Rebel Wilson's comedy movie Senior Year is coming to Netflix

When Is Rebel Wilson Movie ‘Senior Year’ Coming to Netflix?

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Senior Year is a new addition to the 2022 rom-com releases on Netflix, starring Rebel Wilson in the lead role. The actress, who is also producing the film with Chris Bender and Todd Garner, has returned after a break from acting due to her health. Meanwhile, Wilson’s character is a cheerleader who tries to reclaim her high school life after a 20-year coma. Read on to find out more about the movie, its cast and release date.

Senior Year on Netflix with Rebel Wilson

Set in 1997, the Netflix comedy tells the story of Ruby, a high school cheerleader and the most popular girl in her high school. She is the captain of the cheerleading squad and is dating the quarterback and heading to becoming prom queen. All the girls want to be her, while the guys want to be with her. She literally has it all, until she falls off the top of the cheerleading pyramid and ends up in a coma.

Rebel Wilson's comedy movie Senior Year is coming to Netflix
Rebel Wilson in Senior Year [Image @rebelwilson/Instagram]
Fast forward 20 years and Ruby finally comes out of her coma as a 37-year-old woman. She returns to high school and tries to regain her role as the school star. Meanwhile, what she wants most of all is to win the crown as prom queen.

Who is on the cast?

Rebel Wilson (Jojo Rabbit, Pitch Perfect) plays the lead role of Ruby. Wilson has returned to acting after taking a break year in 2020, during which time she lost 60 pounds. Senior Year is her first full Netflix Original.

Other cast members of the rom-com includes Mary Holland, Alicia Silverstone, Zoe Chao, Sam Richardson, Justin Hartley and Angourie Rice. Meanwhile, Brandon Scott Jones, Chris Parnell, Michael Cimino, Jeremy Ray Taylor, Molly Brown and Tyler Barnhardt also star.

Behind the scenes of Senior Year

The movie is directed by Alex Hardcastle (Grace and Frankie, Love, Simon). Hardcastle is also known for directing episodes of TV series like Parks and Recreation and The Office. However, this is his first feature film.

Rebel Wilson's comedy movie Senior Year is coming to Netflix
[Image @rebelwilson/Instagram]
The script was penned by Brandon Scott Jones from a spec by Andrew Knauer and Arthur Pielli. Meanwhile, executive producers are Jeremy Stein, Jake Weiner and Jake Wagner. Senior Year is produced by Paramount Players for Netflix.

According to What’s on Netflix, the movie wasn’t initially announced as being on Netflix. However, according to issue 1242 of Production Weekly, the stream quietly acquired the rights to the film.

When will Senior Year premiere on Netflix?

According to Production Weekly, the movie went into production in May 2021. Filming first began in Atlanta, Georgia on May 25 through July 6, 2021. After taking a short break, filming continued on July 8 and was finally complete on September 4 last year.

Rebel Wilson's comedy movie Senior Year is coming to Netflix
[Image @rebelwilson/Instagram]
Netflix has confirmed that the romantic comedy will begin streaming on Saturday, May 14, 2022.

Readers, are you looking forward to seeing a slimmer and more beautiful Rebel Wilson when Senior Year drops in May? Let us know by adding a comment below.

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