Christine Brown’s Ultimate Revenge On Kody?

Christine Brown Credit: YouTube

Christine Brown went through a lot being married to Kody. Some of it, Sister Wives viewers saw over the last sixteen seasons. A lot was sadly hidden behind a smile and a firm belief system. Now, the veil has been lifted and the truth about what Christine put up with has come out. Luckily, she made a decision for herself and her family that she deserved better. Still, two out of Kody’s remaining three wives may not fully comprehend why Christine chose to leave. Yet the network that brought the Browns fame sees her value. It is helping her jumpstart her single life while really sticking it to Kody.

Christine Brown- Suffering At The Hands Of Kody

When Christine and Kody got married after just two months, it seemed like bliss. She was what was missing from the Brown family at the time. Meri was Kody’s first and only legal wife. Three years later, he married his second wife Janelle but the two butted heads. He needed someone who was light and airy and that was where Christine came in. She was sweet and subservient, everything he wanted in a wife. He admitted that she nursed the divide between Janelle and Meri in the beginning. Yet both women were not too fond of her when she arrived.

Christine Brown And Kody Brown [Credit: YouTube]
[Credit: YouTube]
Janelle thought Christine was a princess and Meri was insanely jealous of her. However, Christine knew she had to maintain her cheery attitude no matter what. She had six children with Kody while helping to raise Janelle’s other six. Christine kept the house and basically did everything she could to be a happy homemaker. One day, her father told her she had to learn when to say no. She was literally burning herself out and when she would talk to Kody, he would flip it on her.

Sister Wives Credit: TLC

He told her she was abandoning the marital contract. That was why he loved Robyn so much because when Christine started to say no was when Robyn said yes. Kody had also made it very clear he was not attracted to Christine and that he did not validate her feelings about polygamy. She struggled with liking the lifestyle for some time but he just dismissed her. The last straw was the lack of intimacy. She could not have a marriage like that and so she decided it was over.

A Blow To Kody’s Ego Times Two

Kody struggled to talk about Christine in the last part of the Sister Wives tell-all. He claimed she was telling fallacies about the intimacy situation. Kody got so heated that he lashed out at the host, Sukanya Krishnan, and said he did not want to talk about Christine anymore. It appeared he was tired of Christine’s pain being validated over his anger. That same day, Christine Brown was about to bruise his ego just a little more.

Christine Brown's 2022 Net Worth Revealed [Credit: YouTube]
[Credit: YouTube]
It is uncertain if Kody and his remaining three wives believed they could continue the series without Christine. One thing that is for sure is fans love her. That is why TLC gave the former third wife her own cooking show. Cooking With Just Christine will air on which is great because everyone who follows her knows she loves the kitchen. She is famous for her rolls and it really does show Kody life can go on without him.

Christine Brown and Kody Brown via YouTube 1
Christine Brown and Kody Brown via YouTube 1

Clearly, TLC knew what they were doing when they optioned this show. The only person who has spoken out about it is Janelle. Kody cannot be happy that Christine has so many supporters who wanted to follow her after leaving him and TLC heard them loud and clear. This has got to be the best revenge for Christine because just when Kody did not want to talk about her anymore, she is everywhere.

How do you think Kody is feeling about CWJC? Let us know in the comments below.

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  1. Kody is an ego maniac and a pig. He used Christine. He expects to call all the shots in his marriages and his wives to just fall in line and adjust to his ever-changing needs.
    I know it is killing him that Christine is being celebrated for one of her many gifts. He never valued her, he should see how much the world does. I’m sure he thought she would never make it without him. Looks like he isn’t the sun after all, she is!

      1. Well she left now that’s all that matters !His really shown his true colors this year even thought his always been crazy !

    1. Cody is a narcist…and he cannot stand it…Welldone Christine you are awesome you and Jenelle are the only two, why I watched this program…and Robyn is a person like Cody…but she is stronger then Cody…because everything she wants, she gets!! She plays the weak wife…but she knows exactly what she is doing…she is totally fake on tv…

    2. I agree 💯 who cares what he thinks and feels he didn’t care about anybody else’s thoughts or feelings just his own

    3. GO GO GO Christine ….I was mesmerized by Kody when I first started watching the show I now see Evil and see such ugliness from him…..much Courage to the rest of the women robin wake up I got my eye on you ….what’s up with that girl ?

  2. I’ve been waiting for years for one of the wives to see the real Kody. I haven’t liked him for years. He’s egomaniacal, sexist and a bully. I thought Meri would leave but I’ve always enjoyed Christine’s inner beauty and strength. As for Robin’s interview, she said she was crying and yet I saw none.

    1. I applaud Christine for getting out of an emotionally and verbally abusive situation. When she said she was dating herself and finding herself I was so proud of her. I’ll support her cooking show because she deserves every good thing life has to offer.

      I’m so glad Janelle is supporting her, that’s true friendship. Kody and the rest of them need to fade away now.

  3. Kody is a vile pig. I am so happy Christine is finally out from under him and his garbage. She deserves her time to shine. Robyn doesn’t care if the rest of them leave as long as she is on top. Watch, Jenelle will go and get a show and Meri too. Kody and the weepy one won’t have squat!!

    1. I happy she’s getting her own cooking show jennelle show join than cancel the sisterwives show !I have no sympathy for Meri she’s making her own bed she could have moved on long ago he got no interest in her at all but she’s staying for what the bigger family really,

  4. Kody is such a hypocrite! I don’t know what kind of Bible he goes by but in my Bible it says that a man is to love his wife as Christ loved the church. It also says a husband is to perform his husbandry duties. I guess Kody thinks the 10 commandments are multiple choice. Robyn is a joke.

  5. Robyn *looks up to left dabs at eyes “I am sorry I am crying” she announces “this just tears me up so much”*
    Of course she has to announce she is crying because she never has any tear production lol.
    I struggle with which manipulative narcissist I dislike more, Robyn or Kody? So the fact that Christine has a show of her own I am all for. Now if Janelle will leave and stop with the fake weight loss photos. I can make myself look heavy and thin by close up and far away photos too. The drinks don’t work and she won’t allow comments on those posts . Susphish.

  6. Kody is a pig and a user, finally one (Christine) woke up and realized that this is not a healthy lifestyle for her and her children. She finally grew a backbone and left his ugly ass. What I don’t like is Kody thinks he has a harem. When all I see is mental health screaming out!! I feel for the kids each and every one of them. Soon enough the other women will see what a train wreck Kody really is, think about it, when TLC cancels Sister Wives and they will. How are they going to afford to pay for this lifestyle? Wake up and this is what they want for there children? To be a shared piece of property. Not a hopefully out look on life.

    Christen, I am so proud of you and can’t wait to see your cooking show to new beginnings!! Bravo 👏🙏🎊🎉

  7. Good for her!! I’m thrilled for her.

    In your face Kody!!

    Her first show should be about how to make Nachos and Queso! 🤣🤣🤣

    She can scarf them down on national television!

    Her next show should be how to make “A Pig in a Blanket” and call it the Kody weiner. “Small, cowardly tucked in like a frightened turtles head and
    existing in other people’s dough”. LOL…

    I’m on a roll…

    I stop now…

  8. Happy for Christine, she is finally taking care of herself and moving on. Enjoy your freedom and do whatever it takes to be happy.

  9. I am happy for Christine.., but I was hoping for a show with janelle, merri and Christine called “we can survive after leaving Cody brown and polygamy”

  10. Instead of showing people that plural marriage works, this show demonstrated why it does not. Kody is a selfish self-centered bully who projects himself as king and ruler of his Nation. I am so proud of Christine! Your loss Kody because you didn’t appreciate her…..Meri or Janelle either for that matter. I hope they see Christine’s happiness and success and get the hell out of there too.

  11. i like everyone else ,am tired of Kody an Robin ,taking advantage of those three women.So happy Christine,had the will to leave,its pretty obvious ,they only want those women around for their money since Kody and Robin ,bought a million dollar home and have a nanny and live like millionaires,and niether one of them have a job,thats why they are so mad because they are leaving,dont know why Meri,dont take her money out of thier pockets as well,Cant believe she is still staying and supporting those two bums.

    1. I have been married for 43 years and ladies that is not what marriage is about, marriage is a partnership and decisions are made together. Forget sister wives! Can’t wait the see Christine’s cooking show! Hope the other two follow her, they are also strong women, be free enjoy your life! The bully and fake cry baby, done watching you!

  12. I am so happy for Christine, she deserves all the great things that life can bring her. I will anxiously await to see her cooking show.

  13. Good for you christine im proud of you ! You made it happen meri needs to leave him as well and he doesnt want janelle he wants to be with Robyn and Robyn only but if he can have his cake and eat it to y not? Robyn is fake never seen her cry at all i would give him what he wants and thats Robyn you Ladies can do good all by yall self looks like he needs tha first 3 wife but yall dont need him.he’s a real ass whole.

  14. I’m happy for Christine. I think Meri is still in love with the jerk and is hanging around, accepting what little attention he gives her. I wish she’d wake up and leave him, too. She could find someone to treat her better. He’s never going to be what she wants. Leave him.

  15. I feel Robyn is a schemer and Kody is falling in her trap.Her fake tears and feeling so sad is sickening .Hats off to Christine about she get out of this abusive situation.Kody couldn’t divorce her because of his religion but he can throw a wife to one side when they are no longer a value to his ego.I wish Meri would do the same and get herself out of that hell hole of friendly relationship she had there.He isn’t much of a husband or Dad to punish his wife by not seeing his extended family because she wouldn’t follow his so called rules and chose her children over him .Kody you have to stop being a brat and thinking that you are all that …you are not

  16. Why is Kodi and Robin living in a million dollar house and the rest of the women is living in rentals what happened to the money from the houses that they sold in Vegas did Kody and Robyn use that money to buy their new house and just left them out in the cold I am so happy that Christina left left him. That arrogant piece of crap in playing games with these ladies for years and I’m glad one of them walked up and smell the coffee Mari should have been left him he already said that he don’t trust her he feel like he’s in danger then he said with Janelle that he’s not in love with her but he loves her so the only person he really want to be with is with Robin since he divorced Mari and legally married Robin to adopt her kids I think that was his plan in the beginning to get rid of Mari and you don’t need to be with somebody to be with or have a family so don’t use that family as a excuse

  17. I personally think Jody is a jerk. I think as a wife you put up with a lot of things from your husband but there has to be respectfulness on both sides and he doesn’t have that. He is a grown man acting like a spoiled brat. Good for Christine. Hope the other wives get a clue and do the same thing. No one should be someones slave.

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