‘Masked Singer’ Premiere Opens With Huge Blunder, Mask Knocked Off

Masked Singer - YouTube/The Masked Singer

The newest season of The Masked Singer is off to an interesting start. Episode one of season seven made history, but not for a good reason. Here is what left viewers gasping.

What Happened On The ‘The Masked Singer?’

There have been a few controversial, or at least buzzworthy, moments on The Masked Singer this season. It has been reported that judges walked off the stage when one singer is unmasked to be Rudy Guiliani. Robin Thicke and Ken Jeong both walked off in protest. The other judges on the show, Nicole Scherzinger and Jenny McCarthy, stayed behind and talked to Guiliani as he was voted off.

It hasn’t yet been revealed which character Guiliani is yet. However, the premiere of season 7 didn’t disappoint in terms of surprises. McTerrier, one of the new characters during this season, had a small mishap during his performance of “Working for the Weekend” by Loverboy. The singer’s mask accidentally fell off during their rendition of the song.

Masked Singer - YouTube/The Masked Singer

Credit: YouTube/The Masked Singer

The contestant was able to turn so that the judges didn’t see their face, but it is something that has never happened on the show before. Then, shortly after that, the Firefly character had to take a break mid-performance while they appeared to be choking.

“First McTerrier’s mask falls off now firefly is choking omg what is happening,” one viewer tweeted during the premiere. Even Thicke appeared to be surprised, which isn’t a common occurrence on the show.

Some fans of the show weren’t buying it though. How could someone’s mask just come off like that? Most of the time, contestants need assistance from Nick Cannon to reveal themselves at the end of the show. One person tweeted, “I swear the McTerrier knocked its own mask off on purpose. This error does not need to be happening.”

Who Was Under The Mask?

Even though the contestant was able to shield his face and the judges didn’t see him, McTerrier did not make it far on The Masked Singer. “This will go down in Masked Singer history and you are by far the top dog,” McCarthy said to him after his performance. Unfortunately, by the end of the episode, it was clear that McTerrier didn’t make the cut. It was revealed that the person under the get-up was Duff Goldman.

Masked Singer - YouTube/The Masked Singer

Credit: YouTube/The Masked Singer

Goldman is an alum of the reality television show Ace of Cakes. He has stated that he isn’t disappointed in his short run on the show but that he had a good time doing it.

There are still four more contestants left. One of them will be Rudy Guiliani, without a doubt. Only time will tell who else will be unmasked during season 7 of The Masked Singer. Do you have any guesses as to who the other contestants might be?

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