‘MAFS’ Season 14: Alyssa Ellman Worst Wife In Franchise History?

Alyssa Ellman via YouTube 5

Things did not go well for MAFS Season 14 newlyweds Alyssa Ellman and Steve Collette. Their issues began on their wedding night and continued throughout their honeymoon. She refused to move in with him and he finally decided he was done trying. Since she showed a lack of trying to make her new marriage work, is Alyssa the worst wife in Married at First Sight history?

Is MAFS Alyssa Ellman the worst wife in show history?

ScreenRant shared what fans are saying about MAFS Season 14 bride Alyssa Ellman. Throughout her time on the show, Alyssa maintained that she is a good person. She kept saying it was unfair if producers showed her as villainous.

However, fans saw how she treated Chris Collette. They saw her lack of trying to even find a small connection with Chris. The second he said anything she didn’t like she simply shut him down. Never once did they even spend a night together in the same room.

Even though her time on the show was short-lived since Chris decided to ask for divorce well before decision day, fans do not like her. In fact, many believe she is the worst bride in franchise history.

Alyssa via YouTube 1

There are plenty of other disliked couples who have appeared on the show including Season 11 bride Christina Croce and Season 13 bride Myrla Féria.

Alyssa pretty much took the title of worst wife ever on the show after she refused to take any responsibility for the downfall of her marriage. Plus, it was obvious she had unreachable expectations for her husband. Then she proceeded to gaslight Chris and make him look bad on national television.

Alyssa and Chris via YouTube 1
Alyssa and Chris via YouTube 1

Traits that made Alyssa look bad

Even before Alyssa walked down the aisle, fans were skeptical of Alyssa. They thought that she seemed way too high maintenance. In fact, she had ten backup wedding dresses in case she wasn’t pleased with what they offered her.

Plus, she said it was important for her to have an attraction to her husband. It turned out she wasn’t lying. She admitted Chris was not her type and she refused to even try to get to know him.

Alyssa also constantly isolated herself from her husband since night one. She refused to be accountable for her part in the failed marriage. Fans hated how she tried, again and again, to make herself look like the victim and Chris the bad guy.

Many also felt she was disrespectful to Chris for not giving him a chance to explain his beliefs. She asserted he was for funding the police. However, this deserved an explanation because Chris’ best friend is a police officer.

Overall, Alyssa did not give Chris a fair chance and because of her actions, she has earned the title of worst wife in Married at First Sight history.

What do you think?

Jamie Colclasure


  1. A terrible girl, and Chris is lucky she took off without him. She will never be married and lucky for the guys she doesn’t marry.

    1. Where do I start… 🤔
      Did she not realize she was on camera!!?? SERIOUSLY!!?? 🤨
      With that said, everyone watching knows she’s a lying “B” and has no back bone…
      Omg!! I’m a nice person (not her) and I wanted to poke her in the nose for him. 👊😐
      He was soooo patient for waay too long… Guess it was good for the show!! Hope they paid him well, he CERTAINLY earned & deserved it‼️ Hehehe 😊💜💙
      No one made her look bad except her own self…. NOOOO ONE!!
      She is and has shown to millons of viewers that she is a Huge Beotch!!!!
      I pity the man that she may one day marry although I do not believe that will ever happen in this lifetime.
      No man in the world would deserve to be subjected to such a self centered, egotistical, heartless, selfish, narcissistic, pathological liar like her….
      Chris was extremely too good for such a slug.. 🐌
      She’s not even much to look at herself … Who the heck does she think she is!!??
      Her own family said she was going to be a problem in not so many words… ALTHOUGH SHE DOES COME OFF AS A SPOILED BRAT THAT CRIES WHEN SHE THINKS PEOPLE ARE SEEING THROUGH HER BULLSHIT AND DOESN’T GET WHAT SHE WANTS…. She is 30 something although will always come off as a child.
      She’s a mess…. Should seek therapy so she doesn’t hurt any more people..
      She put in ABSOLUTELY NO EFFORT…. And, what’s shr actually believes she did!! Lol Therapy‼️
      Rant is over.. Condolences to poor Chris and his Family xo

      1. 1000%
        Nastiest, most terrible human being I have ever had the displeasure of seeing onscreen. At times I actually thought, “is she a paid actress?” Because I honestly thought no one could be that vile. And as far as looks go, she’s not attractive at all with her double chins and ugly mouth. She’s rotten on the inside and outside. Absolutely disgusting. 🤢🤮

    2. She is mean, narcissistic, and short-sighted to think that how she behaved and she treated Chris was okay! No one made her look bad, she did that all on her own.

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