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‘Sister Wives’ Christine Brown Lands New TLC Series

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From the moment Christine Brown announced her divorce from KodySister Wives fans have begged TLC for a spin-off. They yearned to see single Christine thriving in all of her glory. Turns out, the network heard the cries of fans. The Sister Wives star has landed her own series with the network focused on JUST her. What is Christine Brown’s new TLC series about? Does it have a release date yet? Keep reading for the details.

Christine Brown lands her own new TLC series

News broke across social media this morning that a new TLC series starring Christine Brown was coming soon. In a very short clip, Christine notes that fans might recognize her from Sister Wives. In a series called Cooking With Just Christine, fans get to learn about the TLC star’s love for cooking. She explains in the clip that she really loves cooking and plans to share some of her favorite recipes with the world.

The brief clip making rounds on social media reveals her daughter Truely Brown may also be a part of the series. One clip shows her daughter Truely coming into the kitchen while she’s cooking. So, perhaps, she’ll be helping her mom with some of the recipes.

A separate clip reveals her daughter Mykelti may also be a part of the series.

Christine Brown - TLC/Facebook
Christine Brown – TLC/Facebook

Sister Wives fans are thrilled TLC listened

Many Sister Wives fans admit they don’t even care for cooking shows. But, they will watch this series in a heartbeat in support of Christine Brown. Other fans admit they are just thrilled to see Christine beaming with joy and glowing as she travels down her own path to happiness.

Sadly, the clip does not come equipped with a premiere or release date. It just teases that Christine Brown’s new series titled Cooking With Just Christine is “coming soon.” The end of the clip also states the series is coming to soon. So, it is possible the series may not actually air on television. It could be an exclusive web series. Presently, fans will just have to wait for more details on Christine Brown’s new TLC series to become available.

Are you excited the network made the decision to give Christine Brown her own series? Will you tune in to check out a series focused JUST on Christine? Let us know your thoughts in the comments down below. And, keep coming back for the latest Sister Wives news.

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      1. Although I’m not a fan of cooking shows I’m sure fans and me would like to watch her as she starts on her new life’s journey, obviously we know this is cripted but if it’s kept sort of real it would be a hit ,but I think fans would rather see her experiencing a new social life and trying new things.. I would of called it Christine’s new Journey!! And the first thing I thought of when I seen the clip of her standing over food was, put ur hair UP!!

    1. Yes I’ll be supporting Christine and her new show! I’m so glad that she decided to be brave enough to strike out on her own!
      It’s not clear as to whether Sister Wives will be continuing. Any clues?

    2. Sorry but over the years I had seen enough of Christine! She was never happy about anything and constantly making wave’s in the family!

  1. Love Christine but hoping more to her show than cooking! I want to see her thrive and excel in her new single life and find happiness!!!!

  2. I sincerely hope her ex-husband doesn’t try to stop it from airing unless he gets his pound of flesh from it. I mean, she won’t be financing Sobyn’s eyebrows any more.

  3. Come on TLC enough already! Cooking? Again show? Not cooking with Christine but life after Kody!!! That way if the other wives would live him, the door will be opened. I think that title would drum up more juicy drama that fans love! So if it’s cooking…..sorry but I won’t be watching. I promise you it will be boring

  4. I am so excited to see Christine bloom and grow into who she can be !!! Definitely will watch with a pencil and paper in hand!!

  5. I will watch her cooking show, I am so proud she stood her ground and I hope she meets her very own husband,,just for her , no sharing !! You go girl 👏

  6. Why would anyone want to stay in a Loveless marriage? They got in a polygamy marriage years ago it’s now 2022 if it’s not working get out. As far as I’m concerned he doesn’t want to be in a polygamist marriage anymore. Good for Christine for being so strong. You certainly don’t stay in a marriage for the other wives That’s crazy. You have to do what’s right for you, Janelle and Mary should do it Christine did, I’m sure they would be much happier. If a man told me he didn’t love me anymore and didn’t want to have relations with me anymore I would be out the door.

  7. I’m so happy for her! She deserves a man who is so totally into her that’s just obsessed & who loves her so much she won’t even remember all the years she spent alone! I think living Polygamy with one man having three or four their wives to be absolutely horrible I couldn’t do it I don’t blame her

  8. Good for her.She is my favorite one on sister wives.Even the kids all love her.Jennels kids called her the one who brought them up.Pttoud of her and hope she finds a love that will appreciates her.You go ,Chrissy.

  9. Christine needs to hit Klod-y with child support, cut her hair off 4 inches, get platinum blonde highlights, and wear coral lipstick to get out on her 1st date. I want Klod-y and Robots show canceled but I love Janelle and want her to be on Christine’s show. Meri is a mean fool who is Robots doormat. I bet Klod-y will start to initiate intimacy with Meri now.

  10. Yes to see Christine and family be happy and excelled. YES YES YES I’ll watch. In your face Kody. Belive it all Kody want is Robyn and to be the center of attention.
    All to say now if free free free.

  11. I am so proud of Christine Brown for getting her own show she deserves it I will definitely watch the show and it would be nice to see her daughter’s in the show as well way to go Christine

  12. I am so happy for Christine! As far as I am concerned Kody is to controlling and Robyn allows him to do that. Kudos to the other ladies for standing up for themselves. Maybe Janelle and Meri will divorce him to!!

    1. 😂😂 they’re allorgie loving women w no respect for themselves ~ that’sy they’re kids r so messed up ~ it’sa disgusting life

  13. I love Christine! I hope they expand the show ideas? I was hoping Christine and Kody would get back together. It would be interesting and satisfying for Kody to apologize. I think it would be amazing to watch him go with his guts and say what he really feels instead of what happened. It was painfully obvious to me at the times when he hurt her the most. When she was pregnant with Truly, I mean that was a really bad way to start your relationship with Robyn. Just one example but when he threw her under the bus when she thought he was totally on board with her moving to Utah, that had to have been super painful as well. Hopefully he wakes up and can be big enough to explain how he didn’t understand and how he didn’t know that was all going on. How sorry he is. I don’t think that anyone would enjoy anything more than watching him wake up to what’s going on in his life now and fixing it all. I will follow Christine anywhere she goes! I love all the family and all the kids all the moms and Kody in their own right . I was very sad for the family and I even found myself sobbing at the latest installment. Wish you all well and I feel like I know you personally. All the best for Christine and everyone in the Brown family.

  14. been watching the Brown,s about 10 years.I liked Kody until recently,now what a jerk. I can,t stand him. I love Christine and her children. I also love Mary. I will be watching Christina’s, show. can,t wait.

  15. Hood for you girl at last you have seen the light/, you are very real and kind /, good luck with show your s star right now

  16. Yes I’ll be supporting Christine and her new show! I’m so glad that she decided to be brave enough to strike out on her own!
    It’s not clear as to whether Sister Wives will be continuing. Any clues?

  17. I love her, I will definitely watch her show and best wishes!!! I just hope they don’t even show a picture of Kody in her new show, the man is pathetic!

  18. So, what’s Christine do? Isn’t that what she asked about the nanny? Don’t think I’ll be watching her cooking show. Christine go somewhere and start a new normal life!!!

  19. Saw all this coming ever since Meri gave Cody a divorce so he could “adopt” Robin’s kids. She is the o ly one he is interested in now. The other two need to take off the rose colored glasses. Will definitely watch her show and also support the companies that advertise on it. The world needs as many strong woman as possible.

  20. Yes I would watch her show. What gets me is that she was good enough to have “relations” with. Putting it nicely and have all those kids with but he doesn’t find her attractive or whatever was said. Really? Lol. Your a clown Cody and a user. Good luck to Christine and hope you find a man one of these days that’ll truly love you. Good luck

  21. I will DEFINITELY watch and support Christine in anything she does. She’s a true inspiration to all women. She’s strong and is now becoming independent in her own right. Good for her! Dump Kody and SIster Wives and let us see more of Christine AND her kids!!

  22. No. I don’t like cooking shows and really feel like the Browns became irrelevant years ago. They all need to go forth on their own paths and be happy.

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