American Pickers Mike Wolfe Took It Too Far With This Decision [Credit: YouTube]

‘American Pickers’: When Mike Wolfe Took It Too Far With This Decision

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It’s easy for American Pickers star Mike Wolfe to take things too far when it comes to the world of antiques. It’s easy to get carried away when it comes to the many treasures out there. This also makes it easy for the stars of the show to accumulate a lot of belongings. Mike has found many things in his travels.

The cast members of the show are always on the hunt for artifacts. Sometimes they’ll put down serious cash so they can add them to the Antique Archaeology inventory. This has worked in their favor since the History Channel series has been running for 23 seasons now. But, there’s one moment when even Mike Wolfe took things too far.

Did Mike Wolfe overstep his boundaries?

American Pickers used to follow antique and collectible pickers Mike Wolfe and Frank Fritz. Nowadays, Mike and his brother Robbie Wolfe host the show. They travel around the country to pick these items for resale. The series returned for its 23rd season on January 1, 2022.

Fans love to tune in to see what else the Pickers will come across next. Most fans would agree that its hosts are an important part of the show’s overall success. For many years, it’s seen over one million viewers. However, that all changed when Frank was replaced by  Robbie. For most of the show’s run, the series focused on Mike Wolfe, Frank Fritz, and Danielle Colby as they went hunting around the U.S. for these treasures.

American Pickers has found plenty of success over the years. It also has a dedicated fandom. However, some fans think Mike has overstepped his boundaries lately. The show has shown a steep decline in ratings over the past few weeks. Some fans are calling for the return of Frank Fritz. Others vowed to boycott the show.

American Pickers fans don’t like Robbie Wolfe

Mike made the decision to bring his brother Robbie as the new host. American Pickers fans aren’t happy with his decision. Frank Fritz is no longer on the show since his shocking firing in 2021. The History Channel replaced him with Robbie as seen in the promo photos for Season 23.

A feud between Mike and Frank has been brewing for years. Despite their differences, Frank expressed an interest in returning to the series. Mike enlisted his brother Robbie to serve as his co-host. While Robbie appeared on American Pickers before, he officially became a host in Season 23.

American Pickers Mike Wolfe Introduced Robbie [Credit: YouTube]
[Credit: YouTube]
The reaction to Robbie has been mostly negative. Fans aren’t happy with the way the show treated Frank. On the American Pickers subreddit, one fan wrote that “Both brothers are such phonies. It really sickened me that they ditched Frank because he had a serious operation & some addiction issues he’s fully addressing.” Other fans have taken to social media to express their distaste for Robbie co-hosting the show.

Some have claimed he’s “boring” and demand Frank’s return. It’s unlikely that Robbie will leave American Pickers anytime soon. What are your thoughts on Robbie? Do you agree that Mike Wolfe overstepped his boundaries by bringing his brother on the show? Sound off below in the comment section.

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  1. Mike had no choice but to get rid of Frank because mof his alcoholism which he has adressed but is still on the sauce off and on and an active alcoholic can not be relied on I know since I am a recovering alcoholic sober for 26 years now. He wasn t showing up for some recordings, didn t show up for some departures for trips and I can go on. An active alcoholic brings down everyone and everything around him until he hits rock bottom but the way I see things, Frank still hasn t hit rock bottom cause he s still blaming everyone else except for himself for his misfortunes……… Robbie is great on the show and is a lot more knowledgeable than Frank was on many different things. Asides from toys old oil cans and clocks and being able to count quickly that was about it and did you notice in the last 3-4 seasons he wasn t asked to keep track of the prices they were paying because his sharpness was not there anymore and things kept going downhill til a decision had to be made.

  2. First of all, KISS without Ace & Peter Ain’t KISS. Pickers without Frank ain’t Pickers. I loved the show when Frank was there. I have always disliked Mike (I simply tolerate him) and I like Robbie even less. Frank and Danielle are the best. I have tried to watch newer shows without Frank & it is Blaw. Blaw. Blaw! I do not like it, so I do not watch any shows without Frank. I watch & enjoy the reruns with Frank but as soon as Robbie shows up American Pickers goes off. So, in short. No Frank, No Pickers!

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