Christine Brown Living LARGE In $1.1M Utah Duplex Amid Dumping Kody

Sister Wives Christine Brown Instagram

If “take the money and run” were a person, fans agree it would be Christine Brown as she appears to have dumped her husband Kody. Turns out, the TLC star ran away from the state of Arizona too. According to The Sun, Christine Brown is now the proud owner of a duplex in Utah that is valued at $1.1 million.

Does this mean Christine Brown is DONE with Kody and her polygamy lifestyle in Arizona? Sister Wives fans certainly seem to think so.

She dumped Kody, but maybe not his all of his wives

In the Season 16 trailer, Christine Brown hints at a bit of bad blood between herself and Robyn. She noted that Robyn and Kody are in a functional marriage. And, Sister Wives fans believe Christine is seething with jealousy. Christine does love her husband Kody. Or, at least, she did at one point in time. But, she recognizes things are NOT working. Fortunately, she seems to respect herself too much to hang around in a relationship that isn’t working.

That being said, Christine Brown doesn’t seem to be bailing on her sister wives completely. Fans know she and Janelle Brown have been vacationing together recently. This has fans a bit baffled as — on paper — she just purchased a very expensive duplex in Utah. But, she’s still spending time with Janelle. This suggests she still has some ties to Flagstaff.

Sister Wives - Christine Brown - Kody Brown Youtube
Sister Wives – Christine Brown – Kody Brown Youtube

Entertainment Chronicle suspects vacationing with Janelle could just be a method to distract from the fact that Christine has moved to Utah.

Christine Brown seemingly living LARGE in $1.1M Utah duplex

As we previously reported, Christine Brown is giving off some serious single and ready to mingle vibes. She’s bleached her hair, had work done on her face, lost weight, and appears to have had dental work done. Is this a revenge transformation to give Kody Brown one last look at what he lost? Fans think it might be a possibility.

In addition to her appearance, the Sister Wives star has also changed her living arrangement. According to The Sun, documents have surfaced to confirm Christine Brown purchased a duplex in the state of Utah. The duplex is estimated to be worth $1.1M. The cost and value of the duplex alone suggests breaking free from Kody did NOT put Christine in any sort of financial bind.

Christine Brown Instagram
Christine Brown – Instagram

Thus far, Christine Brown has NOT said much about moving to Utah. She also hasn’t shed any light on her relationship with Kody. Fans, however, can’t forget the Sister Wives stars are under contract with TLC. They tend to stray from talking much about their relationships with Kody on social media. One big assumption from fans is simply that they aren’t allowed to.

Do you agree that Christine Brown is giving off some serious “take the money and run” vibes right now? Are you surprised she has ditched both Kody and the state of Arizona? Where do you think she got the money to buy a $1.1 million duplex in Utah? Share your thoughts with us in the comments. And, keep coming back for the latest on the Sister Wives.

sw christine brown youtube
Christine – YouTube

Sister Wives season 16 will premiere on TLC on November 21. Previous episodes of the series can be streamed via Discovery+.

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