Here’s What Robyn Brown’s Eyebrows Remind ‘SW’ Fans Of

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Robyn Brown and the Sister Wives ladies have come under scrutiny for the way they do their makeup. The biggest issue fans have is the eyebrows. It is a general consensus that Robyn, Meri, and Mykelti have the worst, by far. Viewers have asked if there is a makeup artist involved but it appears the Browns are in charge of their own faces, especially in light of the pandemic. Now, another new Reddit thread has emerged and Robyn’s brows seem very reminiscent of something. Yet, what exactly is it?

Robyn Brown And The Family History Of Bad Brows

When Robyn first came onto the Sister Wives scene in 2010, she seemed plain and simple. As the youngest wife, she was very excited and eager. However, the one commonality the Brown wives maintained was simplicity. They dressed in a very conservative manner and did not do much with their hair or makeup. The main exception was a special event or wedding. As time went on and the series evolved in popularity, the four wives started to care more about how they looked. The dress was still conservative but in a more fashionable sense.

They traded sweaters for denim and started to upgrade their plain jane faces for more done-up faces. This included a lot more makeup but the biggest accentuation was on the eyes, specifically their eyebrows. Meri was the first to catch heat when she went live on Instagram to promote her MLM business. Fans loved her personality but could not get over her brows and then they noticed a trend with fourth wife Robyn and Christine’s daughter Mykelti. Robyn initially got ripped to shreds on Reddit and it has not stopped.

What’s With The Brows?

Initially, the first Reddit thread had compared Robyn Brown’s eyebrows to something very interesting. “Someone needs to fix her eyebrows. They look like brown sperms. No pun intended.” This comment garnered over 200 likes. Now, a new thread has emerged and they are being compared to something much different yet with a similar shape. “Robyn’s eyebrows look like tadpoles and I just can’t unsee it.” This was followed up with a mashup of the first thread and the current one: “I see spermbrows. But tabpolebrows also works.”

Robyn Brown Credit: YouTube

It did not stop there as Redditors started to see them as more than just tadpoles. “They look like prime rib,” one shared. Another claimed they looked like a tomahawk while someone else saw a back scrubber. Ultimately, people wondered why she would keep them like this despite all of the scrutinies. Obviously, she has become very fond of her eyebrows despite the unkind comparisons.

What do you think they look like and have her eyebrows simply become the newest sister wife? Let us know in the comments below.


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  1. Robyn’s eyebrows do need help for sure. Her eyebrows don’t help her look any happier either. In fact, Robyn always looks unhappy.

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