I love her, I don’t give a 💩 attitude to Kody.

  37. I watched the tell all and Robin had lots of crying scenes but I never seen a tear. I think her and Cody should both take a hike and get a job. I think the other ladies all need to walk away and let them 2 stay together. Cody will find someone else to marry with a job then bye bye Robidivorce

  38. Robin hasn’t done anything except have babies since coming into this family. She is a freeloader and the other ladies need to a dress that or they will be working and paying for her for the rest of their life.

  39. Robyn is a big cry baby but I do believe she wrote a book that made the best seller list. She must have made a good amount of money from that. IDK .
    She is the only one of the wives who believes polygamy is a good thing. For the life of me I can not figure out why. It obviously does not work.
    Not even jackass Kody believes in it anymore.
    He and Janelle are good friends only, not a true husband and wife. Kody lost interest in Meri and Christine when cute little Robyn came along. Robyn was easy, new , and didn’t/ doesnt challenge him.
    Meri is an ass for staying. She can still be part of all the kids lives if she leaves; and find someone who values her. Meri is bring pathetic. I am proud of Christine for leaving.

  40. Robyn you need to take some acting classes. Your Crying scenes are a joke.Your performance is offensive to women. You have a Nanny? For what? For Who? Get a JOB… Kody get a JOB and Mr. Brown who cares who you want to be intimate with. Ladies kick these too Losers to the curb. Ladies you don’t need these too people. Let them sink or swim

  41. I totally loved their way of life! Sure, they had problems but so does every family!! They had help at home whenever needed, more than 2 incomes (I think everyone worked while Christine stayed home w the kids), family functions regularly, kids were super close, etc. Then, sweet, innocent, poor victim of a bad divorce Robyn came into the picture.

    It initially started with My Sisterwife’s Closet. The other women didn’t want to invest in that. That was her dream, not theirs. She had a whole attitude and cried and acted ridiculous until they gave in and spent a LOT of money on this for her to fulfill HER dream. Not for the family, for ROBYN. How does she rate to get a NANNY?? Janelle and Christine had a slew of kids each and Christine kept those kids!

    She has manipulated so many members of that family, including her poor kids. She cries every single episode, I guess to make the audience feel sorry for her, too. Kody has fallen for it hook, line and sinker. He will continue to live a monogamous life with Robyn while these other women just want their husband back. Kody is pushing all the other wives away running one completely away at the behest of Robyn. He just does not realize it. Sure, Meri screwed up. That was years ago. He was in love with her. He could get it back at this point if he made a conscious effort to work on it. The other women genuinely love Kody. He needs to WAKE UP and see this before he loses it all!

    Robyn acts like she wants the other relationships to work so bad to make herself look good, no other reason!!

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