‘Sister Wives: One On One’ Part 3 Recap: Feb. 20

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Last time on part two of Sister Wives: One on One, marriages and children were discussed. Kody shared where he and his two sons, Garrison and Gabe stand. At the same time, he revealed if he and his second wife Janelle are truly in love. It appears he just has a strong friendship with this wife and watching these relationships is what pushed Christine to want more. Her divorce from Kody became a topic and Robyn shared how she felt. In her eyes, Kody and Christine are still married. Now, that and more will be talked about in the final part of the tell-all.

The End Of Sister Wives

Christine says she feels free as she had to make a decision for her heart. She was tired of it being broken and now they are divorced as has moved. According to Kody, he is angry but that helps with the grief. He also adds there is some relief for the family. As for Robyn, she says “what a waste.” She seemingly cannot understand how two people can give up without even trying. Christine is part of her big picture and has wanted to have a close relationship with her for years.

Kody Brown Credit: TLC

Janelle notes Kody and Christine have tried for years and they have done everything under the sun, including counseling. Christine has been such a huge part of her unit for so long, how do you not choose sides? Meri cannot wrap her head around it all because it is so new to her. Back to Christine, she worried this was selfish as it was changing a whole family dynamic. She realized she could not live her life unhappy.

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There is a lot to unpack for Kody, more than he wants to. He knows polygamists who are doing better than him, are they failing? Sukanya Krishnan shows him the clip of him saying he won’t be an advocate of it anymore. He feels if he was gone, the family would be over. The wives would no longer care to be together. It’s hard for the wives to even rewatch this because he is supposed to be the leader and he can’t even hold it together.

Questioning Polygamy

Kody admits he questions polygamy all of the time and realizes he could have validated Christine’s feelings at times. She questioned polygamy years ago and never recognized her pain with empathy. Christine no longer wants to be a part of that lifestyle. She does not believe in it anymore for her and she has already done her time. Janelle is still committed to the lifestyle though she did question it during the pandemic. Kody was away for six weeks and she realized it was super easy but knows it’s her life path. Meri still wants to be a part of polygamy to which Sukanya asks about Kody walking away.

meri brown sister wives
meri brown sister wives

She adds that if he wants to give up, he can give up. Sukanya asks Kody if they are all still in love and he says it might not be about love but rather determination. Would he have gone back and saved his marriage to Christine with sympathy? He admits it’s too late now. Time to take it back to the conversation Christine had with Kody about going back to Utah when he pretended to be supportive. This was really when she saw the truth and said she was tired of not being heard.


Robyn shares she had no idea not moving to Utah was a deal breaker though she knew there were problems. She adds watching the footage of Christine breaking down and saying she can’t do marriage with Kody anymore to Meri is hard to watch. Robyn feels like she failed her sister wife and did not know how serious things were. In Janelle’s mind, she feels Christine had already made the choice to no longer have a fully functioning marriage.

Sister Wives Struggle

Kody claims he has been trying to make Christine happy for years as she has seemingly been miserable since they moved to Las Vegas. Meri just thought the moment at the mountain was momentary. They had been together for over twenty years. She believed she knew Christine well enough and this would pass. However, having Meri say she could relate to Christine was something that stuck with her. Christine did not want what Kody and Meri have had for the last decade.

Christine Brown Continues To Stay On Her Hustle [Credit: YouTube]
[Credit: YouTube]
Time to reflect on the relationship they had over twenty-seven years. It was a two-month courtship and he says in the clips he felt a colt of energy when he met her. They had fun but Christine had insane jealousy issues and Kody had anger problems. By the end, it was clear why it failed but Kody says they really did not know one another. He claims it was magical at the beginning and she was a breath of fresh air and lifted a burden in the home. For the first ten to twelve years, he was in love with her.

sister wives - kody brown - christine brown
sister wives – kody brown – christine brown

Her father was the one who told her to start standing up for herself and Kody heard her but was not listening. The therapy they attended proved that Kody holds grudges a lot longer than Christine does. He claims that is a lie. Following this, he asks to no longer talk about Christine.

The End Of Kody And Christine

Footage of Christine sharing that Kody does not want an intimate marriage rolls followed by her breaking down and packing up his stuff. She watches it as does Kody. Christine maintains it was the hardest time of her life. Kody had never seen the breakdown of his wife. He discusses her asking if they would ever be intimate again. Kody says he never said no and alleges she was stabbing him in the back. He had heard rumors that she was leaving but he was never being open about that.

Sister Wives Kody Brown's Wives [Screenshot | YouTube]
[Screenshot | YouTube]
She never heard him say “I don’t want you to leave.” Christine was broken when she learned he was not attracted to her when they got married. Yes, he grew to love her quickly then it broke down and they had not been intimate for years. He talked about his friends who had non-intimate marriages but that’s not what she wanted. Kody had hoped they would go get therapy but it seems she had gotten to a point where that was past due. She saw him having intimate marriages and could not watch that.

In his opinion, she did not want polygamy as she had fought against that since Vegas. He hopes she gets married, has a wonderful relationship, and is happy but he is grieving. Christine says she is present in life and is light. Janelle admits it feels like someone is missing but she knows Christine is so much happier.

Season 17 of Sister Wives is currently filming.


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  1. Kody is a textbook sociopath. He plays the victim when he CLEARLY is the problem. He is gas-lighting Robin and he has broken so many biblical vows to his wives regardless of the polygamy end of it. He makes all the decisions based on his poor itybity feelings. He is a complete looser and all of those women could have done better. He has ruined his own life by being so self absorbed and full of hubris…total a$$hat.

    1. Kody’s demeanor, thought processes are that of a spoiled self serving child. I think he may have gotten into polygamy to stroke his own ego. He wants to be a God and have power and control over his “wives”. Obviously, they are his own private harem acquired by him to obey him, serve him and stroke his brow when he loses his temper. If the “wive” aren’t “good” not behaving ir doing his bidding he mentally punishes them. Meri’s catfishing drama was a red flag to what these women are enduring. He is neglectful of every single one if his wives and children. It’s about Kody. Everything is. He’s too thick headed t ok look beyond to another person he supposedly loved and really understand how emotionally starved they are. Good Lord. Pull the plug on this show, get rid of Kody and I would love to see each woman succeed in her own right to a life of happiness and fulfillment. Any half a man could do a much better job of nurturing and unconditionally loving anyone of these women.

  2. I am happy that Christine has left him. Meri should leave Kody. Staying with Kody is disgraceful and shame.

  3. Kody loves himself then Robin. Only Robin. Janelle puts on a good front but is unloved and an afterthought to Kody. He needs the wives to make money on the show. Wish they network would make a show with Christine called After Sister wives the Beginning.

  4. a word to Kody: it seems to me that Meri was literally crying out before she was catfished on-line: her crying was indication that something was amiss: God told Hosea to take a wife (Gomer) of “whoredom” {KJV}, and to keep taking her back every time she sinned: Meri is trying so hard to seek your forgiveness, yet your pride will not seem to allow that; Are all your relationships based on such emotional blackmail? yes, I will use this terminology, especially when you withheld intimacy from Christine. It leaves me wondering about Janelle as well?

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