Christine Brown Had Hardest Job, Robyn Did Nothing?

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Christine Brown is no longer an official member of the Sister Wives family. Yet, according to fourth wife Robyn, she is still technically married to their husband, Kody. During the Season 16 tell-all, Christine maintained she and Kody were divorced. Though never legally married, the polygamist couple had wed in their church. When she left, she was supposed to get approval from said church which she did not. Therefore, Robyn felt a divorce could not properly be granted. Christine disagreed as she has not been a part of the church for a long time. Then again, the two women have clashed for many years. Could it be because Christine made everyone’s life very easy while Robyn got off easy peasy?

Christine Brown, Wife And Mother Extraordinaire?

From the moment Christine entered the Brown family in 1994, she was a savior of sorts. Meri had admitted to having some jealousy towards second wife, Janelle since it was all so new to her. As Kody put it, Christine came in as a third wife and was a breath of fresh air. Maybe Meri was extremely jealous of her and Janelle thought she was a princess but she brought a great balance. She did absolutely everything to make everyone happy in the home and that included keeping the house. Christine also took on the role of the main caretaker. Along with Janelle’s six children, Christine ultimately became a mother to six herself.

Sister Wives Christine Brown Youtube
Sister Wives Christine Brown Youtube

Janelle prided herself on being the workhorse saying she preferred to be out of the home. That was what fulfilled her the most and she maintained this life while her kids grew up. Luckily, she had Christine to step in and help out, something Janelle’s son Gabriel acknowledged in Season 16. Eventually, she burnt herself out something she did let Kody know. He did not hear what she was saying and this was when she started saying no to everyone else and yes to herself.

What. Did. Robyn. Do?

Throughout the sixteen seasons, a lot of things changed within the Brown family. In Season 1, they welcomed a fourth wife, Robyn who brought three kids with her. As time went on, the wives gained more independence as they left their single-family home in Utah and moved to Vegas. Christine Brown attended real estate school along with Janelle, continuing the hustle in a different way. From being a boss mom to being a boss in business, she eventually started to work with MLMs. She became so successful, she ultimately needed to hire an employee. Christine always was a hard worker, multitasker, and key figure in the Brown household. Janelle was the same as she was vital in the financial sense.

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Meri has been called out by Redditors for not working as hard as she could have. She only had one child but flip-flopped after she lost her job in Utah. In the end, she more than made up for it by running two businesses. Yet what has Robyn done? She came into an established family, started a family business that sunk, and had a nanny for years. This is all according to a Reddit thread. It is believed that Christine had the hardest job while Robyn has had it the easiest.

Robyn Brown Sister Wives - Youtube
Robyn Brown Sister Wives – Youtube

One person noted Robyn entering the family with her debt but never got a job even after they moved to Vegas. They added that Christine may not have initially worked but she raised all of the kids while Robyn just continued to have more. Finally, one Redditor noted Christine had the hardest job even though she did not work conventionally. Do you agree with that statement? Let us know in the comments below.

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  1. That is why Christ is in her name. Very thoughtful and forgiving. Pretty smart and figured it out for what is. Beat the dead horse ride the new one. No pun intended. Christine loves herself first. Kody a dim figure in the whole mess he has created to be the MAN!

    1. I agree. Whatever has Cody ever done but live off the earnings of his wives. And Robyn, a nanny? Why could Christine take care of two families of children but still be the backbone of the family but Robyn can do nothing = and still needs a nanny? And a pandemic where Cody can only live at Robyn’s house? Very convenient for the two of them!!

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