‘MAFS’ Sneak Peek: Will Alyssa Ellman Decide To Divorce Chris Now?

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Last week the honeymoon continued for the new couples on Season 14 of Married at First Sight. Most of them were getting along and continuing to get to know one another. However, Alyssa Ellman still refused to spend any quality time with Chris Collette. She continued to say they were not compatible and tried to convince the world she is a good person. This week Alyssa has a decision to make. What will she do? Keep reading to find out more about this MAFS sneak peek.

MAFS Alyssa Ellman is not making marriage easy

Alyssa Ellman has made it clear she is not attracted to her new husband Chris Collette. In fact, she even went so far as to insist on separate rooms during their honeymoon. She has also been arguing that she deserves to live in the shared apartment alone.

Alyssa came up with a plan to divide the time there. She doesn’t feel she should lose time with her new friends just because she doesn’t like her new husband. In fact, she even took her feelings to the producers. She begged them to not make her live with Chris. Of course, she continued to insist she’s a good person.

Reports surfaced that when the couples headed back to Boston from their honeymoons that a producer had to sit between Alyssa and Chris on the flight. This has not been confirmed as of yet. It was also rumored that Alyssa was in touch with her attorney shortly after the honeymoon to determine if her contract was able to be broken.

Now, in Wednesday night’s episode, Alyssa has a big decision to make. The Sun provided a sneak peek at what fans can expect to see happen between Alyssa and Chris.

What will go down tonight?

According to the report, MAFS couple Alyssa and Chris will sit down with expert Pastor Cal. He will try to sort through all the issues they are having. Alyssa noted that she tried to find the positives in their marriage and couldn’t.

As for Chris, he said, “The word I used over and over again was impressive. I always thought on paper we were compatible.”

Pastor Cal said, “We went through every possible document you guys prepared. We did compatibility charts. Believe it or not, you lined up.”

Everyone is fully expecting Alyssa to announce she’s done and wants a divorce. However, the reports indicate that she says she wants to continue the marriage. Alyssa said, “I don’t like the way things are right now and I would like to see how we can look forward.”

Alyssa then told Chris, “I wanted to come here today because I don’t like the way things have been going and I don’t like how they got here. I’ve been in a better head space since I got home and I’m still working towards that. I’m getting to that space.” She concluded by saying, “My purpose of coming here today was to stop the pattern we were on and figure out how we can move forward.”

At some point in the conversation Chris says, “For me, this is my decision day.” Has he finally had enough?

More questions will be answered tonight when MAFS airs on Lifetime.



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