Jesse Palmer Reveals There’s A Curve Ball Coming In ‘Bachelor’ Finale

Jesse Palmer, YouTube

Fans have been trying to figure out what’s coming in The Bachelor finale as rumors have been running rampant. Jesse Palmer revealed something is coming that no one will expect. As usual, the media and previews have promised the most dramatic season ever, but could it really be true this time?

Talking to E Online, Jesse Palmer said a lot of the decisions Clayton has made already are things that have never been seen before. He said, “And that’s going to continue.” When Susie Evans revealed her concerns about his intimacy with the other two ladies, his reaction surprised a lot of fans. Some felt he was too aggressive and dismissive.

Jesse Palmer Said The Final Elimination Is Very Emotional

Jesse Palmer said the two-part finale is going to show the fallout from Susie going home and something ABC called “the rose ceremony from hell.” He said there’s a curveball coming that no one will guess. That could truly be anything after the way this season has played out.

Jesse Palmer, YouTube
Jesse Palmer, YouTube

There have been a lot of rumors flying around about what might happen at the end of the tumultuous season. Clayton himself said no one had guessed it yet. There have been guesses on social media posting everything from him ending up with two women to an eliminated woman coming back.

Zachary Reality posted a video saying he may know what that curveball is. Don’t read further if you’re avoiding spoilers.

What Did Zachary Reality Say Happens?

Zachary Reality usually gets the tea on The Bachelor before a lot of people. He revealed what he’d heard is going to happen in the last episode of the show. Zachary made sure he let people know its alleged information.

Zachary Reality, TikTok
Zachary Reality, TikTok

He said he had some alleged tea, he’s going to break up with both girls and he will propose to Susie. She’ll say no, but they will eventually work it out and start dating. Zachary even says the reason he flipped out on her is that producers told him she had already signed a contract to be the next Bachelorette. He didn’t reveal his source, but said he’d just gotten off the phone.

He’s saying that could end with Gabby and Rachel as the next two Bachelorettes. This spoiler does sound like it could be true. Fans had their own thoughts about the ending. One said, “So what you’re saying is the producers are the villains.”

Another said, “I’m shocked honestly. I truly thought Rachel had it in the bag, did NOT pick up on him feeling remotely the same way about Susie.”

What do you think above Jesse Palmer saying there will be an emotional curveball? Comment with your thoughts down below.

Emily Walker


  1. I believe she will turn him down initially, but perhaps agree to explore the relationship after he pursues her further. She will take responsibility for not having told him her feelings about overnight dates prior to their occurrence. But she will confront Clayton about how he treated her as she was trying to work through the relationship issues they had. I do think the producers had a significant part in the way this played out. They insured drama by encouraging Susie to go last in the overnight dates. They knew her feelings on this and wanted her to confront Clayton when her turn came up. But I also think women who agree to be contestants have to realize this is how the experience is set up and they should never agree to come on the show if they have issues with the process.

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